Psoas muscle & self trust + safety

Jan 23, 2023

Your physical pain is a spiritual initiation.

Your physical pain is an emotional awakening.

Your physical pain is a map to the divine.

It’s the way home to your heart.

And the deepest truth of you…


We will be learning & remembering this intuitive, emotional wisdom inside ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starting mid Feb

‘My hips have never felt this open.’ - is what my clients will often say as they get off the table

Years of tightness…
On & off seasons of pain…
Chapters of unexplained mystery aches…

Suddenly freed up.

This is what happens when we work with multiple layers of the self at once, mind body spirit, $€x & soul.

This is just the tip of a big major iceberg.

DM me ‘ABP’ for the link to more & enrollment!

***ALL of you is welcome here. Regardless of your embodiment level or current practice***

This is about bringing you home to your center.

(Video sharing my experience with the connection between psoas hip surgery...

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Horny but for someone....

Jan 23, 2023

This week is gonna kick I can feel it

Which ones your fav? 4,6,7 for me

P. S. If you’re horny for theseeeeee, you’re gonna love ABP

I have an info page with yummy details for ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE alllllmost ready for you!! I cannot wait to teach this curriculum. I’m giving away things from every domain, health, somatics, $€xuality, bodywork & energy.

DM ‘ABP’ for the details .
 #inneranimal #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach

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When we numb out from certain feelings or experiences...

Jan 21, 2023

Watch the reel HERE

More life = more life!

Somatic work changes your world because it changes the way you live in your body..the way you relate to self, others & life around you.

Grow your ability to be with what is & expand your capacity to create your own story.

More choice.

More power.

More life.

More play.

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To the part of you that feels like she needs to plan everything to be successful...

Jan 21, 2023

I believe most planning to be a waste of time.

Feminine embodiment is about attunement & meeting the moment. Knowing what is needed through presence & feeling. Intuition & listening.

We plan, & over plan, when we want to feel some sense of safety, security & comfort.

But the higher we go, the less ‘sense’ there is.

And the more ‘knowing’ just happens.

Breath. Feel. Desire. Flow.

Break the chains of perfectionism, performance, analytical brain games, disconnection from your feminine (body), procrastination & all or nothing mindsets with my new 8 week experience called ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE

It’s gonna change your embodiment game completely & get you out of your head + into your p$$y heart.

We start mid Feb!

Message me to join the crew!

And..if you want tips now, check out my previous content & @trppodcast . #entrepreneurship #femaleentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneurship  #somatichealing ...

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Things to tell your 'inner animal' when she's in a vulnerability hangover

Jan 20, 2023



Save for later! And/or…make a folder in your phone for reminders like these!

How many of us here have that last slide fear?!

I’m not shocked anymore at how much this fear comes up in containers!

It’s always about the f word on some level :)

That’s why inside ABP I’m teaching you how to move from fear to love. Stuck to free. Pain to pleasure. Mess to message. Shame to acceptance. Vulnerability to superpower.

#vulnerabilityhangover #vulnerabilityisstrength #vulnerabilityissexy #embarrassment #inneranimal #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach

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The most unexpressed emotion is...

Jan 20, 2023




Does this surprise you??

It’s not anger or rage, pain or sorrow, grief or agony…

Its JOY, baby!

It’s SAFE to be in your joy!
It’s safe to FEEL your joy!
It’s safe to SHARE your joy!
It’s safe to EXPAND your joy!

Lets not forget that the whole point of healing & becoming is to have FUN!

When we expand our capacity to feel in one direction it expands the other.


1 - commit to 5 min of ple@$ure a day! dancing, singing, moving freely, org@$ms..players choice.

2 - ask your inner child? What does SHE want? Before the world told her who to be & how to love…what were her fav activities & ways to play?

3 - share it, share it, share it! we are so much more used to sharing the challenges, which is beautiful, but can we also make space for the GOOD? The BLISS? The feelings of happiness DESPITE what’s happening around us?!

4 - write those ‘joy’...

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Claim it: I don't need perfect circumstances to make magic

Jan 19, 2023

The second line may be from my kitchen dish towel but really, any thought that slides in & demands perfection is a ‘NO’ for me.

You do not need perfect circumstances to call it in.

You need your radiance, embodiment, non attachment, fun & love

Excellence over perfection, every time.

P.S. ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starts mid Feb out with the head noise, perfectionism, performance, trying & efforting so hard, avoidance & disconnection…in with the wild, calm, connected, natural, organic, grounded & free . #excellenceoverperfection #perfectionism #recoveringperfectionist #inneranimal #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach

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POV: you haven't felt your feelings & your system is scrambled AF

Jan 19, 2023

Watch the reel HERE



“I DON’T KNOW”… is a tell tale sign to get your analytical self into your animal body!

“I DON’T KNOW” … is more often than not the avoidance of a hard thing.

“I DON’T KNOW” … means “I don’t have to xyz.”

But baby girl,

You DO fvcking know.

You know DAMN well.

‘Cause I know youuuu know you trained your inner knowing TO KNOW!

So now,

It’s about FEELING..your animal body!

The “I don’t know” game is SUCH an energy leak, boo.

It’s so much EASIER to nip these in the bud than our brains tells us.

*TRY THESE PROMPTS to clear the confusion*

“IF I DIDDDD KNOW, what would I know?”
“If it was safe to know my truth here, what would it be?”
“What’s the confusion feel like in my body? Sensations? Where is it? What’s the shape? How big is it? Does it have a color? How heavy? What age?...

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Animals don't waste energy

Jan 19, 2023

Watch the reel HERE

Messy & dirty & raw & real. Full spectrum feminine, baby. Alllll of it. All the notes. All the shades. All the magic.

Ready to embody your primal feminine & be the one who turns the heads? Big cats play come join the life-hungry group of women who will be wilding their way into Power, Prowess, Pl€@sure & Love in ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE . #embracefemininity #embraceyourfemininity #inneranimal #somatichealing #somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach

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3 ways getting into your animal body helps you feel more confident in the bedroom

Jan 17, 2023

onfidence is an embodied experience. It comes from within.

Less focus on how to act, perform, sound & look…

More attention on what feels good <3

Ready to get into your animal body?

Cause I CANNOT wait to take you there.

ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starts mid feb.

DM me for the link to root roar & rise!

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