CELEBRATION TIME! 🎉 Yesterday was the last day of the first round of IN THE FLESH Mystery School!!

Aug 16, 2022

CELEBRATION TIME! Yesterday was the last day of the first round of IN THE FLESH Mystery School!!

9 months, 5 virtual retreats, 4 in person events, guest speakers, a sensual feast, dozens of processes, countless quantum transformations & breakthroughs!

From Somatic Sexological bodywork, to Spiritual Psychology, Trauma & Pleasure Informed Coaching, working with vs , couples, the 5 Erotic Blueprints, Quantum Bodywork, & so much more..

We have transformed inside this container, myself included.

No other creation has fired me up more.

The changes & evolution we have witnessed in these women are breathtaking.

The way they have carried this work into their world, relationships & communities is what will help change the world.

We are taking what we birthed this year & making it even better & wetter

We are opening the doors in October for the next round! Bring it on ladies

[shown: foreshadowing & foreplay ]

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‘Your only limitation is the one which you set up in your own mind.’

Aug 14, 2022

Watch HERE

My dachshunds have hiked all over Colorado with me!

And everytime they’re on a trail, people are naturally pretty shocked at their performance.

Especially when I tell them they hike 8 milers with me!

(Bear Peak in Boulder is our favorite)

I love hearing peoples giggle as they see them pass by & cheer them on..plus say, ‘damn if they can do it, I can too.’

‘Your only limitation is the one which you set up in your own mind.’
- Napoleon Hill

If she can, you can too

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Pleasure is being in the now

Aug 12, 2022

Everything is $ex when you're present in the moment. Pleasure is being in the now. Intimacy with what is. Feeling the fullness of your experience..regardless of what is happening around you, what you’re doing, or who you’re with.

$ex is happening everywhere you look can you feeeel it?

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Business is personal..& this team is family 🥰 Meet who’s behind (& in front) the scenes:

Aug 07, 2022

Business is personal..& this team is family Meet who’s behind (& in front) the scenes:

This year has held a whole lot of maturation in all areas of the biz.

It feels like we’ve grown a lifetime together..& at the same time, it feels like we’re just getting started!

Both of these incredible women have dove deep into my world & work with so much fire, passion & commitment to the vision.

They started with a toe in the water, & like 99% of you who find this path, dove head first into the deep end

From demo models, team support, logistics, culinary expertise, attunement, their mama bear wisdom + presence, and their thirst to learn & be of service..my gratitude overflows.

I’ve watched them grow & expand tremendously over the year/s together.

And it fills me with so much JOY & excitement to watch them follow their passions in this space to create even bigger & better & wetter offerings

When you step into my world, you...

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Castor oil packs

Aug 03, 2022

Castor oil packs I first started teaching about these when I went to @nutritionschool 12 years ago. After spending a week in Oregon with Jaiya & @ellenheed, they have a whole new exciting meaning to me.

At the retreat, we discovered a big scar inside my vaginal canal that was probably from the psoas surgery I had back in HS.

It explains so much of my feelings of wanting to pull my hip out of that joint to stretch it open.

I personally think it came back after my ACL surgery this year when a lot of those somatic memories were recalled.

(Very common to have scarring internally that leads to painful $ex - for resources on what to do send me a PM)

I’ve been working castor oil onto my scars & into these adhesions. I’m excited to get to the internal work & feel it transform.

I posted about this on my story yesterday & had hella outreach. So if you’re into it check the story highlight

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Abundance is everywhere

Jul 25, 2022

Abundance is everywhere.

These last 5 years have felt like a rocket ship of expansion. I’ve hit milestones with my body, my biz, my relationships, my money, my clients, my work, my impact, my travel.

It’s been wonderful, & filled with moments of ‘omg I knew I could do it but omg I really DID it!’

The momentum of manifestation & the eagerness from my Maiden had me hooked into the ‘more’, & the ‘more, now’.

Spending this year on my journey into the Mother has been heart opening & humbling.

It’s felt like a inward depending with a flavor of wisdom I had felt in my body before but not really known until now.

As I’ve slowed down & settled these last few months…to really revel & enjoy what I’ve created, I’ve found a beautiful love & joy for the simple again.

Abundance is everywhere.

It’s not only in the money you make, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the house you live...

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Life happy

Jul 19, 2022

Life happy I have spent so many years, minutes, & special moments..caught up in the chase for more, bigger, better, & wetter. It was fun. Until it got old. And I realized how much of the present I was missing. So I put down the push, pressure, & urgency to get it all done, now. And what I found, was the sacredness in the ordinary, the beauty in what was previously ugly, & the love in everything..& everyone. Now, I enjoy. I devour. I drink simplicity with deep pleasure. I presence with the present. And from that, I became the gift So, I say it again.. Life happy

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0rga$ms & Nature

Jul 13, 2022

0rga$ms & Nature

Spent the weekend leading IN THE FLESH Mystery School..& HUMAN!

2 special containers back to back & I’m feeling full, grateful & INSPIRED to share what we covered…

Month 7 for ITF was about (1) digestion + integration, (2) money, abundance, working some NLP magic on limiting beliefs & stepping into our chosen reality [SUPER rad embodied practice for this that I can’t wait to use again] (3) parts/focusing work, they got to advance + deepen their coaching skills for holding clients through integrating fragmented parts!

Month 3 for HUMAN was about The Mother, deeper exploration of the 5 gates to grief, the lessons of nature & the elements..& remembering..

We Are Of The Earth

We did a super fun DYAD (you know these if you’ve played in my world!) to bring forward the teachings from the earth, animals & plants around us - to then integrate into our daily life.

I love this work. It’s impact. It’s ripple...

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Free. Happy. Soft. Sensual. Natural. Embodied. Present. Here.

Jun 16, 2022

Free. Happy. Soft. Sensual. Natural. Embodied. Present. Here.

..the is-ness of this moment.

These last few weeks have been oh-so-full!

I had a 1:1 immersion with my client where I got to use so many of my gifts - we did quantum bodywork, yoga, movement, cooked nourishing food, walked, meditated, unraveled patterns & had big quantum transformations!

Then, we had a 4 day IN THE FLESH Mystery School retreat in Breckinridge CO.

The first day was a Sensual Feast with guest facilitators. Then we played with the Erotic Blueprints & each other’s capacity for pleasure! We did full somatic sexology sessions & I had the honor of doing a demo with one of my incredible team members - magick.

After that I went to Boulder for an overnight immersion with my somatic mentor where I had a deep profound journey with MDMA & psilocybin - lots on love, letting it all the way in, & inner child work.


I’m off to Copper with @innerpoweralicia for our Walk With Your Wild...

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Top Progress Tracker to Implement on your Quantum Transformation Journey 🎉

Jun 05, 2022

Top Progress Tracker to Implement on your Quantum Transformation Journey

Watch HERE

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