Castor oil packs

Aug 03, 2022

Castor oil packs ✨ I first started teaching about these when I went to @nutritionschool 12 years ago. After spending a week in Oregon with Jaiya & @ellenheed, they have a whole new exciting meaning to me.

At the retreat, we discovered a big scar inside my vaginal canal that was probably from the psoas surgery I had back in HS.

It explains so much of my feelings of wanting to pull my hip out of that joint to stretch it open.

I personally think it came back after my ACL surgery this year when a lot of those somatic memories were recalled.

(Very common to have scarring internally that leads to painful $ex - for resources on what to do send me a PM)

I’ve been working castor oil onto my scars & into these adhesions. I’m excited to get to the internal work & feel it transform.

I posted about this on my story yesterday & had hella outreach. So if you’re into it check the story highlight


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