Go Deeper

Nov 29, 2022

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This one, simple invitation can open my client up to the thing they’re avoiding. It sometimes really is that simple.

The invitation to go.
The permission to really get in there.

Letting them know they’re safe to step inside of their own darkness.

That you’re there holding it down & they can drop into the thing even more.

“Go deeper.”

That one line has helped open me to my own depths more times than I can count.

We want your depth.

And it means, going in there first. #godeeper #permissiontofeel #permissiontoexplore #dropin

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POV: Someone tells me they don't receive bodywork regularly

Nov 28, 2022

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It’s easier over here. More fun. More pl€@$ur€. It’s not always sun shiny & rainbows. Hell no. There is the underworld & the layers & the upward spiral of learning/remembering. And the human experience that is life. Inescapable. And why would we ever want to escape it? Pain is aliveness.

It’s just easier over here because we no longer fight it. Or try to control it. It’s ‘more fun more pl€@$ur€’ because we intentionally move our attention to feeling good & claiming our p$$y desires & truths - regardless of circumstance. (Leadership) We get off on ‘what is’ because ‘it is’…& might as well get off on it

It’s ‘more fun more pl€@$ur€’ because we know how to surrender now. To be in our power now. To soften through the birth canal & transformation portal..the death cycle we know we will inevitably meet, again & again.

We are the snake...

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*Weight Loss & Financial Gains*

Nov 28, 2022

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*Weight Loss & Financial Gains* are often a huge outcome of the work with my clients. Although it’s almost never the goal.

Here’s how & why

(my client came in for our 3 day immersion at @venusvalleyboulder & told me she lost 20 pounds since our previous immersion. I celebrate this. But not for the reasons you may think. I don’t comment on the way she looks or her size. I instead celebrate her because of what that weight loss means FOR her & represents TO her. And mostly, how it FEELS.

It’s a shedding of what’s no longer serving. A release of what has been held in her tissues. A surrender of the stories & narratives she’s walked with that were weighing her down. A metaphorical death of what was held in the emotional, energetic & physical realms - dense, stuck energy evaporating.

When you’re done with it, you’re done with it

Also, her reflection of being in a 1:1 container for 12 months vs 3**...

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The story of @venusvalleyboulder PT 2

Nov 27, 2022

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(The story of @venusvalleyboulder PT 2) We put in an offer on a different house first.

I had watched this other property since it went on the market a few months back.

My team & I even set up the name, IG acct & inside vibe (Emerald Estate )

I loved it…but it needed some work.

We were willing, but the universe had other plans

As soon as our offer went in, another buyer popped in from out of nowhereeeeeee

We offered MORE money than the other party - like it was a given (you’d think)

…but word on the street has it…

the sellers got so excited they opened their email & accidentally signed the wrong contract

(Okay, Goddess )

& within seconds they were under contract & our offer was off the table

I was upset

But thankfully I held myself & was with my mentor who also held me so beautifully in my feels - & together we sat down to come up with a NEW VISION.

“If you could have it ANY way - how would you want it?!?”...

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How to stay balanced in your masculine & feminine in your day-to-day

Nov 23, 2022

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My favorite $ € x tip trick & tool I taught this & edging last night on the Erotic Blueprint Community call & it was SO much FUN!

Goddess, do I love $ € x positive communities They’ll change your life.

Ways to work together:

@rebeccaelswit & I have ONE MORE SPOT left for our family constellation retreat happening December 2-3!! Holy wow we just finished all of the details & activities and - y’all are in for a serious ancestral treat. We are using the land, the elements, & food to nurture and nourish this journey we’ll be on together.

Also enrolling 6 & 12 month 1:1 containers for Mentorship/Coaching & In person IMMERSIONS @venusvalleyboulder - touch, bodywork, $€xual healing & expansion let’s go

Message me for the details . #sexualexpansion #sexpositiveculture #eroticblueprint #edging #balancingmasculineandfeminine #sextool

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By agreeing to consume my content...

Nov 21, 2022

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Phew. What a relief

IN THE FLESH starts 12/9!! Get your booty in my inbox to own your human & your leader & your healer ‍. #wearellhuman #loveyourmess #itsoktomakemistakes #itoktofail #ruptureandrepair #agreetodisagree

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Reminder for the Brazen Ballsy Bitches:

Nov 21, 2022

Reminder for the Brazen Ballsy Bitches:

YOU are the medicine.

Even when you forget
Even when you’re messy
Even when you’re in a contraction

You are always it

Peep yesterday’s reel for more

(And really this reminder is for all humans)

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I have to tell you a secret...

Nov 19, 2022

I have to tell you a secret...

Watch part of a somatic session HERE

Somatic $€xological bodywork has transformed my life, & the life of my clients, like no other healing methodology

It doesn’t mean others don’t/won’t work or move the needle

But I haven’t seen them move it as BIG or as QUICKLY or as WIDE or with as much *permanence*


Do we always need to do things with max depth, bigness & speed? No.

Can you go slow with this body of work? Yes.

Is anything really permanent? No.

Is it possible to neglect integration, jump back into old/stale environments/relationships & take steps backwards? Always, yes.

But, I believe…

Somatic $exological bodywork to be one of the most awakening, enlivening, activating, shadow-facing, truth remembering, ‘holy fuck’ healing modalities next to psychedelics


You REmember…


withOUT the medicine

*It creates & promotes healing at a cellular level*


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Pleasure & mindset. That's the formula

Nov 19, 2022

Pleasure & mindset

That's the formula

Nothing else.

Nervous system regulation falls under [email protected]$ure.
Like journaling & mediation fall under mindset.

When we handle & hold ourselves at both ends, head & heart (aka g€[email protected]$), we’re in the most epic cosmic cradle

From there - a place of safety - comes relief, clarity, freedom & MORE pl€@$ure!

Have you ever had a lover hold you like that ? @pd125

It niiice . #regulateyournervoussystem #aregulatednervoussystemissexy #meditation #pleasurefirst #journalingformentalhealth #mindsetmatters #holdyourself

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Crumbl is cool but have you ever sat in your own sauna drinking homemade bone broth?

Nov 18, 2022

Crumbl is cool but have you ever sat in your own sauna drinking homemade bone broth?

I don’t mean to be a d!ck - but I do take great pride in it when it wakes people up to the truth of their bodies

I am NOT an advocate for perfection or puritanism (although I greatly get off on that kink too LOL)

I AM an advocate for balance (yes I believe in it & do not think it is a made up or bogus)

I BELIEVE in health

I am a virgo goddess who’s every chart & design points to expanding people’s consciousness, through their body

I am about ROOTs & what is natural, organic, elemental & WHOLE

I not only see sugar gluten & most dairy as TOXIC for your body

I believe it to be one of the things that keeps us plugged into the matrix



Note: NOTHING is one size fits all. Even health. Even wholeness. This doesn’t mean ‘eat clean ’

And, I have strong beliefs about foods,...

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