who are you when you’re not trying to be something or someone?

Mar 27, 2022

who are you when you’re not trying to be something or someone?

when everything is stripped away? all of your layers, identities, armor?

without the parts of you that show up looking for love?

what’s left? who’s left?
who’s home? in there?
do you know? who she is?

what are those layers? for you? where are they inside of you? how do you hold them in your body? what’s your impression, on & in the world because of them?

have you looked? in there? really inside there?

in the deepest levels of your soul? the places you don’t let anyone go? because you don’t go there yourself?

who are you?

when you’re stripped? naked? softened? armorless?

where do you go?

do you find your heart?

will you..remember your heart?

feeling the energy of grief? the call to deepen the relationship to the mother? to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive?

join me in a deliciously slow, 6 month container…


today’s the last day for the $300...

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do you pause for the transitions of your life?

Mar 25, 2022

do you pause for the transitions of your life?

i led a pleasure practice last IN THE FLESH weekend that was incredibly s l o w

and as we started to give love & movement to the neck, i started cueing everyone to p a u s e

..at every transition
one movement
p a u s e
one movement
p a u s e

‘be here in the transition’

letting go of the past..
trusting the future..
feeling the now

in these moments
> of transition & pause
> death, decay & downtime

there is a deepening of the soul

it’s amazing what you don’t miss
when you slow down
stay still
& allow yourself to listen

to hear & feel all the subtleties
…rich with information, truth & beauty

that usually go missed
in the (loco)motion

inside π‡π”πŒπ€π

we are moving deliciously slow
for 6 whole months

with a deep dive ‘transmission + discussion call’ anddd a monthly grief circle. we have a WhatsApp group for intimacy & support, plus an interactive element for home practice.

if you’re ready...

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Mar 24, 2022

paul & i are separating to take space. & i’m in the process of moving out.
it’s been hard. painful. full of grief & loss.
& even though we’re not saying goodbye, we are saying goodbye to this version of us.
with that, i’ve found myself asking what to do with all of the visions of life together. where do they go? what do you do with them? so many plans, so many hopes suddenly changed, with the potential for gone.
as i sat in my reality last week, i found myself pouring tears of immense joy & gratitude.
broken open like nothing but the loss - or pause - of a deep love can do.
the ‘it hurts so good’ piece. the ‘thank you so much for this fucking pain’.
the realization of the necessity of it, & the beauty + gift of its presence has been monumental.
i’m in a huge transition. from maiden to mother. the initiation has begun. & it feels, vulnerable. it’s been alive for the last few months, but illuminated with...

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money of a mini training πŸ’Έ

Mar 21, 2022

money of a mini training just got off a 1:1 coaching call & i’m giving you all the juice.

watch HERE

how imperative it is to walk with your HUMMAN..anddddd your GODDESS on your healing/becoming journey.
TRAPS you might be in while on your ascent.
how to have *steady growth*
what to expect & who you’ll be after…


from now until 3/27 there is a $300 savings. & then it goes up.

the first 10 enrollees get FREE ACCESS to my upcoming masterclass called *Permission For Pleasure*

links in my linktree


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..the biggest reflection i receive from my clients..

Mar 19, 2022

‘the space you hold is like nothing i’ve felt before.
‘i’ve never felt this safe.
‘i haven’t been able to tell anyone this.
‘i don’t feel any judgement with you.

..the biggest reflection i receive from my clients..

(1) my ‘real, raw, & vulnerable’ nature
(2) my authenticity & power
(3) the power of the space i hold

let’s chat (3)

this is a skill i have worked on for *years*

i wouldn’t be able to help facilitate the magnitude of change i can today without:

..spending 10 hour days in Spiritual Psychology school
..refining my skills through trainings, mentorship’s, masterminds & 1:1 work
..practicing my precision & accuracy w/ clients over the last 10 yrs in the coaching industry
..being COACHABLE!

the quality of the space you are being held in *MATTERS* - you’ve felt that right?

safe, consent based, non-judgmental spaces allow for profound transformation & shifts to occur.

…it’s a...

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the other day in IN THE FLESH we were chatting about how β€˜over’ we are with the feminine rising & Goddess work

Mar 19, 2022

"there is some strange intimacy between grief & aliveness. some sacred exchange between what seems unbearable & what is most exquisitely alive" 

- Francis Weller

the other day in IN THE FLESH we were chatting about how ‘over’ we are with the feminine rising & Goddess work

not the teachings..or the Goddess herself

but the fluff we see on social media - the shiny, glittery, curated, performed - feminine expression

it’s fabricated, covered in interpretation

while a beautiful expression,
not Her in her wholeness

it’s funny…

most of you will never know what it looks or feels like on the inside of my containers

many of you only see the bright, gold, attractive, happy version of me today

..with the flashy things, the biz, the joy, the freedom, etc.

but the ALIVE, magnetic woman i am

comes from facing my darkness, my shadows & my grief…every single day

moment to moment
opening to the flow
that is life itself

the Goddess arrives when i feel...

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this is…intimate this is…me

Mar 18, 2022

watch HERE

this is…intimate
this is…me

this is my real, raw emotional body

this is..the reality of my mornings this week

tears. joy. solo $ex. more tears. laughter. puppy cuddles. tears. love. solo $ex. tears.

but..this is where my HUMAN is

& i’m not the leader, friend, partner, guide that’ll pocket her emotions

or fake it.

which leaves me 2 options, (1) don’t show up, or (2) show up messy.

i choose (2).

(i don’t do the ‘businesses or leaders needing to be a certain way’)

i chose the bless in the mess.
& the medicine of this darkness.

i also find beauty & freedom in these places. so i like to share them. i trust you do/will too.

when i was creating HUMAM, i shared my trepidation about a container on grief

‘i don’t want it to be so heavy no one joins’

my OBM goes, ‘it’s not heavy it’s deep’

mmm das why i love & pay you


i just want *real & raw* right now


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my cries grew louder as i sat in the grief

Mar 16, 2022

watch HERE

my cries grew louder as i sat in the grief

my words moving from hurt to π™π™šπ™–π™§π™©

…pouring π™žπ™© out through my pen

my gratitude for this moment.
this season.
this chapter.

to remind me what love is.

there is none..without grief.

𝘡𝘩π˜ͺ𝘴 𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘡𝘴 𝘡𝘰𝘰 𝘧𝘢𝘀𝘬π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨 𝘨𝘰𝘰π˜₯.

..i scribble.

so painful.
so livening.

so wickedly yummy.
full of love.

so much joy.
so much grief.

at the same time.


*opening tomorrow for enrollment!*

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Mar 14, 2022



is one of our greatest tools

how can we BE, embody, practice - 

without needing certain conditions?

how can we remain grounded & centered, in our being, heart & pu$$y - despite the circumstances of our life & world?

...to dance for your morning practice

no matter who's home & watching

...to show up for your writing practice

even when suing a random piece of paper 'cause you forgot your fav journal

...to move your body in new ways & discover fresh pleasure pathways

after a big injury


…a deliciously slow 6 month container…

to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive

themes: humanness, taking our time, the mother, grief, & as always…somatics

*coming this week*

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i think i’ll refer back to this chapter as the Great Softening

Mar 13, 2022

to find your freedom in the midst of pain, grief, & big change - that’s money.

i think i’ll refer back to this chapter as the Great Softening.

i love my path.
i love the medicine of my journey.
i love how the obstacle is always the way.

i love how every time i think ‘i can’t do it’ or ‘i won’t make it’ - i end up remembering my humanness.

& in there..is every reminder i ever need.

because in my humanness - in my very own body - there ‘I AM’

…there it all is…

*God lives in the b o d y*

in our fleshy, π‡π”πŒπ€π parts.

fucking yum.

…a deliciously slow 6 month container…

to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive

*is coming this week*

[shown: me dancing with my IN THE FLESH Pu$$y Priestesses for Mystery School. i brag the potency of this weekend & the medicine of my injury for the whole container. we will never rehave these moments. so special.]

watch HERE

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