7 TIPS for putting yourSelf first

Nov 23, 2021

1 - decide you come first

everything is contingent upon this!

the following steps & anything else you add in

will be easier when you know YOU are your first priority...yum ;)

2 -  know your limits & bounds

what lines won't you cross?

what are your non-negotiables?

what's the order of your priorities?


i won't sacrifice my health for my business.

i wont give up date night for a late night at work.

my sister goddesses are a priority just as much as my relationship. 

3 - know the signs for when you start to become unbalanced

what does it look & feel like when you need more self time?

what does it look & feel like when you need more community?

what does it look & feel like when you are 5 steps before burnout?

what does it look & feel like when you need another orgasm?

you - & your body - are your own best resource.

4 - Remember & Know the Truth of Who You Are

it is a felt experience that happens through your body

one that can never be taken away from you

Remember. Know. 

& ground in your Truth.

5 -  tell your people about this 'Self Code' you carry

lean on others to support you in this paradigm shift x deepening.

6 - expect BIG FEELINGS

it's part of the process ;)

7 - follow through

use steps 1-6 when this gets challenging or confronting! 

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