Pleasure is not an's the main event

Dec 19, 2022

Pl€@$ur€ is not second to your business.
Self care IS biz care.

I met a fabulous lady last night at a holiday party & in our conversation about my work she said, “That must keep you busy.”

I said, “It could..but I prefer space & fullness.”

Everything shifts when we bring pl€@$ur€ into our day to day / moment to moment practice.

The practice becomes second nature which eventually becomes our normal.

This is embodiment.

Wisdom in the tissue from practicing what feels good. What turns us on. What creates @rous@l. What shuts it off. What gives release. What creates movement. What doesn’t want to move…

It’s all a mirror for what’s happening in our our relationships… our wallets

It teaches us how to work at higher levels with these higher energies

$€x is

I love working with the taboo because it’s the place that holds the most charge..the most energy..the most POTENTIAL


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We have to recognize that TRAUMA changes the BRAIN

Dec 17, 2022

Avoiding emotions by ignoring that they're there - like no talking about them AND especially not *feeling* them - creates dis-ease & illness in the body.

When we recognize fear, through a *perceived* threat (actuality of the threat is irrelevant), it sets off a chain of events in our system.


Your amygdala, the middle part of your brain, tells your nervous system -"HEY, WE"RE UNSAFE."


This causes stress hormones like adrenaline & cortisol to release. Which causes your blood pressure to rise & your heart rate to increase. 

This is protective, intelligent trauma response. 

When we feel like we're unsafe, living under a threat, & stuck FEAR - we are living in survival mode. 

See graphic HERE

We have to recognize that TRAUMA changes the BRAIN

It changes our ability to access higher level functioning because there is less information coming in & up through the brain stem

It keeps the rooms in the...

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€r0tic Blueprint Mini Training!!

Dec 17, 2022

€r0tic Blueprint Mini Training!!

Watch HERE
ONE powerful tool to bridge the gap between energetic & $€xu@l blueprints

The gap is real!!

If you’re finding yourself in disconnection from your body or your lover, try looking at your €r0tic Blueprints!

DM me for the quiz link to find out your type‍


CONGRUENCE: the Mini Immersion for high level leaders ready to come into their fullness & expand their having/holdingness in 2023

1:1 Somatic $€xological Work: 6/12 month containers, blend of in person & virtual at @venusvalleyboulder 

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TRPP Episode 335: Solocast

Dec 16, 2022

Sneak peak HERE

Today Julianne gives you a special peek inside one of the Pleasure Mastery calls she facilitated for the Eroitc Blueprint community. During the call she shared a very vulnerable story about $exual programming & how it was showing up in her intimate relationship with her partner. Inside this episode Julianne shares this story with you & discusses where the $exual programming originated from, how it was affecting her relationship & the tools she used to navigate this charged topic. Julianne is also excited to share her 2023 offerings with you & hopes to support YOU inside one of them!

Key topics of today’s episode:

*How $exaul programming might show up in your intimate relationship

*How the Erotic Blueprints & $ex positive communites can be a huge source of support in navigating your intimate & erotic relationships

*Specific tools to help you create connection in lovership

 Ways to work with me:  

CONGRUENCE: the Mini Immersion...

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Are your bodily symptoms punishment OR is it your body calling you back home?

Dec 15, 2022

Are your bodily symptoms punishment OR is it your body calling you back home?

…to bring you into CONGRUENCE

When it comes to chronic illness, mental illness, substance abuse & addiction, body image issues, eating disorders & disordered eating, skin conditions, mood disorders, etc.

IMO, it’s all a side effect of trauma.

And it’s all a way your body calls you back home.

To you.

*To remember Wholeness*

Your body has patterns.

They’re not good or bad. Right or wrong.

They just are.

And those patterns activate/run when you get overwhelmed, stressed, run down, overworked &/or don’t process what you’re feeling.

The body takes the path of least resistance.

And the stuff you don’t notice, or avoid noticing, will take said path of least resistance

& has/will create the patterns you’re so familiar with in your body/self..

Your flare ups after a few too many cocktails…

Your acne after a weekend of sugar…

Your desire to binge after...

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Best ornament on our tree 😻🪩🎄 Send this to a $€x positive human!!

Dec 15, 2022


Best ornament on our tree Send this to a $€x positive human!!
Click HERE to see it

I don’t hide who I am or what I do with family. I am fully me wherever I go. Therefore..I get gifts like this from my parents when they go to Iceland & visit the ph@ll!c museum

This is another place CONGRUENCE has taken me higher in my relationship to freedom

I don’t shape shift or hide my $€xu@lity depending on what community I’m in.

I know not everyone’s family/inner circles are welcoming…

But I truly believe in standing up for what you stand & believe in..hahhhh

Even when, especially when, you risk not getting their approval.

I believe in the pioneers. The paradigm shifters.

The visionaries that lead others into a world of possibility through their own embodiment & expression.

The work isn’t about getting their approval.

The work is about standing in who you are even when they don’t.

Get support in the places that don’t feel...

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What high level leadership looks like

Dec 14, 2022

When we do big healing work & expand our capacity to have, and hold, to expand & contract, our reality goes through an alignment process - a process of reorganization - to bring us into congruence. 


Over & over & over again. 


The old clears out. The new finds its way in. And we, are in transition. A Cocoon. Metamorphosis. The birth canal. Death portal. Quantum transformation.  


The experiences that start occurring, the wild crazy happenings that appear in our world - the giant losses, the monumental gains - all of it is a refelection of our expansion and our body's ability to hold change... evolution & advancement on our soul line. 

I reminded a client of this truth earlier this week. When everything felt like it was crumbling & being ripped away.

‘You opened the space to hold this transformation from all the work you’ve been doing & energy you’ve moved.’

I voice noted...

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I love people in business who make decisions that benefit THEM, not me, the consumer🔥

Dec 13, 2022

I love people in business who make decisions that benefit THEM, not me, the consumer

(Who here started their business to step into another people pleaser roll?!)

When you make choices for you, everyone benefits.

 And to those who say "well, you should really..."-pause & look at how they make their choices & from what place. Is their pu$$y as happy & delighted as they say it is? And how's that affect the juiciness of their biz/life?

This isn't to say you don't consider what's best for the container & the client as a whole. And the community & the collective.

But far too often the need to 'do it right' or 'say the right thing' to get our client/potential client to move is what creates stickiness in our success & keeps us out of congruence.

We forget what we like. What turns us on. What offerings, containers, & biz moves really lights us up.

...Because we're too busy thinking about THEM, instead of feeling our pu$$y.

Same goes for dating & $ex.


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TRPP Episode 334: Tapping Into You Genius w/ Brian Thomas

Dec 12, 2022

This week Julianne sits down with Brian Thomas Lumb. Brian has spent much of his time as a leader in the Network Spinal Analysis community, teaching students and chiropractors mastery level skills, creating a generation of magical colleagues. Brian is also the mind behind Genius Frequency. Alongside his wife Chelsea Rae, he created Genius Frequency Methodologies, Genius Generation, their mentorship for entrepreneurs and life leaders. Brian shares his knowledge of genius as an access point instead of a person and dives into the intricacies of the Triad of Change and living in alignment. He and Julianne discuss life on Earth and trauma and growth, as well as the magical truth of sidereal astrology.Brian and Chelsea’s Genius Frequency Methodologies container is currently open for sign up!

Key topics of today’s episode:

Everyone has access to genius
We are all capable of living in alignment
You can grow from trauma


“Okay, that's just the way it is. Then the...

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