Business is personal..& this team is family 🥰 Meet who’s behind (& in front) the scenes:

Aug 07, 2022

Business is personal..& this team is family 🥰 Meet who’s behind (& in front) the scenes:

This year has held a whole lot of maturation in all areas of the biz.

It feels like we’ve grown a lifetime together..& at the same time, it feels like we’re just getting started!

Both of these incredible women have dove deep into my world & work with so much fire, passion & commitment to the vision.

They started with a toe in the water, & like 99% of you who find this path, dove head first into the deep end 💦

From demo models, team support, logistics, culinary expertise, attunement, their mama bear wisdom + presence, and their thirst to learn & be of gratitude overflows.

I’ve watched them grow & expand tremendously over the year/s together.

And it fills me with so much JOY & excitement to watch them follow their passions in this space to create even bigger & better & wetter offerings💎

When you step into my world, you don’t just get ‘me’, the deliverables, the content or the quantum transformations…

you get team, community, & everything these light workers bring to the table⚡️

Carin & Dalen will love you silly..

🐎 Carin will be your biggest cheerleader & lover. She’s so incredibly attuned to you & your needs, she’s always one step ahead. She’ll surprise you with how many lives she’s lived & the knowledge she brings with her. She’s a Warrior Goddess in every sense of the word, rolling in on her horse with a kingdom of wildlife beside her. You’ll see her Little & her Crone. Her heart is BIG & her capacity to hold? Even bigger.

🍴Dalen will feed you FULL - with delicious foods, words & adornments - made with an abundance of love & intention. She’s got a bold, tender heart & a whole lot of curls. She is soft yet fierce, observant, calm, grounded & BRAVE. Selfless, generous, loving = you. She’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to take on the world, with a packed lunchbox & a sweet little love note.

Oh..& they’re both kinky AF :)

Business is personal..& this team is family 🥰

Thank you thank you thank you…for your devotion..& for walking with me 🤍


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