Ending up in the Unexpected

Jun 13, 2021

We drove 30 min past the exit we were supposed to get off at & ended up at the perfect trail with little to no humans & streams to dunk our bare bums in

Anyone else spend hours on @alltrails & end up somewhere totally different?

Watch HERE

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After Someone Tells Me They Won't Try Submissive, because They'll Have No Power

Jun 12, 2021

We need more submissive womxn because we need more womxn in their full power.

“Surrender is the position of allowing in, of getting filled up, of getting nourished.

Surrender is the position through which we allow all the good & the beautiful & the delightful to enter our spirit.
Live in Surrender if you want to feel replete, if you want to feel the world is beautiful & benevolent.

Live in Surrender if you want the world to enrich & and help you along your path.  

Open yourself up & let other’s mastery enter your system & move you.”

-OM R.

The desire to let go of control is at the base of your feminine heart.

Today’s the last day to apply for LOVE SEX MEN! Hope to see you inside with the other womxn ready for the journey!

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Every time we say, ā€œIā€™m not ready for ____ā€, we are saying YES to staying exactly where we are.

Jun 11, 2021

Saying you’re not ready to commit to the self work that’s required for a healthy, loving relationship (& an epic sex life) implies you ARE ready to keep getting hurt, let down & stuck in your pattern.

Every time we say, “I’m not ready for ____”, we are saying YES to staying exactly where we are.

Sometimes saying one thing, really says another

What are you waiting for right now because you don’t feel ‘ready’? And, what’s the effect?

Applications for ***LOVE SEX MEN: 8 week journey to heal the wounds of the masculine, evoke your submissive & open to deep connection x intimacy*** are due by tomorrow

You know what to do!

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What Would You Do For the Man of Your Dreams?

Jun 10, 2021

If you keep running up against a wall in your relationships because:

you hold grudges
have emotional outbursts that have nothing to do with your current partner
express controlling behavior
think no man will ever be enough
don’t feel safe in your vulnerability
never really let them in (your heart)
keep attracting ’weak’ men
have loads of unresolved resentment
keep convincing yourself you’re not looking for a relationship but end up settling in one anyway
you’re so successful everywhere else but the relationships fail
secretly don’t feel worthy of real love or pleasure
blame blame blame
manipulate manipulate manipulate

Girl, I’ve got you!


There’s only **TWO DAYS** left to apply for LOVE SEX MEN!

We cannot let men lead, until we have forgiven the wounds of the past, & TRUST enough, to sink into a place of surrender & submission

But before we can trust,
we need to feel SAFE…

And before we can feel safe with anyone else,

we need to...

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What Your Friends Won't Tell You

Jun 09, 2021

if you’re out here giving your friends the best relationship advice but not taking it for yourself, you probably have unresolved issues/trauma/programming/karma/ancestral wounding


while i know it can feel heavy/daunting/intimidating to look at our ‘shit’

the truth of the matter is…

if it’s left unresolved, you never left that place of wounding anyway

the body remembers everything

but it does not understand T I M E

so if the body never got resolution to your dad leaving when you were little, your ex cheating on you, the sexual assault in college — then it does not understand it to be in the past

as far as the cellular memory is concerned, you are being hurt & living out the wound over & over & over again

this is *why & where* we get stuck, project, & carry out patterns like its our job

TO UNDO this, come join us in LOVE SEX MEN.

we will be healing the wounds of the masculine to evoke your submissive & open to deep...

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Wanting to be appreciated for more than your body...

Jun 08, 2021

Wanting to be appreciated for more than your body...

When you feel stuck, two parts of you are probably at war with one another. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to be seen for more than your body, this one’s for you. I’ll introduce two concepts that you can take out into the world, to allow yourself to feel safe in expressing your sexuality and receiving attention. LOVE SEX MEN applications are due by SATURDAY! Links in bio

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Nine ways you're self sabotaging your relationships

Jun 07, 2021

1. Not advocating for yourself.

holding your voice back when somethings feels off or uncomfortable in your body .

being coy with your needs/wants/desires. This handicaps your partner.

2. sorcery

Saying the things you know will hurt them the most. 

3. Projecting old wounds onto your current partner 

grouping all men together (i.e. all men do this, this always happens) suspecting or blaming them for something your ex bf did. 

4.Holding onto grudges

this keeps the repair work form being done, and can often end up in an emotional outburst. It takes you out of the 'team' mentality and into battle . 

5. Emasculating your partner/being overly critical

thinking you know what is best for them & constantly calling the shots/telling them what to do. Feels like cuddling up next to a porcupine.

6. Talking smack about them to your friends. 

Asking for support outside your relationship is different than complaining & talking poorly about your partner. 


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Re: Attracting a Healthy Dominant Masculine Man

Jun 06, 2021

his. Is. A. Conversation. About. Feeling. Safe. In. Our. Softness.


There was a moment along my submissive journey, where I recognized that I had never known the feeling of standing next to a healthy dominant man.

(Feel into your body...do you??)

I had known what it felt like to stand next to a man...

but never a man that I deeply respected, **trusted over my own intuition**, & in turn could, surrender to.

Attracting a healthy dominant masculine man - one that does not let you walk over them, make you play mommy , project their wounds, or keep you small - requires OPENNESS & POLARITY.

If you want this, understand it asks you to be open & surrendered enough (**softness & vulnerability**) to [actually] be penetrated by the divine masculine.

Believe it or not, there are PLENTY of those men around...

whether or not you let them in is a different question.

The ask of the sacred feminine is depth of the heart ♥

We get angry at men who do not fill the...

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Nothing was wrong, per say.. But I knew, deep down to my core, that there was MORE.

Jun 05, 2021

A year ago this time, we were a couple of months into a lockdown & I just had my biggest launch yet for Awaken Your Divine Feminine.

Just before everything shut down, I broke up with a boyfriend that was seemingly great.

Nothing was wrong, per say..

But I knew, deep down to my core, that there was MORE.

So, at the beginning of a worldwide quarantine, with no toilet paper, my two dachshunds, my coloring books, & a fire in my belly to receive this MORE I couldn’t see but deeply felt,

I left his greatness for unseen ECSTASIS.

Little did I know, I was about to go on a deep journey over the course of the next 8 months.

A summary of that journey…

It was a time of breaking open as I evoked my submissive archetype, healed deep seated wounds of the masculine, integrated my Inner Father, shed religious trauma around authority x obedience, & formed a kinky relationship with God Himself.

It was sPicEYY.

I spent days on my knees crying, facing & feeling the pain I caused men.


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Everything We Don't or Won't Heal, We are Asking Someone Else to Deal With

Jun 04, 2021

The other night in bed with Paul, we were talking about recovery from addiction, & how many people who get sober, don’t do the inner work.

I turned to him & said, “Thank you for doing yours.” (he’s sober)

He said, “While I did it for me, I also did it for you, even though I didn’t know you yet.”


This is why I’ve also gone so hard in the self growth game.

After growing up in an abusive home, and jumping from one abusive relationship to the next, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of unresolved trauma.

(Don’t we all!)

You can see someone’s heart, & still not be able to help them get out of their own way.

(Same with ourselves, cough cough ;))

The vulnerability we have & share, I know wouldn’t be possible if either of us hadn’t done/continue to do, our shadow work.

Working with my submissive archetype (I did this 5 months before I met him), allowed me to drop into my heart with men in...

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