TRPP Episode 339: Lessons from investing 93.5k in personal & business support, coaching mentorship, & bodywork containers

Jan 09, 2023

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In this follow up episode to last week’s solocast, Julianne shares with you her learnings, reflections & thoughts from investing in personal & business support, coaching mentorship, & bodywork containers. In this bold conversation about how Julianne spends her money, she explores the value of support, the type of support she desires, why you might NOT want to choose the shiny mentors, how she views money, & the resistances that came up for a client during an enrollment call. If you are considering investing in personal or business support for 2023, this episode is a must listen!

Key topics of today’s episode:

* The value of both in-person & virtual containers
* 6 learnings from her personal investments in 2022
* Resistances that might come up when considering personal support investments


05:29 What is immersion?
07:30 The potent medicine of both virtual & in-person containers
15:08 Learnings, reflections & thoughts on the investments Julianne made.
18:26 Perfectionism & how this affected Julianne in 2022
28:00 What does it mean to pedestalize your mentors/Julianne’s experience with both receiving & giving this. 
37:26 Resistance that came up for a client during an enrollment call
43:30 Chats about money, Julianne’s relationship with money & what money means to her. 


“Money has been the gateway into those rooms. Because we do not need more information. We need connection. We need community. And goddess oh goddess, I will pay top f*cking dollar to be in the right communities, & the right rooms, & with the right leaders for me. That is so priceless.”

“I’m attracting them for what they think they want. But let me tell you I’m going to give you what you f*cking need. Which will get you what you want but you have to have what you need first. Because if you are not meeting your basic body needs, how can you ever sustain & hold what it is that you want?”


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