When I feel I don’t just feel

Jan 06, 2023


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When I feel
I don’t just feel

I rip open
Tear apart

Everything around me stops

I forget to breathe
And can’t do anything else

All of the ways this moment is wrong
Are my favorite parts about it

The way I let myself be so human
So messy
So ugly
So imperfect
So broken apart
& fallen open

Impressed with my own level of self pity & also self honor

What is it if they’re not completely the same

My eyes puff
Sticky & stale

I don’t wipe anymore
Not even a little bit

The untouched aftermath is the most beautiful part of it all

No interference

A woman’s rupture & rapture

Is there anything more life giving

Than her performance

Of her journey through pain into power

When I feel
I don’t just feel

A universe in every tear

A lifetime in…

Oh look my breakfast got cold


…Friday morning musings

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