Sep 02, 2021

the universe is always working f o r you

can you feel that in your body?

mmmm…i can

not just for me, but for you…

your Higher Goddess has always got your back

leading you to the places you’re holding….living in restriction…& lack

…opening you to what’s possible

…guiding you to the above x beyond

demanding your full presence & self approval

you’re worthy of the work
you’re worthy of the love
you’re worthy of the manifestations

b r e a t h e

t r u s t

k n o w

f e e l

r e l a x

[shown: video clips from a week away with my love in South Florida]. 


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your happiness and inner felt sense of freedom is independent of circumstance

Aug 26, 2021

PLOT TWIST…not feeling the happiness & freedom is your emotional guidance system being like…

“what the fuck is UP with THIS?

i used to find myself in situations, relationships & environments that did NOT jive with me

my very sweet inner ‘figure it out-er’ part would spend her free time trying to figure out how she could be happy & feel free by changing something INSIDE of herself

while this is important…

i actually learned over time that i did this to a FAULT & it became a huge DETRIMENT

i know, kinda backwards then what the personal development industry tells you, yeah?

here me out…

when you’ve done a lot of inner work, you trust yourself, you know nothing is wrong with you

you start to realize you are GUCCI, and the systems of the outside patriarchal world are actually the things that are F U C K E D

[you’re seeing this play out everywhere right now]

when you understand that happiness, love & freedom are an INSIDE...

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Resistance to Opening to Love & Trust

Aug 24, 2021

Resistance to Opening to Love & Trust

with modern day feminism & the independent woman archetype, many of us feel disconnected from our hearts & emotions.

it feels s c a r y to o p e n what has been closed for so long,

only to feel what has been rejected, abandoned, betrayed & forgotten.

the good news? it’s all an illusion :)

going in ’there’, the darkness, the shadow — is never as bad as we think.

the ego just likes to make it feel that way so we don’t feel the thing & have the ego death ;)

keep on popping old belief systems & healing younger parts of you to expand your capacity to receive & change your reality!

you are a powerful pu$$y driven creatrix

what are your thoughts on this?

shown: a snippet from LOVE SEX MEN’s Q x A! send me a message if you want to learn more.

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β€œshould i invest in personal development or business?

Aug 24, 2021

“should i invest in personal development or business?”

…a question i get ALL the time!

my take is in this live - read below for my journey!

𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨
i had just moved to Denver to live with my brother rent free because i had no clients x income for 8 months. i had thousands of cc debt & was trying to get my in person training/coaching biz online. i was also trying to leave yet another abusive relationship. i founded the Balanced Body Method that year & it kicked off my work in helping women heal their relationship with food, body & themSelves.

𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨
i just had moved into my first solo apartment & was making my first 6 figures. i had a huge sexual awakening & was screaming pu$$y from the rooftops. i changed my proven methodology to the Goddess Approach, was dating a new caliber of men, finished Spiritual Psychology School, bought a new car, & traveled the states.

𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨
i officially became a Somatic Sexologist, & an Erotic Blueprint...

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do you know what satiation FEELS like?

Aug 22, 2021

s a t i a t i o n


e n o u g h n e s s

go hand in hand

we’ll only ever be satisfied when there’s a sense of enoughness

but what’s the thing that will make YOU feel like it’s enough?

like you:
have enough
do enough
are enough

it’s the secret weapon to leaping timelines


> whatever you wanna name it <

i’ve been deepening my practice of feeling what it feels like to be satiated - in myself, my life & my biz

want to join me?

most of us are really practiced in the energy of ‘i need more than what i have. it’s not enough, it’s never enough.’

let’s practice the opposite & rewire those narratives

somatic tip: practice feeling satiation in your body, F U L L Y. set timers throughout your day to remind yourself to drop into that energy. it’s more effective to do micro-practices than it is giant ones 1x/day.

let me know if you’re with me

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when's the last time you've held yourself?

Aug 21, 2021

what does it mean to you to be your own best lover?

…a question @jessica.sirena & i opened the *Becoming Your Own Best Lover Workshop Series* up with this morning.

to me, it means:

being there for yourSelf in all moments

> unconditional love, for yourSelf, from yourSelf <

it doesn’t mean i always like it, but it means staying put, even when all i want to do is abandon ship

it’s knowing i am Loving Awareness

& i can love everything, including this - myself in this moment, and the next, and the next

it’s staying true to my desires, my truths, my knowing - even if it means letting everything around me burn to the ground

it’s loving mySelf in every stage, season & cycle

it’s choosing to trust myself & my inner world over the noise around me

becoming my own best lover is bringing pu$$y along for the ride everywhere i go

because in the end…

i know,

she’s got me.

i’ve got me.

tell me your answer below…

(our next...

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struggling with social media

Aug 20, 2021

can i be honest? i’ve really been struggling with social media. i’ve been sharing a lot about this on @trppodcast ever since i got disabled from IG for 2 months bc i spoke about B D S M (i know, the horror)

the more space i get, the more i know i genuinely don’t want to be on this thing anymore.

i miss the way it used to be.

i miss sharing because i wanted to share. i miss the simplicity of sharing my life & seeing you share yours - without censorship, algorithms, & the patriarchy infiltrating every little square (but i guess that was always there;))

i want to connect, with you.

i started on this platform to connect, share, & grow, with Y O U.

my young inner perfectionist doesn’t want to talk about this until she has it figured out

& because she also sees & knows all of the gifts that IG/social has given her over the last decade of biz, especially these last 4years.

she doesn’t want to be resistant to change.
she wants to reframe it...

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4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

Aug 19, 2021

4 favorite ways to *Become Your Own Best Lover*

1 feed my sensual blueprint with a hot, cbd, essential oil infused salt bath

2 with their permission, pick flowers on a walk, & sprinkle them around the home in thoughtful arrangements

3 press play on my pleasure playlist with some warm coconut oil for a self-gifted full body massage & see where it leads me

4 with intention, nibble on some mushrooms, put on a blindfold & lay on my sheepskin rug - letting my body decide what happens next

5 *BONUS* vocal warm ups & soul singing,

brownie points for doing it with @jessica.sirena & I…

β€Όthis Saturday for workshop # 1 of **Becoming Your Own Best Lover…Potent Practices for Exploring New Realms of Your Sensuality** you know where to sign up

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first time energetic orgasm

Aug 18, 2021

posted on my story but my joy was too big not to share! did you know my 1:1 coaching is open? ready to get outta ya head to embody your powerful wise pu$$y power?

i brag my clients have energetic orgasms for the first time!

i brag they report feeling more open, at peace, relaxed, & in trust with themselves then ever before!

i brag my clients triple their income when they reconnect with their erotic potential!

i brag they go off to have epic sex, deeper friendships, radical self love, build bigger brands, & have a hell of a lot more fun doing it!

it’s all possible for YOU!

YOU can have it ALL!

application for 1:1 coaching- both virtual x in person - is in my bio!

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