Free. Happy. Soft. Sensual. Natural. Embodied. Present. Here.

Jun 16, 2022

Free. Happy. Soft. Sensual. Natural. Embodied. Present. Here.

..the is-ness of this moment.

These last few weeks have been oh-so-full!

I had a 1:1 immersion with my client where I got to use so many of my gifts - we did quantum bodywork, yoga, movement, cooked nourishing food, walked, meditated, unraveled patterns & had big quantum transformations!

Then, we had a 4 day IN THE FLESH Mystery School retreat in Breckinridge CO.

The first day was a Sensual Feast with guest facilitators. Then we played with the Erotic Blueprints & each other’s capacity for pleasure! We did full somatic sexology sessions & I had the honor of doing a demo with one of my incredible team members - magick.

After that I went to Boulder for an overnight immersion with my somatic mentor where I had a deep profound journey with MDMA & psilocybin - lots on love, letting it all the way in, & inner child work.


I’m off to Copper with @innerpoweralicia for our Walk With Your Wild Woman Retreat!

I can’t wait for more play, growth, new experiences & loving 🥰

Are you, too, enjoying retreats & events now that the world is so open again?!


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