Your body can remember

Oct 10, 2023


This is what it looks like to work as a Holistic Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker.

This is why I work with clients in 6 to 12 month containers.

This is how we create really big deep life changing results.

Long gone are the days of specialists.

For us to truly come home to our bodies & find freedom, we have to understand that no (body) system works independently from another.

Everything is infinitely connected.

I know I talk a lot about Quantum Transformation & radical expansion…

Some of you may read that as FAST & QUICK.

I don’t.

It has NOTHING to do with rushing to a result.

It has to do with the transformation, the QUANTUm transformation, that inevitably takes place when we truly come home to our souls inside of our human fleshy bodies & realize them as one.

This..creates movement in our lives outside of the TIME matrix.

We start manifesting & creating at warp speed.

We begin to embody this earth realm, this meat suit, in a way we never have...

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10 Darketypes of the Bedroom

Oct 09, 2023


This framework changed my relationship to my darkness forever.

(Listen in If you want to hear where I judge the most)

You know my superpower is systems, frameworks, & bringing things down from the ethereal into the material…

Well, I was taught this system & then the next day, downloaded this entire map that overlays on top of it.

Including the chakra system & staring freedom, love + truth.

My new live-in assistant (yes, you read that right) & I had a whole jam session last week on this darketype framework droooooling over the practices we’ll be doing…

I CAN’T WAIT TO TEACH this inside ITF!

We’re going to have a day/weekend dedicated to kink exploration & darkness.

We start in a month a half. Time is going to fly by.

Ready to step into high level leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker? DM me ‘ITF’

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Setting boundaries

Oct 08, 2023


That confidence you want?

It’s actually about how you wield your POWER.

That looks like coming into right relationship with your *inner masculine*

Letting him support you, care for you, & set the necessary boundaries.

That’s when this woman started to create different results with men.

We’ll be bored by the behavior that used to hook us / create turn on.

All hail that day!

We have a whole weekend dedicated to power, integrity & ethics inside of IN THE FLESH…

Because the better we can hold ours, the deeper we will be able to take ourselves & clients.

Money is power.

Sex is power.

And working with the body brings in a lot of power dynamics…

That’s why working with them also brings the greatest potential for healing.


How strongly do you hold your sense of self in these areas? Do you stand tall when there is pushback? Will you call yellow when they’re close to a boundary? Can you slow down when shadow parts come in & want to...

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What if your vision is too small?

Oct 07, 2023


I know it felt like everything was taken from you when it didn’t go as planned.

But the truth is, you weren’t dreaming big enough.

What if…

The vision you had didn’t work out because something better is supposed to take its place?

What if…

Whatever your dream was, while great, was actually quite mediocre for what God\Spirit has in store for you?

What if…

You dreamed big.

But God dreamed bigger?

Happy Monday, lovers.

You already are..a match for your deepest yearnings.

P.S. This is the creek right down the street from @venusvalleyboulder. I took my last immersion here & we did a grief ritual around the heartbreak of infertility. She got to dream a new vision. One even bigger than before. It was an honor to witness Thank you for the gratitude that comes from grief

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It’s my favorite thing about circle…

Oct 06, 2023


Watching women arrive & not know each other, only to in just a few short minutes be giggling & laughing over something so close to their hearts

Strangers turned sisters suddenly swooning & ‘mmmmmmm’ing over each others shares

Standing for each others truth & fierce love

I am

Grateful for the women who move slow & take their time in this world

We are coming home

Last nights Yoni Steam & Self Pleasure Circle was divine so in love with all of your expressions & depth!

Thank you for leaning in & expanding your capacity. Was so much fun to play with you

this will be a monthly event at @venusvalleyboulder - comment ‘VENUS’ & I’ll send you the event link

P.S. IN THE FLESH Mystery School, my 7 mo Facilitator Training, offers you a sacred sisterhood to walk with on your journey home to your sex & soul, as you learn the skills to be a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker.

Imagine how different your world would be...

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Podcast Ep. 364: How to stay calm in the storm

Oct 05, 2023


Divine comedy of a fly getting their 5 seconds of fame in that moment Too good.

In today’s episode Julianne breaks down the real and raw moments in her life and how you can stay calm and continue to manifest during a storm. There is power in embracing the chaos of life and allowing yourself to thrive, no matter the place you’re in. Julianne details three tips to staying calm and how, if you trust and accept where you’re at, your power is limitless. Nature, Co-Regulation, Psychedelics, and Personal Practice are highlighted as key tips for manifesting during chaos. You will walk away from this episode feeling empowered to handle whatever the universe has in store for you.

Key Topics:
Trusting yourself
Knowing your power

4:10 Julianne details about where her life is at and where her energy is headed moving out of a storm

10:10 Julianne talks about her power and sense of self and how it has allowed her to handle the challenges...

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Reason #837 working with your sex will make you more money…

Oct 05, 2023


Your ability to hold large amounts of wealth is directly related to your relationship to power & capacity for high sensation.

IN THE FLESH is a Facilitator Training that will directly support you in making more money for THREE big reasons:

1 we’re working with your nervous system & expanding your capacity to hold
2 you’ll be deepening your relationship to power & stepping into right relationship with yours
3 you get to facilitate this high level work for others & ask for the (high) tickets prices you really want to ask for

I was able to hit 6 figures in 6 months
& continue to grow at rapid speed
during my first sexual awakening
while changing nothing in my business


I started teaching this body of work
& guiding my clients through their own sexual reclamation

& saw them getting the same results

@ericahepperle was able to hit the same 6 figure mark
@samjo “i’ve been making so much money at work. YES! obviously, the...

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POV: All your little girl dreams come true

Oct 04, 2023


I see the little girl in you who dreams a similar dream.

The one who discovered her eroticism early on…

Out on the land & in the water.

The one who talked with trees & created worlds through her imagination.

The little one who loves so deeply every living & non breathing thing around her

I get visions of those who gathered on this land before

The family/s & the love that lived & lives on

I see the women who walk this land with me

Who bathe in the Sun & remember their power

I get visions of the women who will walk this land with me

The ones who haven’t yet come

But will


When I created IN THE FLESH Mystery School 2 years ago, I I dreamed of a place where women could deepen into this work in nature.

I wanted a house where they could experience the great seasons, as they became more free in their own.

You are the earth.
Your bones are her stones.

If you’re ready to play big in the world & step into your power as a Somatic Sex Coach &...

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Re: Trusting life to meet you in your big vision.

Oct 03, 2023


If you can see it, you can hold it. And why we need to leave space for ‘what is’ in our curriculum & client sessions.

The death & rebirth you’ll be going through every month inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School. Can’t wait to see you shine as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker!

You. Were. Fucking. Made. For. This.

Run that fear gremlin through your body & then lean into the dream.

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Anal Mapping

Oct 03, 2023


Anal mapping is my favorite way to hack the nervous system & create safety in the body.

It works SO fast.

And just may be one of the most psychedelic experiences you’ve ever had ;)

It’s a trippy portal into what true safety feels like & just how relaxed / at ease your system can really be.

That’s how you create a new baseline…a new reality…through your body.

This is how we go from knowing something (in the mind), to embodying something (as our new normal).

I tend to work with this protocol at the start of my 1:1 containers & it opens up a lot of space for healing as we continue on.

Rather than needing to work through a bunch of stories & layers (which isn’t wrong or bad & is often quite useful), the body just does its thing & discharges.

“That first immersion was so incredible. I realized what safety felt like for the first time in my body. I hadn't realized up until that moment that I didn't know if I...

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