Erotic Blueprint: Sensation Play Scavenger Hunt

Mar 06, 2023

Watch HERE

Come with me on a Scavenger Hunt for play toys you don’t have to buy

The €rotic Blueprints will forever change your relationship to your $€xu@lity + make you the best lover you’ve ever been!

I guarantee it yourSelf AND to your lover/s

There are 5 €rotic Blueprints, I grabbed one item per BP + some exxtra !

Fork | K!nky (sensation)
Wooden Spoon | K!nky (impact)
Fur Scarf | Sensual
Makeup/Skin Brush | Sensual
Vibrating Toothbrush | $€xu@l
Palo Santo | Energetic
Sage | Energetic
Combine ALL of them | Shapeshifter

Don’t know your type? Dm me ‘BP’ I’ll send you the quiz link

3 ways to play with me & the €rotic Blueprints

€rotic Blueprint Immersive Experience this Sunday 3/12 w/ @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver
(If you are not local to Denver, message me for an online experience you can start anytime!)

First ever *Self Ple@$ure Circle* at @venusvalleyboulder happening Thursday 7-9pm 3/16 ...

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Healthy Love Show Collaboration

Mar 06, 2023

They always say you’ll find love when you least expect it. And I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been single, even the “not looking” felt a whole lot like looking….

I’d walk through Whole Foods wondering if cupid was gonna strike me then & there as I meandered through frozen foods.

I’d be on high alert whenever strolling through my park, wondering if the guy traipsing by with his goldendoodle was gonna be my prince.

I’d peer around the waiting room at the dentist, curious if the next gentleman to walk through the door was actually there to be my “next serious thing.”

….Real spontaneous right?? ‍

What I came to realize was that while I believed I was ready for love, I still had blindspots that many driven, ambitious women have, that were keeping me stuck + single. 

My overthinking of WHERE & WHEN I was gonna find healthy love kept me far away from becoming the version of myself who was...

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Things manifest differently when you take your wildest dreams seriously

Mar 06, 2023

When I started my biz 12 yrs ago & building my brand in ’14

..quite a few delicious rebrands ever since -

(totally check the ABOUT ME on my new site - it’s a super fun timeline!)

my strongest quality…the reason I grew to multiple 6 figures in 6 months…

the way I was able to juggle so many projects & programs & offers & launches & clients…

(& continue to)

plus love & friendship, healing & trainings, retreats & immersions, etc.

*The thing that allowed me to scale faster than other brands & coaches*

was & is - my UNWAVERING belief.

You have to take yourself & your dreams wildly serious.

You have to LIVE as the woman who already is.

You have to see the evidence of it all on its way regardless of the sh!t/storm or rainbow around you.

Day in & day out.

Your job is to believe.

Your job is to keep moving.



How would you be playing, living, loving, working - if you were taking...

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TRPP Episode 347: Coaching Call with Chelsea: Perfectionism, Being Human, & Embracing Your Mess

Mar 06, 2023
  • In todays’ coaching call, Julianne sits down with Chelsea to work through some resistances & fears that are coming up for her around stepping into the coaching space. Julianne leads Chelsea through some somatic practices that help her to uncover where these feelings stem from & discover what she is wanting to feel instead. At the end of the coaching call Chelsea is feeling less pressure to be perfect, more grace to be human, & ultimately embraces her messiness & emotions.

    Key Topics:

    Using Somatic practices to move through fear & resistance
    Self forgiveness & self love
    Nurturing your inner child


    14:36 Chelsea reveals what she wants to walk away with after today’s session

    20:26 Julianne offers a furious reflection in response to something that Chelsea shared

    25:17 Julianne leads Chelsea through a somatic practice to hold space for the feelings that are arising & to discover what she is needing & wanting

    37:37 Julianne guides Chelsea...

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Maybe she's born with it, maybe its...

Mar 04, 2023


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Ready to quantum transform? Enrolling for high level 1:1 immersions - VENUS VENTURE + VENUS VOYAGE (details on story & inbox!)

Other ways to work with me:

€rotic Blueprint Immersive Experience on 3/12 w/ & @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver

First ever Self Ple@$ure Circle at @venusvalleyboulder is happening 3/16 Message me to claim a spot!

#maybeshesbornwithit #sunshineismedicine #sisterhood #community #grief #followyourturnon #bonebroth #collagen 
#selfpleasure #selfcare #pleasurefirst
#somatics #somaticcoach 
#holisticcoach #somatichealing #somatictherapy #embodimentcoach

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Prioritizing your joy, pleasure, and self-care when you are a biz owner

Mar 04, 2023

Watch HERE

Happy weekend May you fill up up up on all things that nourish you! You don’t have to be self sacrificing to be of service

Ready to quantum transform? Enrolling for high level 1:1 immersions - VENUS VENTURE + VENUS VOYAGE

Other ways to work with me:

€rotic Blueprint Immersive Experience on 3/12 w/ & @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver

First ever Self Ple@$ure Circle at @venusvalleyboulder is happening 3/16 Message me to claim a spot!

#selfpleasure #selfcare #pleasurefirst
#somatics #somaticcoach #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #QuantumTransformation #holisticcoach #somatichealing #somatictherapy #eroticblueprintscoach #eroticblueprints #somaticsexology #embodimentcoach

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imagine waking up in Venus Valley

Mar 03, 2023

Watch HERE

magine waking up in Venus Valley to the sound of stillness & the smell of fresh mushroom coffee

you throw on your flowy clothes & we meet in the open space for morning stretches x shakes

after we nourish our bodies with munchies & warm liquids,

we go on a walk with the pups & as the fresh air touches our skin,

we giggle over the fears you had coming into container.

we arrive back..

the sauna is already hot

you grab your gifted castor pack & meet me on the balcony overlooking the ridge line

we sweat together,

as I teach you about castor oil & how to apply + use it

I show you how to self massage

& unwind trauma patterns with your own two hands

I make you a snowball from the fresh coat that came the day before

you rub it all over your fiery skin

& feel ple@$ure for the first time in a long time

you feel

you heal

you cry

you see

you smile

you laugh

you love

you meet you <3

What sounds like the best part?

Ready to quantum transform? Enrolling for high level 1:1...

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TWO TIPS for when ‘MORE PLE@$URE MORE MONEY’ isn’t working 😉👆🏻

Mar 02, 2023

Watch HERE

TWO TIPS for when ‘MORE PLE@$URE MORE MONEY’ isn’t working

It takes more effort to turn the habitual thought or behavior around in the beginning but it gets easier every time.

I said simple, not without practice.

But I mean,

if you HAD A PENNY for every time you REFRAMED…

you would be RICH in feeling rich.

And, I bet & bank on you BEing rich for it, too.

You really do create your reality.

P.S. COLORADO FRIENDSn : I’m hosting a *Self Ple@$ure Circle* at @venusvalleyboulder Thursday, March 16th - DM ‘SPC’ to get the link

Ready to quantum transform through somatic $exology, Erotic blueprints, spiritual Psychology, holistic health, tailored exactly to YOU? Join me for VENUS VENTURE, 1 month hybrid immersion container/ PM for details.

#moneytips #abundance #manifesting #somatics #somaticcoach #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #QuantumTransformation #holisticcoach ...

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Breathwork is cool, but have you ever tried fvcking yourself with your intentions?

Mar 01, 2023

Watch HERE

BRB making a d!ldo line after my dachshunds: Diesel & Woody

And a suction cup ride on that you can stuff with your handwritten affirmations.

Leave a comment if you want exclusive access

P.S. apps are open for 1:1 somatic $exological immersions at @venusvalleyboulder..

1 month hybrid in person/virtual container
2-day in person immersion at @venusvalleyboulder 
‍prep & integration coaching calls
Awaken Your Divine Feminine/ 8wk program to soften into your power, shed $3xu@l shame, & come home to your body’s wisdom
15k - &..your investment can go towards your 6/12 month container with me


CO FRIENDS : I’m hosting *Self Ple@$ure Circles* at @venusvalleyboulder starting in March/April - dm me ‘COLORADO’ to get on the list .

#sexmagick #selfpleasure #somatics #somaticcoach #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #QuantumTransformation #holisticcoach ...

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