the size of this avocado is PROFOUND

Sep 21, 2022
See the avocado HERE
I have worked so hard my whole life to be profound.

Since being on IG, having my biz on here for a decade, and being a leader in my space…I've worked hard for everything I say to be right, profound, enough, impactful, dense, enlightening, inspiring, motivating.

I've worked hard on making sure my work is the best it can be. My practice as big & rich & juicy as possible. My graphics just right. My photos hit the mark. I update you on all the life things. The milestones. The mentors. The communities I'm a part of. My continuing ed.

…you know, all that jazz.

This last year has been an unraveling. It's been a slow down. It's been a non performative year. It's been a year of experiencing & just BEing.

I voxered my assistant today to ask her to tally up the amount of retreats I've led & the retreats I've been a part of this year. It's a LOT.

I hit HUGE milestones in my life & biz in 2022. LIKE FUCKING HUGE.

It's the stuff old me wished...
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I came to Ashland to learn from a master bodyworker.

Sep 19, 2022

I came to Ashland to learn from a master bodyworker.

When I find someone I resonate with, someone who’s work resonates deep in my bones…someone my body feels trust & safety with..I tend to fall right in, deep.

So I extended my trip by a whole week. On a whim. Without plan or notice.

I’m grateful for an abundant business that not only allows me to invest into my passions, personal care teams, & to support my endless thirst for knowledge in these realms..

but for a business that allows me to have *flexibility*

>> Time & financial freedom <<

That was my goal 2 years ago.

To be able to travel. Have the time/$ freedom to fill my days with movement, nature, $ex & hobbies.

To be able to love myself & the people in my life better BECAUSE of what I do & HOW I do it.

To be able to fulfill my desires, with as much ease as possible, as they arise within me, because of the path I’ve forged.

When I decided to stay,

I notified my team.


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Somatic Sexology, emotions held in the body, how to find more freedom 🫶🏼

Sep 16, 2022

Watch my LIVE video HERE

Somatic Sexology, emotions held in the body, how to find more freedom

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*Devotional Self Lovership*

Sep 11, 2022

Watch HERE
Where you take full responsibility for self.

Your desires. Your turn ons. Your shadow. Your radiance. Your parts. Your pleasure. Your pain. Your path.

A lifelong practice in which you show up for your heart, your body, your mind.

To be in deep devotion, loyalty & integrity to your soul. matter who or what is before you.

Pu$$y in the front seat.

Join me in my Devotional Self Lovership practice of daily love notes!‍

If you’re struggling with feelings of lack, unworthiness, & disconnection from your body + pleasure,

my 8 week program Awaken Your Divine Feminine is jam packed with embodiment practices, journal prompts, teachings, & tools deepen you into your somatic healing & erotic expansion journey.

New website is LIVE & the programs page will take your through everything you need to know about my offers: including AYDF!

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Are you working ON your body or IN your body?

Sep 08, 2022

Watch HERE

The last phase I see in this is about working FROM the body.

Working FROM is about expression. It comes from the working IN - like slowing down & listening - & is followed by expressing out.

We’ll organically move through these stages. It’s the natural arc of evolution.

The most powerful energy to work with inside of these phases is your *erotic* energy.

It’s the core of who you are & it carries your unique essence.

Self pleasure is my top invitation for working IN & FROM the body.

It’s where I always start & lead my clients, regardless of where they’re at in their journey.

“As within, so without.”

I have a free SELF PLEASURE GUIDE for you on my brand spanking new website…to liberate your inner loved & discover what’s erotically possible!!

We have revamped & updated ALL our guides & even added a new one for Castor Oil & Scar Tissue!

Go to & it’s on my new...

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Top 3 Ways to Break Up Scar Tissue

Sep 02, 2022

Watch HERE

Castor oil is LIFE. My mom used Vaseline like the mother used Windex in my Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I’m carrying on the torch but with something that is actually really GOOD for you on so many levels & for so many of your systems.

You can use it internally & externally. For scar tissue, fascia work, hydration, bowel movements, lube, infections, mastitis, hair growth..the list goes on.

I created a FREE Castor Oil guide for you
what is it
how to use it
where to use
what to use it for

I have coupon codes for the pack you see in the video & extra details on using it internally - like with a tampon

…mamas who have scar tissue from birth, painful sex, infections, etc.

*DM me for the guide link!*

Thank you to @ellenheed & my mentor for the support with this & the scar tissue from my hip & knee surgery!

And huge thanks to @queenofthethrones for making packs EASY, clean, & FUN to actually do.

To @ashleyblackguru for the new...

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No one knows your body better than YOU!

Aug 30, 2022

Watch HERE

And there is no ‘normal’.

The human body is so incredibly wise
& it knows EXACTLY what it is doing.

The first 25 years of my life, I spent manipulating my body so it would be & look a certain way.

I didn’t really care about the inside if the outside looked good.

Everything changed when I started working my way through from the inside out, with a bottom up approach (somatic) vs top down (conventional therapy).

Cultivating a *devotional lovership* with my body has been the biggest gift.

Learning its systems, anatomy, seasonal realities, staying in practice with mySelf, & living with my ‘body as ritual’ has allowed me to become my own best healer, guide, support & confidant

…while guiding women to do the same for themselves.

The western medical system teaches us that something is WRONG with our body/mind when it doesn’t do what we want or think it should do

When the reality is…

Your body fucking knows.

She’s 10...

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Your body talks to you in subtle ways.

Aug 27, 2022

Until those subtle ways get overlooked
& they turn into louder signals.

Until those get overlooked
& they turn into symptoms.

Until even those get overlooked
& they turn into conditions & diseases.

Until…You get the gist.

One of my passions is bringing women into understanding & *devotional lovership* with their own bodies.

So instead of getting frustrated with the symptoms, they instead speak their body’s language.

…they use their creative pelvic wisdom to call in & bring forth their offerings.

…to harness their energy & launch their rocket ships of desire.

…to share their gifts & most unique, authentic expression with the world.

My Goddess Approach™ methodology allows you to take a holistic, bottom-up, inside-out approach to healing & transformation.

The more you Know about yourself,
the more power you have & hold.

The more ‘body’ you inhabit,
the more space you take up.

…the louder your presence.


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Instead of a ‘To-Do List’ mine reads ‘Liberation List’

Aug 26, 2022

& the tagline is…

‘Only creatrix-ing from a place of FUN, desire & turn on ’

…all Self Care & Pleasure has a list of its own.

I write it daily after a morning ritual of body scanning & listening to what She needs..on this,
day, in these moments.

Lists are liberators for me.

They hold the overflow of my feminine & allow her to stay centered, balanced, & ironically, free.

They have her feel cared for, seen, nourished & nurtured.

She’s had to clear old resentment away from my inner masculine to land at this place of flow & ease in routine.

But now..she lives grateful for the structure.

Freedom & full self expression live on

Watch the Reel HERE

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