how i got *brainwashed* into financial freedom

Dec 05, 2021

watch HERE

my life used to be filled with:
eating disorders
body dysmorphia
drug abuse & PED’s
abusive relationships
& no $ex life

i struggled with:
adrenal fatigue
gut issues
anger / armor cycle
& a nasty inner critic

i felt:
less than enough
unworthy of love
like i’d never get there
& something was wrong with me

i had a lot of ‘victimhood’ to alchemize

the comparison would put me in the darkest of dark places

what changed?

i stopped feeling bad for myself & situation.
i started loving where i was at - even when it felt like i had nothing.
i decided i’d risk looking stupid + the chance of failure for my deepest desires.
i hired mentor after mentor after mentor.
i invested at every chance i could for myself x biz.

when i post that i’ve spent somewhere around 400k in coaching programs, certifications, mentorship, & masterminds…

there’s always a troll that says that’s ridiculous, you’re brainwashed.


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how can you possibly be 'livin your best life' without self pleasure?

Dec 04, 2021

k so i don’t eat bread but i fuck a lot
& i am definitelyyy livin’ my best life

eating foods that have gluten & sugar is the same to me as eating the words your filthy politicians write without question

it’s the same as eating the conditioning of the matrix

“we love you so much that’s why these toxins your body can’t digest are in your food”

“we love you so much that’s why you should never fuck yourself or others bc you’ll burn in hell”

“we love you so much & know you’re scared with the state of the world so please lock yourself inside & take your poisonous margarita to go”


everything you were told not to do you might want to try

& everything they told you to do you should question

easy enough

my Goddess Approach™ Methodology supports women in finding food freedom, body confidence & mindset mastery

you’ll be working with this approach inside IN THE FLESH...

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so here’s the thing i’m quite the shapeshifter erotic blueprint

Dec 03, 2021

so here’s the thing

i’m quite the shapeshifter erotic blueprint

& i, through my human design, am someone that says ‘yes’ to experience

not the end result or outcome
…but the journey

when i hear of new programs,
i more often then not…just jump in


someone says ‘here’s something i feel could be special for you’

i scope it out & i’m like “alexa, order now”

i love taking in new systems
i retain so much information
im a fast fucking learner
& i embody it quickly

i kinda feel like Neo when we gets all those downloads & rocks it like he always knew how

*this is one of my superpowers*

why’s this matter to you?

because i bet you’re just like me ;)

a shapeshifting…i want it all…i don’t want to choose…give me more…yes, yes YES…kinda bitch

which tells me you been thinking ‘bout IN THE FLESH but there might be a voice in your head that says:


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know what’s BETTER than me being your best mirror & cheerleader???

Dec 02, 2021

know what’s BETTER than me being your best mirror & cheerleader

a whole GROUP of women


an erotic blueprint coach, a corporate boss lady, a $ex worker, therapist, model, women’s coach, mom, $ex coach, chiropractor, & surgeon

ALL being on your mf team

…feeding you, holding you, seeing you, honoring you

…lifting you higher & higher on your pursuit to a vagenius fueled empire

that’s what’s happening inside IN THE FLESH

there is ONE spot left for Mystery School

we start NEXT weekend!!!

message me to claim your seat at the table

feel your desire for this fully
let it burn all the way through you

it’s already yours

watch HERE

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“how are you enrolling women at 25k without a landing page?”

Dec 01, 2021

“how are you enrolling women at 25k without a landing page?” she said

“because i asked for it” i replied

when women ask me this question on enrollment calls

i can see it’s coming from a secret desire they have to do the same

sometimes they know it
sometimes they don’t

it’s usually followed by some sort of investigative question about how I come up with the offer’s investment tag

another way of saying,

“fuck. i wish i was asking for that much money. how are YOU able to??”

before i was at the numbers i’m at now i would get stuck in a similar loop

the truth is

all she was really asking me through that initial question was…

how do you have the BALLS


& that’s what i want you to takeaway from this piece of content

that this is a conversation about *Power & Influence*

& the reason why this is so uncomfortable for so many WOMEN to swallow when they hear these kinds of big numbers

is because most would never...

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saying its not about the money....

Nov 30, 2021

saying its not about the money is like trying to convince your best friend your ex isn't still around because of the cheap $ex

she see’s right through you

but isn’t that one of many reasons you keep her around?

so she checks you on your bullshit?

day 1 with my coach she asked what i was looking for in a 1:1 container

& i said
(& often regret )

i need you to check me on my shit & hold me accountable when i’m in story

here we are…

a couple months later

with the first weekend of IN THE FLESH happening in TWO WEEKENDS!

when she said to me over the summer that i could launch it before the end of the year

i was genuinely MAD at her for the radical request


having a multiple 6 figure launch & the women of my dreams in my very own 10 month facilitator training?

not mad no mo’ ‍

& that is why

i pay her BIG MONEY

& why i get paid big mons

because THAT

is priceless

so from here…

your role is to not just recognize the value of being in...

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one of my favorite embodiment practices

Nov 30, 2021

Watch HERE

we did this practice inside Becoming Your Own Best Lover with @jessica.sirena & it was everyone’s favorite!

i had the honor of getting my bleed on day 1 of Mexico & this was how i celebrated my$elf & body

it was

& it didn’t get in the way of the rest of my day

this is your reminder to take pleasure breaks to feed yourself

you deserve it

learn the embodiment practices, rituals, techniques & tools to facilitate massive transformation through somatic sexology & quantum bodywork inside:

IN THE FLESH Mystery School…a Facilitator Training for somatic sexology & quantum bodywork + erotic blueprints

message me to find out more & start the enrollment process

there’s 2 spots left for the taking & we start in december!

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how to have deeper Orga$ms

Nov 29, 2021

watch HERE

1 + 3 = drop

you are an erotic creature
your entire body is an erogenous zone
your pu$$y was made for plea$ure

…which means you are a natural at embodying Freedom x Joy

all right there in your heart + $ex

ready to fully experience your GoddessSelf?

come claim your plea$ure…

2 spots remain for IN THE FLESH Mystery School…a Facilitator Training for somatic sexology, quantum bodywork, erotic blueprints

dm me ‘MYSTERY’ to start a conversation

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i had a huge “holy FUCK” moment

Nov 27, 2021

i had a huge “holy FUCK” moment
the other night after Paul & i went over travel schedules for 2022

…& i realized i’m nearly booked out until next November!

every month for the next 12 months,
i have at least 2 delicious trips planned for an incredibly ecstatic event

(5 of them are for IN THE FLESH!)

my “holy fuck” moment came for 2 polarizing reasons:

“holy fuck…this is literally everything i’ve ever dreamed of & more”

“holy FUCK…can i really hold all of this?”


because our *greatest desires are often our greatest fears*

it’s my favorite moment for me x my clients…

when you see your cute little brain try to keep you safe from expansion (as my coach always says )

but realize you’re so far past that point you’ve already opened your heart to receive your deepest desires

…a pretty dope moment in time!

i brag gratitude for my path.
i brag a...

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i've never had the capital just sitting there in my bank account

Nov 27, 2021

i've never had the capital just sitting there in my bank account when i've invested in my biggest masterminds, programs & coaches.

& i reallyyyyyyy wanna bust through any illusions that say you 'have to'....or 'should'

in 2020 the start of the pandemic ...i laid out 30k for a *Sex x Business Mastermind*

i ad no dea what the mastermind was going to include (lolol)...other than 3 calls a month + two in person events

at the start of a global pandemic.... 

i decided to spend 30k LOL

i didn't have the CASH to PIF

but the deal was: 30k PIF or 36K split inot payments


i could have had a million stories pop up that said:

*"you should have it in the bank first"

*"this is so irresponsible"

*"the economy is dipping"

*"you're a multi-6 fig entrepreneur you should be able to PIF"

& actually ...those stories DID pop up i just said "f you" to the voices

i decided... i'd rather MAX OUT my cc's & PIF - because i trust in myself enough to be able to pay...

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