Best damn ride I’ve been on in this lifetime

Oct 07, 2022

watch the reel here

Best damn ride I’ve been on in this lifetime hbu

Also new @khruangbin 
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upgraded website has officially launched!

Oct 06, 2022

click her to catch a sneak peak

If you’re anything like me, you feel like a new human every few months.

You evolve, shed old layers, upgrade your programs, let go of identities.

You become more & more clear in who you are, how you operate, what you are/are not available for.

Your knowing gets stronger, your voice holds more power, your purpose & mission grounds deeper & deeper into your hips.

If you’re anything like me, you know how important it is to evolve your brand, as you evolve your soul!

The more I know myself, the more important it is to authentically express who I am.

The more yucky anything out of alignment feels.

Over the last year, my team & I have poured our delicious blood, sweat & tears into the rebrand of Julianne Vaccaro - the brand, the visuals, the website, the insides, the offers & more.

We’ve made beautifully aligned with who we are & a gorgeous expression + ‘home’ for what we have to offer.


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bottom up approach

Oct 05, 2022

[swipe before you read] the decision to change the way you FEEL is a decision for you, your soul’s curriculum, & your PEACE of mind

without this pivot, the loop continues

trauma is totally a factor.

honoring where you’re at on your journey, too.

and also,

your work in building this much self awareness was/is to create CHOICE

making the self honoring decision to change the way you feel - after purging & processing - usually creates an externalized shift

but also,

you can’t let that last piece be the thing that creates your movement

otherwise it’s just another manipulation

the cycle:

letting go, living, realizing where you’re holding, letting go, living, realizing where you’re holding, letting go, living, realizing where you’re holding, letting go…& letting go some more

start working with a bottom up approach, one that includes somatic practice & not only acknowledges your $ex as part of who you are not separate but sees it as the...

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hey Julianne, what do you do on your lunch break?

Oct 04, 2022

watch here

My self-care is impeccable. My routines are a nonnegotiable. And it shows when I walk into a room. It shows when I hold space for people.

I can say this because over the last decade & a couple of years, I have taken care of myself in so many different ways while dedicating my life & business to helping people - mainly women - move from stuck to thrive.

Everything starting with my body..

my care of resource capacity to hold/give/receive/open/deepen/boundary..

Everything depending on my responsibility to self*

Which I witnessed, is also *other*

It has trickled out to the people in my life & the people who choose to grow with me.

Living in the health & fitness industry, moving into personal development & spiritual psychology, then somatics & $exuality

Now, all of my skillsets & superpowers combined.

My field is bigger. My strength deeper. My knowing clearer. My love wider.

And It’s felt.

I love going out into the world to receive...

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i don't have time for pleasure or self care

Oct 03, 2022

Client: I don’t have time for plea$ure or self care. Me: Let’s play with this! (gets consent from client)


Me: One of the ways I like to game-ify this… Add self care + plea$ure into the ACTions that are ALREADY automatic in your world. Client: Ooohhh. Keep going.


Me: Tell me one thing you do every single day. Client: Brush my teeth.


Me: Awesome. If you so choose, what could be one thing you add to that ritual that would have you feel connected to your heart & $ex? Client: Stand in front of the mirror, look into my eyes & ask: what does my intuition want me to know today?


Me: Bam. Big pu$$y energy.


We did this for 3 rounds. Nailed down the new action steps. Made sure they lit her up & felt like a ‘f*$# yes’.


Who you want to be is ALREADY inside of who you ARE.

We just have to merge them.

And start BEhaving & ACTing according to the next iteration of ME/WE.

It’s really that simple.


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this trending audio is a problem

Oct 03, 2022

Watch HERE

he nice girl is the GOOD girl. She hasn’t yet RE-membered herself.

She’s the one who doesn’t say what she means, needs or wants - or how she feels - because she’s constantly putting everyone else’s needs & feelings before her own.

NICE is not productive.

NICE is the programming.

We need to say how we feel & what we need from the very FIRST time we feel that need RISE within us

..not tuck it away, overriding our boundaries, only to let the charge behind the repression of our truth build & build & build until ‘out of nowhere’ there’s a reactive eruption where you get labeled the ‘crazy bitch’

The issue is NOT the emotion, the need, the desire, the feeling, the ask, the boundary..

the issue is not even the power behind your voice when you say it!!!….

**the issue is the UNPREDICTABILITY of when you use your voice to when you don’t**

Read that again

My favorite reframe for this is:


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Ready to Quantum Transform AND step into leadership as a Somatic $ex Coach & Bodyworker?

Oct 01, 2022

Ready to Quantum Transform AND step into leadership as a Somatic $ex Coach & Bodyworker?

ITF is an intimate, 7 month Mystery School to become a practitioner of: Somatic $exology, Quantum Transformational Bodywork & Spiritual Psychology.

It’s a space for coaches, healers, and bodyworkers to integrate somatics, $exuality & relational understanding into their offers — effectively supporting their clients on their journey to $exual wholeness & embodied freedom.

This is so much more than another certification. It’s a dual journey of personal transformation & reclamation.

Titillating testimonials:


“There's always been something missing in other containers, like the level of depth and intimacy in this container. The safety and the trust is so profound that it's allowed me to relax and go into spaces within myself that I haven't had access to before. And that trickled out and I didn't understand how it would impact every area of my...

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what’s happening in most of our pelvic bowls

Oct 01, 2022

This photo represents what’s happening in most of our pelvic bowls.

Squished. Compressed. Twisted. Contracted.

A lack of:

Space. Breath. Blood. Life.

No room for what needs to flow.

No awareness of the blockage from the first place.

Even what starts as a small disturbance, causes the body to adapt & adjust.

Without attention, care & healing, the disturbance grows.

Causing the managers of the body to work harder, longer hours.

Certain jobs unable to get done because someone else can’t do theirs.

…affecting everyone above & below.

The body of this world, Mother/Lover Earth herself, is no longer asking for our awareness.

She is demanding it.

And so are our bodies.

They are one in the same.

As above, so below.

We must start turning & tuning in.

If you’re ready to get spacious, full of flow - awake, alive, inspired & TURNED ON join us IN THE FLESH!

Applications are open and we review every Friday - first come first serve

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If a bodyworker assumes blanket consent, I'm OUT.

Sep 29, 2022

If a bodyworker assumes blanket consent, I'm OUT.


You should be telling me everything you’re planning on doing *with* my body, as you approach it.


If we are not practicing consent with every touch, we are taking someone’s rightful agency.


If we’re not practicing consent with every touch, we are taking someone’s rightful agency. We are robbing them of their right to be informed & to choose what is best for their own body.


Tag a practitioner‍ Long gone are the days I tolerate a lack of consent awareness from bodyworkers.

I was referred to someone who straight faced told me to “buck up” when I notified them of a sensitive trauma affected area of my body.

I’ve had a trigger point bodyworker vigorously put their hands around my neck as a first time ever ‘hello’ to my skin.

Someone else who would not respect my ask to keep my breasts draped for rib & intercostal work.


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Glute release

Sep 29, 2022

Watch reel HERE

Mornings with me My favorite moon pants from @lunamae_boutique, a coccygeus @ashleyblackguru fascia blast & some a n a l breathing Thank you for the technique @ellenheed

CASTOR OIL Freebie is now live & available! It’s 1 of FIVE freebies I have available for you. If you’re not sure why you’d use castor oil then I recommend downloading the guide

You can DM me for the link - the rest are on my new website

TWO MORE DAYS until IN THE FLESH opens for enrollment

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