the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

Jan 13, 2023

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the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

most women *bypass their anger & go straight into sadness*

because after grade school, temper tantrums become unacceptable

…society has taught us to be ‘better than’ that emotion

when really…it’s P O W E R in raw form

at one of our first IN THE FLESH retreats…

ladies witnessed this in one another

it was so incredibly beautiful…

to see one woman give permission to the next…& the next…& the next

sisters in circle, egging each other on
to get:
& more visceral

might be one my favorite things in this world

2 more days to get CONGRUENCE included in your ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE enrollment!!

women inside CONGRUENCE report:

“My throat has definitely been blocked. I can now feel safety in my body. And it’s okay to use my voice whenever it comes out.” - A

“I have so much more clarity. I know what I...

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Jan 13, 2023


another message came in yesterday from a CONGRUENCE grad sharing about how she was able to karate chop distractions from her path this past week

Specifically handsome distractions that feed her stories of playing small

instead of being caught in the story & the pattern, she was able to slow down* & ask herself “What’s actually here?”

She was able to see the old way, & choose new.

She was able to detach from the story, feel the feelings, & stay on path with what is for her highest alignment.

That’s power & prowess.

Tomorrow is the last day to get CONGRUENCE as a free bonus with your ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE entry . #angerworkshop #feelyouranger #feelyouranimalsoul #animalinstincts #inneranimal #somatics #somaticcoach #somatichealing #somaticcoach #somaticsexologicalbodywork

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Did I just break the mofo internets

Jan 12, 2023

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Did I just break the mofo internets o mg I’m so proud of this! Okay okay….Things you need to know about ABP:

It’s going to revolutionize the way you feel & create inside your body.

We’ll be on a somatic journey for 8 weeks total.

Then we’ll take a breath & integrate…
We’ll integrate some more & prepare tor life after ABP! Weee!

We start mid February.

Investment options:

$1333 PIF
3 payments of $497
8 payments of $197

This week *only* you get CONGRUENCE my 3 hour deep dive mini immersion *to have & hold it all*…as a BONUS! ($333 value)

DM to root roar rise with us!

If you’re ready to step into high level transformation & freedom, you get access to ALL my live offerings as a 1:1 client!! Including ABP! offerings in last post

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7 signs you're ready to *re-wild* & start life-ing with your inner animal

Jan 12, 2023

I was driving today, thinking about the ways I know it’s time for me or my clients to practice.

The body always knows.

But sometimes, even when we KNOW it’s time to practice or to sit with the thing, it feels hard.

It feels too big or too deep.

Or sometimes…its not either..we just want a damn witness.

Someone to hold us so we can go into it fully.

More than one client shared with me a version of this at the end of our sessions this week…

“I’ve been sitting with this for a while. I haven’t felt able to go into it myself. I’m so grateful for this space to process. I feel so clear.”


Don’t you be waiting for me.

Come get what you need.

Last thing we want is you unnecessarily sitting in turmoil suffering or indecision when the support has been here all along

“I have felt SO amazing since CONGRUENCE. My body feels different, I have this feeling anchored into it “

..another client messaged me this...

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I believe most of our world problems would be resolved...

Jan 12, 2023

Root Roar Rise, baby

A life-hungry group of women will be wilding their way into Power, Prowess, Pl€@sure & Love

..inside my new 8 week experience

Only 3 more days to early cheetah enroll *& receive* CONGRUENCE, my brand new mini immersion, as a gift! ($333 VALUE!) 3 hour deep dive to find & stand in the truth of your knowing

We begin mid February.

$1333 PIF or
PAYMENT PLANS avail as low as $197

DM to journey into your primal feminine with a sisterhood of support!

Other ways to go deep:

1:1 Somatic $ex Immersions - in person overnight experience at @venusvalleyboulder to come home to freedom in your body & quantum transform
Includes: intake & integration calls + 2 day stay + beyond yum foods from the snack queen herself ;)
$15k - if after the immersion you are like b!tch lets keep the f going holy wow, that 15k can be applied to the following offer….

1:1 Somatic $ex Immersion CONTAINERS - 6 & 12 months - with in...

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OMG this story gave me all the feels

Jan 10, 2023

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Nothing..nothing I tell you!!..

Will ever feel as GOOD & wet & alive

*As standing for what is good & true in your body*

And nothing will ever be as strong a vehicle of change & evolution… as landing in deep congruence with yourself & truth

Can you imagine embodying your HEART in this way?

Can you imagine being so connected to your truth channel - throat heart p$$y - God & Goddess?

So much so..

That in any given moment

*You can rise into the truth of who you are*

Regardless of who or what stands before you

The mother fucking POWER in this place

& I’m talking INNER power..liberation..freedom..

Regardless of circumstance or what cosmic daddy serves up


I keep feeling how much this one choice to say something will impact so many of these peoples psyches & create massive change

That’s what the Goddess is calling us into in 2023

You can see it from the last few years in our world

What’s no...

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I do more than coaching & mentorship

Jan 10, 2023

And, because I do the other things & do them well, I hold you in the beautiful contraction + integration that follows such a life changing body altering experience

I teach you not just to HAVE it all, but how to HOLD it all

P.S. so many healers fear having or showing their ego. And I get it! Some people are still out there singing the ego’s bad tune in the spiritual space.

But the real stickiness & trouble comes in when someone doesn’t know their ego & instead denies or hides or shames those parts of their yes..divinity.

I’m confident in showing my power in this way, because by the same token, is my awareness & knowing that I’m just a human being. I don’t have unique powers over anyone else. I’m not doing the work. The client is. I’m not moving the energy. They are. be frank…the person holding space for you will in fact make ALL the difference (until you’re the mistress of your own energy & animal body...

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The secret ingredient most woman miss...

Jan 10, 2023

The secret ingredient most woman miss...

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I seriously CANNOT stress this ENOUGH!! Almost every single coaching call & question I get, brings us back to SAFETY!

All of the things you want, all of the things that attract you to me / my work - possible only with safety in your body

..Unless of course you bypass your system, eventually get it, only to realize you feel empty & alone & unfulfilled at the top! Iykyk

I’m not just talking “Of course I’m safe! I’m the safest I’ve been!”


I’m saying..knowing yourself as safe, on the deepest levels, regardless of circumstance or energies present

If you’re collapsing in the face of fear or perceived rejection or abandonment or betrayal, that’s how ‘unsafe’ plays out in your system

It shows up in the way you love - because deep down in your body, she remembers that time in HS you got rejected for sharing that part of you

So now she...

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We hold it all together by letting it all fall apart

Jan 09, 2023

We hold it all together by letting it all fall apart

We remember through the process of forgetting. 

We went iiinto ourselves on Saturday at CONGRUENCE. Ladies reported feeling clear, grounded, in their truth & congruent AF

The thing about landing in all of the places you WANT & drip in desire to be … your Knowing..

setting the damn boundaries as needed..using your voice to give & receive your gifts with the world..

movement in your body without story..rather pleasure & ease & flow..

having & holding (& expanding) the love & the bigness you’ve created in your world

…it’s ALL so mf accessible & possible..might I even say….EASY AF..

‼WHEN & *only* when

There is safety in your body

That was one of the BIGGEST insights inside of CONGRUENCE.

That’s why..

When you’re in alignment & in your truth (congruency)

You sky rocket the fuuuckkk forward

You barely have to effort !! The...

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