week in Delray

Sep 03, 2021

…a full heart x sun kissed skin after spending the last week in Delray with @pd215 community & friends!

i got to meet so many of his people & the place he called home before moving to Denver & we met :)

we got to celebrate Paul’s 4 years of sobriety in the very place he got sober, with the amazing people + company who supported him on the journey

i feel grateful to have had the opportunity to sit in a meeting with a room full of humans who are in recovery & hear their stories…

there’s so many reflections i have about the importance of community (y’all know how much i emphasize this on @trppodcast)

& the similarity of the core practices / belief systems / tools that show up in ALL healing spaces

(i was talking notes for next weeks solocast πŸ˜…)

…bottom line…

we all do it differently

but the goal is the same

— acceptance, gratitude joy, love & God —

proud of you baby for all you’ve accomplished & everything that awaits 😘

thank you to everyone who made the trip so full of love, movement, & yummy food

p.s. i’m inviting @pd215 on @trppodcast to chat addiction, sobriety, spirituality, & well, dating me😹 what Q’s do y haveπŸ‘‡πŸ»

[images: new friends, mom & dad drove from tampa to celebrate their 50th love anniversary with us, rented a range to future cast, found a beautiful butterfly in the grill of a car πŸ’•]

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