Theme mantra to my life.

Dec 07, 2022

Theme mantra to my life.

"Be so devoted to your desires you settle for nothing less."

I love hearing this flow through my clients mouths as they set the stage for their upcoming months & years . #bedevotedtoyourself #bedevotedtoyourdesires #bedevotedtoyourself #settlefornothingless #lifemantra #setthestage

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TRPP Episode 333: Intimacy, communication, and confidence w/ Caitlin V.

Dec 06, 2022

On this episode of The Reclamation Project, Julianne dives deep with $ex coach Caitlin V. Caitlin has worked in $ex for a long time, starting out as a reproductive health researcher. Now, she specializes in helping men and folks with peni$es overcome their hang ups and blocks in the bedroom so they can find real $en$uality and plea$ure with their partners.Of course, Caitlin’s mastery is valuable for more than just men. On her show Good $ex, now streaming on Discovery+, you can watch her coach a huge variety of couples and singles on moving past their challenges in the bedroom. From communication to confidence, she does it all. Caitlin is also the creator of the Great $ex Community, an online safe space for folks from all walks of life to get information and advice on intimacy.Julianne and Caitlin get into expectations and communication, as well as self love and the different ways men and women view plea$ure. 

Key topics of today’s episode:

Communication is key

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I'm not being overdramatic when I say....

Dec 06, 2022

I would rather deal with the hourly emotional roller coaster & inescapable-mirror-of-truth that is CEO/entrepreneurship

than ever go back to working for someone else & giving up my abundant time + financial freedom... thank you. 

Schmidtty, thank you for the PSA it’s true. I would literally rather do anything else

We were standing in my kitchen during one of the breaks at the Family Constellation retreat,

When @dalenchristeen asked, “Julianne do you want your physical therapy appointment to be back to back with your massage or on separate days?”

@rebeccaelswit passes by & in her usual delight goes, “OMFG that’s so HOT. Are you kidding me right now? ”

When I was on the phone giving my new 75k client next steps with my OBM @the_real_carinb she said, “WOW I’m so grateful you have a team of women supporting you. That makes me feel so good that you can stay focused on the people you serve.”


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Family photo for our first retreat at @venusvalleyboulder🏔️

Dec 04, 2022

Probably the most ‘us’ photo there is

See it HERE

Family photo for our first retreat at @venusvalleyboulder

This week was so BIG for me, us, business, & life.

We got to share our new home with so many lovely humans. New & old friends. Deepening in community. Laughter over meals (by the amazing @dalenchristeen) Blessing & communing with the land.

And *such* incredible healing.

Bridging the unseen with the seen. More evidence that magick is real. And our well, healthy & whole ancestors backing & supporting us. (Hella celebration for bringing it @rebeccaelswit )

Seriously. HOLY WOW.

What an expansive, abundant, sacred experience.

Thank you thank you thank you

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Chicken or egg?

Dec 02, 2022

Chicken or egg? You choose. When we were in the buying process for @venusvalleyboulder - it was really easy to go into practical, logical decision making. I mean..we were buying a house. A big one. It’s not something to f*^% around with. It’s not something you risk like you would with other investments. There’s real stuff on the line & big repercussions if we don’t/can’t make payments. Yeah?

I don’t operate this way

I’m sure I used to at some point, but I don’t remember that time much anymore

I’m the kind of woman who reverse engineers

She see’s the thing she wants

She decides she’s going for it
She’s already BEing it through & through
She’s already making choices & decisions based off of having the thing

That’s how I work

I don’t make space for the catastrophe or worst case scenario

I was gonna write that some people think this to be irresponsible

But the people in my life...

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For the coach who has PTSD from high ticket offers

Dec 01, 2022

Watch HERE

Just a thought Seriously though stop blaming money. Money has never done anything to you. He has actually only ever been good to you. He’s always shown up when you need him. It’s just your own thoughts that have made him wrong, dirty, out to get you & not enough. I did a powerful Gestalt with money over the summer & this was my experience. Money being blamed for all the $h!t. When really, “hey hi it’s me I’m the problem” money was just the scapegoat to project everything onto. “I want more $$ for safety so I’m gonna do dumb things & then when it blows up in my face blame money instead of myself” Again, this was my experience & it doesn’t have to be yours, nor do you have to agree. There is also MUCH more that goes into this conversation, and I will be sharing a more holistic viewpoint over on @trppodcast. Make sure you subscribe ‘cause I’m serving it raw & real. As always....

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When you’re in deep alignment with your offering & congruent to the core✌🏻

Dec 01, 2022


When you’re in deep alignment with your offering & congruent to the core

In truth, it’s not about me or these numbers (for them)

It’s about the magnitude of their DECISION to move. For themselves.

I’m just modeling what’s possible.

They got the call.

They answered the phone.

I’m shining light on the way home…to their biggest, boldest, brightest, FULLEST selves yet.

Thank you thank you thank you.

For trusting.

2023 let’s move, baby.

Enrolling now for 1:1 Mentorship/Coaching & Somatic $€xological Bodywork …. For the women ready to be IN & OWN their fullest expression, capacity, knowing, love, wealth, freedom & embodiment …. in 6 & 12 month containers (BOTH IN PERSON & VIRTUAL AT @Venusvalleyboulder). #alignment #congruent #modelwhatspossible #investinamentor #investinyourself #alignedlaunching #investinacoach

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Nov 30, 2022


Watch HERE

the decision to make a video with messy sloppy hair & post it anyway

just like the decision to do the illogical & trust in your brilliance + the delivery of what’s yours

Enrolling 1:1 Mentorship/Coaching & Somatic $€xological Bodywork ….for more ease more fun more pl€@$ur€…. in 6 & 12 month containers (BOTH IN PERSON & VIRTUAL AT @Venusvalleyboulder). #quantumtransformation #mentorship #coaching #somaticbodywork #somaticsexologicalbodywork #morepleasure

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New brags

Nov 30, 2022

I brag I completed my first 3 day 1:1 immersion w a client @venusvalleyboulder

I brag we did bodywork to release stuck energy & emotion medicine educational food shopping relationship & communication skills to reduce conflict & help her embody her ‘no’ processes to reduce charge for traumatic events that were keeping her in a loop of blame/shamebiz chats to support her in fully owning her Coach & structure for her own immersions & retreats

I brag the magic of this land & how much your nervous system down regulates just by BEing here

I brag today/tm as support days for ME! I brag my vagenius in setting up a balanced schedule of give & receive + how far I’ve come with letting people support me

I brag a mindset of ‘I can have it all’ & ‘life gets to be this good’ paired w the capacity I’ve built in my body to hold this

I brag we host our FIRST RETREAT at VV on Fri! These women get to bless the space...

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New Podcast Episode: Seen & Unseen Scars w/ Ellen Heed

Nov 29, 2022

This week Julianne sits down with bodyworker Ellen Heed. Ellen is the founder of Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management, or STREAM, to provide a unique paradigm shift in helping people find relief when it comes to scars seen and unseen.
Everyone has scar tissue, they just may not know it. Luckily, everyone can remediate their scars and find relief.

Key topics of today’s episode:
Everyone has scars
Your body is on your side
Pain is not permanent
Connect with Ellen:

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