From one 3 hour workshop...

Mar 30, 2023

Imagine going from: 𝙣𝙀𝙩 π™žπ™£π™©π™šπ™§π™šπ™¨π™©π™šπ™™ & 𝙨𝙩π™ͺπ™˜π™  π™žπ™£ π™©π™π™š π™—π™šπ™™π™§π™€π™€π™’ π—–π—’π—‘π—™π—œπ——π—˜π—‘π—§, π—˜π— π—£π—’π—ͺπ—˜π—₯π—˜π—— & π—œπ—‘π—œπ—§π—œπ—”π—§π—œπ—‘π—š from a THREE HR workshop with a bio break!!!

Make it more of a no-brainer

These are mothers, women of all ages, biz owners..

Anyone can do this.

4 ways for you to play:

1 SQUIRT - the ‘how-to’ workshop & I guarantee will be the most in-depth pv$$y training you’ll ever take to get you to your org@$mic edge .. drip drip on 4/9 $333

2 $EXU@LLY FED - the couples workshop to deepen intimacy & add a fvck ton of play into the bedroom with the 3rot!c Blueprints! 4/30 $333 per person

3 4/20 SELF PLE@$URE CIRCLE - omg yesssss a circle with a little extra sprinkle of dankkkky flava flavvvv I’m thrilled & so are the girls from last circle $50 on 4/20

4 VENUS VENTURE / VOYAGE - 1:1 immersion container with a hybrid of mentorship, coaching, bodywork for the purpose driven woman ready to have & hold it all - biz, love, money, $3x & wealth - starts @...

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Casual Friday morning back at the ranch.

Mar 30, 2023

Watch HERE

Casual Friday morning back at the ranch.

Nothings really ever as it seems

You’re like no one that I’ve ever seen

P.S. all my April workshops virtual & in person are $333 for a multi hour deep dive into yourself - come out the other side mind heart pv$$y wide open - $QUIRT, $EXUALLY FED, 4/20 SELF PLE@$URE CIRLCE

+ 1:1 VENUS VOYAGE Immersions are enrolling now <3 you know where to find the links

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When you can do it with them but not by yourself

Mar 29, 2023

Watch HERE

The safer the naughtier

Everything’s in my linktree but feel free to dm me with any questions/thoughts would love to support you in the right container!

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#pleasureforall #pleasurefirst #femaleejaculation #femaleejaculationclass #femaleejaculation

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This is my commitment to sharing more of us

Mar 29, 2023

My relationship with P is one of the most important things to me. And I haven’t written about it in so long

Sometimes it feels too vulnerable.
Sometimes I want to honor privacy.
Sometimes I just want to be in the experience.

But this is my commitment to sharing more of us.

We recorded our first podcast together at the end of 2021 & then hit pause on our relationship. I’ve been bashful to bring us back because ‘what if’s’ & ‘people can’t see our messiness’ cute that the ‘I’m too much’ fear showed up here

We live big lives individually & together.
We have big love & big disagreements.
We have the highest of highs & lowest of lows.

We dream large & take enormous risks.
We stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones & play full out.

We go very against the grain.
Use a lot of curse words.

And sleep in separate beds at night (makes for the best cuddles in the morning )

Our eyes are bigger than our...

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Once upon a time I had chronic yeast infections & UTIs…*EVERY other month*

Mar 29, 2023

Once upon a time I had chronic yeast infections & UTIs…*EVERY other month* I’d be back at the gyno in excruciating pain ‍

One day she asked me about my diet & I nearly bit her head off…

“I’m literally DYING in my v@gin@ right now & you want to ask me about my FOOD choices?”

*changes gynecologists office*

Now I LOUDLY shout gut & pelvic health

But back then at 17..

I was late night drinking & waking up with Taco Bell Gordita crunches in my bed sheets

It didn’t last

…my body can’t tolerate bullsh!t for long…

From there I went into Holistic Health Coaching, ‍Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha / Vinyasa), taught Boxing & Kickboxing at UFC gym, ‍Personal Training all over + Equinox, bodybuilding bikini / figure competitions..

Eventually stumbled my way into Somatic $€xology, €rot!c Blueprints, Pelvic Care, Scar Tissue Remediation, k!nk & more.

I changed everything.

From eating...

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Safe enough...

Mar 28, 2023

I know exploring your $exu@lity is vulnerable. Why would you put yourself in a room about something already so tender for you?

*Because when there’s safety & the right conditions..your body knows how to heal & expand*

You actually need an anchor to get lost in all that is you

Your body wants to know…

‘am I safe here?’
’can I really go ALL the way in?
(it actually really wants too - that’s why the same pain keeps running your life)
is someone going to catch me if I fall?’
(will my community have my back?)

When you have someone you trust holding it down, your magic & medicine come online

Your brilliance expresses itself without effort…

because alas, you’re safe

And all things bloom in those conditions

If you’re curious about my in person/virtual events or 1:1, but you’re a little nervous or want some contact - girl, message me!

I get it. I’d love to create safety for you so you feel super duper...

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No technique will ever win over presence & attunement

Mar 28, 2023

Watch HERE

Sasha was the runner up for Venussa

Do you have a name for your parts / partners’?! Omg PLEASE tell us in the comments

P.S. Check my linktree for easy enrollment into any virtual or in person experience..including SQUIRT, $EXU@LLY FED, BYOW33D Self Ple@$ure Circle..and..1:1 VENUS packages they are all brand newwwww!

Maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s a full team, mushroom coffee, MG energy, big epic org@$ms & calls with her mentors + coaches

Happy Mondayest Tuesday!

#somaticsexology #sexeducation #sexed #sexeducator #sexgoddess #somaticexperiencing #somaticsexeducation
#pleasureforall #pleasurefirst #femaleejaculation #femaleejaculationclass #femaleejaculation

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Squirt myth #3

Mar 27, 2023

Watch HERE


“One of the dopest classes I have ever experienced.” - M

“That was a game changer for me. It really shifted my confidence. I feel way more empowered in that area of my life.” - A

“I loved loved loved your workshop! I didn’t catch the live but even doing it via the recording was AMAZING. I learned so much about myself and really was able to realize past issues & then was even able to have a conversation with my current partner about them & wow your work is truly transformative & so important.” - L

I hold the space & give you the tea…but your body knows how to do the work

Ready to get FREED & FED?!

There’s 4 LIVE ways to play through April!

1 SQUIRT - the ‘how-to’ workshop & I guarantee will be the most in-depth pv$$y training you’ll ever take to get you to your org@$mic edge .. drip drip on 4/9 $333

2 $EXU@LLY FED - the couples workshop to deepen intimacy & add a fvck...

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Squirt Myth #2

Mar 26, 2023

Watch HERE


I can’t wait for this next month!! Coming off a high of studying with Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory) & Sue Carter (oxytocin, love, hormones) for a full 5 days down here in FL

I’ve been sharing my story + what I’ve created with the women here..

& ‘awe’ is constantly reflected -
‘HOWWWWW have you done all this by 31??’

“How did you get @venusvalleyboulder??”
“How did you find a such an incredible team who cares for you so deeply??”
“How do clients find you??”
“How have you trained with all of these incredible humans?”

I just do.

And be & do & be & do.

Things weren’t always this ‘easy’ & clear…

I had to crack my heart wide the fvck open & let people in.

I had to be brave enough to believe in myself & vision.

But nowadays, it’s my normal..


I’ve replicated this over & over with myself + clients.


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TRPP Episode 352: Coaching Call w/ Ashlee - Disordered Eating: Surrendering & Trusting Your Body

Mar 26, 2023

Watch HERE

Today’s recorded coaching session features Ashlee. Ashlee is struggling with an eating disorder & is wanting to surrender to her body. She wants to be able to trust her body & break the habits & rules that are holding her back. 

During the call Julianne & Ashlee explore many relatable pieces of her past experiences that affect how Ashlee relates with her body now. Julianne offers reframes & reflections that help Ashlee accept & move through pieces that she has been carrying for a long time. She also provides Ashlee with journaling prompts, book recommendations & embodiment practices to take with her.
Key Topics:

* Surrendering to your body
* Trusting your body’s innate wisdom
* Uncovering past traumas that are creating patterns & habits in your life
* Tools to discover & navigate the fears that arise when trying to achieve your greatest desires
* Making peace with those parts of you that you may not want to feel



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