Ever have a random, perhaps chronic, pain or ache in your body?

Oct 31, 2023

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Ever have a random, perhaps chronic, pain or ache in your body? And western medicine can’t explain it?

Listen in for some answers.

The hip psoas surgery I had when I was 16 was a result of trauma & abuse. Not an anatomical issue

Would love your thoughts / experience below

P.S. IN THE FLESH is my 7 month Facilitator Training for Somatic Sexology, Spiritual Psychology & hands in/hands on bodywork. Made for big women with big visions. Let’s heal & expand, sister.

Ready to step into your power, purpose & pleasure? We start 12/8. PM me for more info.

1:1 work - I have space for 2 immersions before the end of the year. And anyone who joins my 12 mo container gets autoentry into ITF

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If you want the BIG sexy vision...

Oct 30, 2023

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Last night in circle at the @venusvalleyboulder Potluck, a sister asked - “what is your vision for this place?”

Everything inside of me lit the fuck up & I was so filled with sensation + energy my body took over & I just started leaking & contorting

I let it move through me fully

There wasn’t space for words anyway

Until there was..

“I don’t know” I laughed cried into the middle of the pit

And too their tears turned into laughter with mine

We felt everything.

And then I shared..it.

My vision.
The vision.
Our vision.

Babe, if you want that big fucking life. Lots of freedom. Sex. Joy. Connection. Money. Love. Play. Impact. Family. Health. Etc etc etc…

I recommend getting real up close & personal with your fear gremlins

Otherwise they gon’ run the show.

And you’ll call it your unworthiness.

When it’s really your tender sweet loving heart that just wants to love & be loved


What you...

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The time I had 500k in the bank AND scarcity in my body

Oct 28, 2023

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The time I had 500k in the bank AND scarcity in my body

Having more money in your bank account does NOT equal more safety & security.

Tune in for teachings on: Taking big risks, the illusion of safety & security, + honoring your nervous system on the ride.

What it means to be the mistress of your body…

Get your booty inside IN THE FLESH. We start 12/8.

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Happy birthday @venusvalleyboulder ☀️

Oct 26, 2023

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Happy birthday @venusvalleyboulder  You have evolved me in ways I couldn’t have seen coming. I dreamt this place up in 2021 sitting in a mushroom bath. The name. The place. The women. IN THE FLESH Mystery School was born that same year. And less than a year later I signed a 30 year mortgage on a 1.4 mil property.

I’d be lying if I said this journey was easy.

Far from.

But 5 years ago I couldn’t afford to pay my own apartment rent.

6 years ago I was in an abusive relationship.

7 years ago I was doing cocaine in the bathroom on Christmas Eve.

8 years ago I chose to put breast implants into this scared vessel.

So today,

I chose my version of hard.

And more often than not, that hard, is holding my vision & what I know to be true, above all else.

People want to know the secret to success…

How’d you do it?
How’d you get there?
What’s the missing ingredient?

There is none.

You really just have to believe.
And align your actions to that...

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6 signs you need anal mapping

Oct 25, 2023

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Our sphincters are brilliant muscles

They are deeply connected to our (parasympathetic) nervous system

One of which we have conscious control over (outer sphincter)

And the deeper one we don’t

Our sense of safety & belonging live here

Along with an abundance of nerve endings

Anal mapping typically happens between the 2-4th session with my clients

It’s the most rewarding thing to watch them land safety in their body for the first time ever - most of the time, never having realized it was even something they needed

Embodied safety comes from your root, not your mind.

Imagine safety & security as your new baseline…

Independent of who you’re with or where you’re at.

We’ll be learning anal mapping, cervical dearmoring & so much more inside IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training. Step into leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker. We start 12/8 - book a call LIB

For 1:1 deep healing & expansion, immersions available at ...

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5 things I focus on to get my clients FREE in their body

Oct 24, 2023

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It was like finding the Keys to the Queendom when I brought in 1-3 after 13 years as a Women’s Holistic Health & Life Coach…

I BRAG my clients were already getting outrageous results through the Goddess Approach like:

becoming pregnant in 2 months after no period for over a year, healing their endo & PCOS, kicking their eating disorders after years of therapy & in patient facilities, leaving their unaligned relationships, falling in love with their bodies, stepping into their dharma & starting their soul led biz, scaling into 6 figure wealth, getting off HBC & taking back their feminine power, etc…

But when I started doing hands on & hands in bodywork

When I stepped into leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Practitioner


I watched my clients transform & alchemize trauma within seconds on my table

And the best part? I was not DOing anything to them

Just holding space for what their...

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Horny but for...

Oct 23, 2023

]Only one more week to get ALL my courses inside The Goddess Approach Bundle for 2k (19k value!)

You will find God in your body!

Probably your bum ;)

And if you’re ready to step into leadership of this work, join us inside IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training.

This is the left hand path.

#LefthandPath #SomaticSexology #SomaticHealing #EroticBlueprints #GodAndGoddess #SpiritualHealing #GodInYourBody #EmbodimentPractice #HolisticHealer

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The embodiment of your ‘yes’ / ‘no’ is part of your spiritual sword & feminine magnetism.

Oct 23, 2023

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The embodiment of your ‘yes’ / ‘no’ is part of your spiritual sword & feminine magnetism.

Your ‘no’ opens up a world of possibility & creativity.

Not to mention how much more trustable your ‘yes’ becomes.

My favorite way to play with this & discover my/clients edges are through Kink.

…& you know Kink is 1 of the 5 Erotic Blueprints™

I can’t deny…

The Erotic Blueprint ™ + Kink Training we do inside IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training is a HIGHHHHHlight

Last time we had blindfolded sensual feast where we were consensually dommed into sweet intimacy with our bodies & food

Can’t wait to take you through what we’ve got planned this year

Ready to step into next level leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker? We start 12/8. Spots are limited & I woke up to another sign up.

Comment ‘ITF’ for more info sister - & when you join my 12 mo 1:1, you get...

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You weren’t born to fit into the box society gave you…

Oct 21, 2023

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ou weren’t born to fit into the box society gave you…

In relationships. Love. Business. Spirituality. Sex. Or expression.

You were meant to break the rules. Find a new way. And bring something never been done before into creation.

I know you’re scared.

But I know your fire is bigger than your fears.


Get out of your own way & take the step you really want to make.

The world is waiting for you.

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