The story aka magick of @venusvalleyboulder Part 1🦋🌈☀️

Nov 08, 2022

The story aka magick of @venusvalleyboulder Part 1

The synchronicity started before we even knew what was happening..

A few moments after I took this video, I met a ‘random’ woman here at the creek [Lefthand]

I was in an immersion w/ my mentor & we visited this water every summer month together

She came over & sat close to us on the sunny side of the stream

We flirted with smiles & I obsessed over her sweet loyal dog who patiently awaited her creek-y cold plunge routine

She complimented my artwork & we went separate ways

3 days later, I went to see @venusvalleyboulder w/ my realtor

I fell in love

Paul trusted my love for the property so we put in an offer without him seeing it

A week later he came home from his trip & we set a house viewing time

He arrived first

I spotted our agent & the sellers chatting w/P in the driveway

As I walked over, an adorable, oddly-familiar pup ran over to greet me..

& as I looked up to shake the hand of the...

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If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided...

Nov 08, 2022


If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided your happiness, self expression & truth were more important than other peoples opinions different would your day be?

If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided “IDGAF about being likable, I care about my authenticity” different would your day be?

If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided you’d rather be WHOLE than GOOD different would your day be?

If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided “I BELONG!” different would your day be?

If you woke up today & wholeheartedly decided “I’m a badass motherlover here to spread my juicy seeds of creation (offerings of service) all over the world cuz it’s FUN & JOYOUS” different would your day be?

What choices would you make in your biz & relationships?

What would you *actually* say online/ to your best girlfriend?

What clothes would you wear & HOW would you wear them?...

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Going to bed…

Nov 07, 2022

Going to bed… 


Bf: 69?

Me: When?

Bf: *chuckles* I meant the AC


[Dating me]


This was before we moved to the mountains with no thermostat now we here at @venusvalleyboulder run on a dope ass Russian stove & log cabin heating

Can’t wait for you to come play

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Feeding my inner child

Nov 07, 2022

Watch HERE

One of the ways I make the little one inside of me the happiest is through ridiculously playful dance. It never makes sense. It doesn’t look the prettiest in fact it looks quite amateur and erratic. But she is a part of me. When I tie my hair in a high pony. Dance in front of the mirror. Flirt with my puppies. Giggle with myself. Record like I am the next Britney. It makes her the happiest. She feels free. Uninhibited. Like it’s her right. Like it’s a big ‘watch me be all of me, world! living outside the box of what I should be.’
The more chaotic I allow myself to be the more embodied & free I feel. She is the wild One inside of me. The one who doesn’t hold back. The one who cares not what others think. The one who could be left with her voice & her body for hours, maybe days, & fill up up up on joy, love, pleasure, fun & ecstasy - before those words meant what they mean but were all of it

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Meet the new addition Mush!

Nov 02, 2022

Watch HERE

Home Meet the new addition Mush! We are unpacking, organizing, beautifying & preparing for an amazing year ahead here at @venusvalleyboulder!

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Oct 28, 2022

The ease in my nervous system as I step into the bigness of this next chapter (from the numbers, to the responsibility, to the holding)

...started by me doing something to DISRUPT the pattern...of lack...of scarcity...not enoughness & the belief that...

The very thing that's happening RIGHT NOW couldn't be MINE.

If i stopped then bc of the thought that it wouldn't work for ME?


If I didn't start 11 years ago bc I didn't know anyone doing the coaching thing?


If I let the hardest moments along the way take me down INSTEAD of using them as fuel for my purpose and passion?


If I waited for proof that what I was gonna do would work?


If I let how much I trigger people matter more than the bigger truth?

Could you fucking imagine?

I wouldn't be here.

And neither would the transformations made possible by me putting my messy beautiful life on the internet.

Fucking believe!

Stop hesitating!


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Welcome to Venus Valley....a homecoming

Oct 26, 2022

Watch HERE

Closing on a 1.5 million dollar house today @venusvalleyboulder & although I’m not here to brag (oh wait, I am) what I really want to convey is…

I definitely didn’t start here or do it alone.

I just continue to push the limit on what’s possible.

I’m no different than your average human.

I just put pu$$y in the front seat..

And use my fat mouth to ask for what I want…

Until I get it ‍

I mean less than 5 years ago I was broke, carless, landing on my brothers doorstep after an abusive relationship - I knew I was about to Quantum Transform (bc I knew I was a powerful creator even then) but damn did I know the path would lead me here!

[my humbleness will be back but first … I’ll be telling the tale of this journey as we settle in! Be sure to follow @venusvalleyboulder to be in the know about events! Our first is Dec 2-4 Family Constellation Retreat with @rebeccaelswit 4 spots left]

Other ways to play in...

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Successful entrepreneurs are just delusional genital dreamers

Oct 26, 2022

Successful entrepreneurs are just delusional genital dreamers.

Am I right or am I right…
I mean you only got to where you are today by believing delusional thoughts about your success & manifestation powers. Your next level requires the same delusional belief power I mean feel your sacrum & tail bone as you dream up & out - keep your body in it, stay in your hips. But let yourself fly baby . #sacrumhealing #entrepreneurlife #manifestation #dreambig #successdoesnthavetobehard #somatichealing #eroticblueprintcoach #holistichealthcoach #iamyou

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Keep going. Keep dreaming...

Oct 26, 2022

I had a flashback the other day to the first coach I ever invested in...

Branded in my brain is the memory of me sitting in my junky sea foam green van looking up at my first solo apartment (2012) thinking 'how the f am I gonna make these $600/m payments work?'

'And I better not tell my boyfriend'

>>The jump from that moment to today<<

I've invested over 500k in mentorship & training.

For some that's unimaginable.

For others it's low balling.

It's how I roll.

Bottom line...

Keep going.

Keep dreaming.

Keep acting from an inspired place.

Keep pushing the limit on what is POSSIBLE.

You'll never know...until you GO for it.

Just got off a plane in Phoenix for a speaking event I can’t fucking wait to be a part of!! I’ll be sharing all about the Erotic Blueprints™ & letting your yin/feminine lead in biz & bed for a group of top notch Real Estate Agents !

Bless a life that allows me to leave the day before closing on a Boulder retreat property to...

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Less words. More embodiment✌🏻

Oct 23, 2022

Watch HERE

Less words. More embodiment

Sunday’s are for silence, solitude, reflection, nature, elements & love oh - & org@$m$!!…naturally

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