anger is not the enemy

Nov 24, 2021

anger is not the enemy 

it BECOMES the enemy when..

watch HERE 

when you start walking in the world connected to your FULL FEMININE BE-ingness…the Light AND Dark expressions….

you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

your inner Goddess isn’t just Love - she is the full spectrum of emotions.

ready to discover your Wild Woman?

💎supporting women in their Re-Wilding process is one of my absolute passions & joys

💎creating spaces for you to come home to your animal & receive permission to let her be felt, seen, heard & loved is my specialty

here are 2️⃣ ways to create with me👇🏻

1️⃣join us for IN THE FLESH Mystery School
…a facilitator training for somatic sexology, erotic blueprints, quantum bodywork, pu$$y reclamation & body sovereignty

we only have 3 spots left x start in DECEMBER!

2️⃣Awaken Your Divine Feminine: 8 week self study program to reclaim your erotic goddess, come home to your body’s wisdom & soften into your power

message me for info on either offering 💛 i’d love to connect with you

p.s. date a sober man! date night will be your favorite 😻 thank you @pd215 for always wow-ing me🐆


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