TRPP Episode 338: Lessons from spending 84k on copywriters, a new website, & a PR team

Jan 04, 2023

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If you are an entrepreneur, influencer, leader, or someone who is just starting to build your business, this episode is for you. Join Julianne as she recaps the wins, celebrations, expansions, contractions, & synchronicities from the year & takes you through her thoughts/learnings from her business endeavors. You will walk away from this episode knowing that making decisions from a place of congruence changes the game & the experience. 

Key topics of today’s episode:

* Popping illusions of what Julianne thought her experience would look like at this level
* 10 Learnings from her biggest business endeavors of 2022
* The quantum transformation that results from making business choices from a place of congruency, safety & groundedness.


13:45 Julianne explains how this past year showed her where she was making decisions from a place of incongruence and how this launch is calling her deeper into self & truth

15:24 Julianne discusses her biggest struggles, contractions, & edges from the past year

26:12 Investments Julianne made in business endeavors & the background of how she built her business

32:56 Julianne’s learnings from outsourcing & investing in new team members

48:52 Julianne’s ultimate tip for anyone wanting shiny things or experiences in their business

50:55 Julianne shares which business endeavors were worth it & what she would do different in her business

57:40 Tease of what you will experience inside CONGRUENCE


 “If there is any part of you that wants those things from pure ease or convenience it’s the wrong come-from. If there is any part of you that wants these things because there is a limiting belief in your own vagenius, again wrong come-from”

“It’s really not about the color scheme. It’s about the electric charge of your excitement and intention behind the color scheme.. It’s not what you do, it’s the energy behind it.”


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