TRPP Episode 339: Lessons from investing 93.5k in personal & business support, coaching mentorship, & bodywork containers

Jan 09, 2023

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In this follow up episode to last week’s solocast, Julianne shares with you her learnings, reflections & thoughts from investing in personal & business support, coaching mentorship, & bodywork containers. In this bold conversation about how Julianne spends her money, she explores the value of support, the type of support she desires, why you might NOT want to choose the shiny mentors, how she views money, & the resistances that came up for a client during an enrollment call. If you are considering investing in personal or business support for 2023, this episode is a must listen!

Key topics of today’s episode:

* The value of both in-person & virtual containers
* 6 learnings from her personal investments in 2022
* Resistances that might come up when considering personal support investments


05:29 What is immersion?
07:30 The potent medicine of both virtual & in-person containers
15:08 Learnings, reflections & thoughts on the...

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Sunday’s are for lovers 💕

Jan 08, 2023


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Sunday’s are for lovers I want to share with you one of the biggest pieces of my heart I love these animals infinitely. They bring me so much joy, lightness, groundedness & love. Diesel, the sleepy guy, turned 13 on Tuesday. It’s been so beautiful & bittersweet to hold the puppy energy of Mush while D settles into his elder years with more naps, less activity..& more treats it’s really a gift to feel life & death at the same time, in the same space & little animal family system. Seeing Woody play with M just melts me. I had a moment of big gratitude yesterday thinking about all the people in my life who have cared for them while I’ve been on healing worldly adventures. I literally called in the most special humans to ride with me in this life. Thank you to my people who have supported me & shown me loving community. Thank you to these animals for giving me reasons to lean on people & to ask for help. The amount...

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Jan 07, 2023

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CONGRUENCE. The blocks holding you back from landing in deep truth with yourself. Perfectionism, performance..the cringe of EW no! Anything but our dreaded..dare I say it…humanity!!

I feel you

I tried to hide my humanness for years. Before I realized it as the gateway to the & Goddess itself.

Sharing & showing you the blind spots that pull you out of your center. What to watch out for.

ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starts in February 8 week experience into your dark wild primal feminine

Details in the live

EARLY BIRD enrollment tier - dm me for the details & link to jump in!

Payment plans are available for as low as $197/month. Message me for options.

#perfectionismrecovery #recoveringperfectionist #congruence #somaticcoach #somaticbodywork #somatichealing #healperfectionism #somaticsexology #weareallhuman

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This might be an unpopular opinion but...

Jan 07, 2023

This might be an unpopular opinion but...

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I’ve been a somatic healer for the last 5 years & a coach for the last 12. Nothing creates change like somatic work & plants.

And somatic work IMO & E teach you that you are the medicine. They show you your divinity in your own sobriety. Which is pretty damn important when you’re not walking around on medicine all the time…

We have to integrate & learn our body. It’s really the only way. There’s no shortcuts. And no way to fool the body.

Everything is experienced in our flesh & bones first.

It is created with our own hearts & minds, CONGRUENT channels & magnified by our open, electric $€x

Somatic learning & experiencing is the new & only way.

We have to stop trying for the quick fixes while reaching for the things that distract us from our energy body.

It’s time to lean in..

CONGRUENCE - the first mini immersion of 2023 to find alignment & power in your body...

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When I feel I don’t just feel

Jan 06, 2023


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When I feel
I don’t just feel

I rip open
Tear apart

Everything around me stops

I forget to breathe
And can’t do anything else

All of the ways this moment is wrong
Are my favorite parts about it

The way I let myself be so human
So messy
So ugly
So imperfect
So broken apart
& fallen open

Impressed with my own level of self pity & also self honor

What is it if they’re not completely the same

My eyes puff
Sticky & stale

I don’t wipe anymore
Not even a little bit

The untouched aftermath is the most beautiful part of it all

No interference

A woman’s rupture & rapture

Is there anything more life giving

Than her performance

Of her journey through pain into power

When I feel
I don’t just feel

A universe in every tear

A lifetime in…

Oh look my breakfast got cold

…Friday morning musings

don’t forget..tomorrow is CONGRUENCE join us before 9 am to get the links in time

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Getting all the things you want before doing this..

Jan 04, 2023

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Getting all the things you want before doing this..will only leave you feeling..a typa way!!

3 days til CONGRUENCE!. #somaticbodywork #somatichealing #somaticsexology #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #healyourbody #quantumtransformation

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Living a p$$y oriented life...

Jan 04, 2023



She is leading you to something you might not yet see with your human eyes


& mostly…

Leaning into your edges

Those dangerous parts you’ve been taught to fear….because through those portals….you become free

Ahhhh…..can you taste the LIBERATION?

CONGRUENCE in 3 days

..your entry of $222, goes towards your enrollment into Animal Body Practice 6 weeks into your Dark Wild Primal Sacred Feminine. #alignment #alignedliving #somaticawareness #somaticcoaching #somaticcoach #congruentliving #congruentleadership

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TRPP Episode 338: Lessons from spending 84k on copywriters, a new website, & a PR team

Jan 04, 2023

Watch clip HERE

If you are an entrepreneur, influencer, leader, or someone who is just starting to build your business, this episode is for you. Join Julianne as she recaps the wins, celebrations, expansions, contractions, & synchronicities from the year & takes you through her thoughts/learnings from her business endeavors. You will walk away from this episode knowing that making decisions from a place of congruence changes the game & the experience. 

Key topics of today’s episode:

* Popping illusions of what Julianne thought her experience would look like at this level
* 10 Learnings from her biggest business endeavors of 2022
* The quantum transformation that results from making business choices from a place of congruency, safety & groundedness.


13:45 Julianne explains how this past year showed her where she was making decisions from a place of incongruence and how this launch is calling her deeper into self & truth

15:24 Julianne discusses her...

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I sometimes do with my money what I used to do with my bre@$t$

Jan 03, 2023

2023 is the year you stand tall, big & bright

The year you bring throat, heart, p$$ & in the front seat

The year you HAVE & HOLD…& keep the fuck going!

You. Are. All. Of. It. Already.

Having AND Holding

CONGRUENCE - the mini Immersion - 4 days away!!

It’s $222

And, this week only…

That $222 investment can be used towards your enrollment in my 6 week upcoming group program called Animal Body Practice 6 weeks into your Dark Primal Wild Feminine

P.S. to the one who doesn’t want to be labeled the ‘look at me b!tch’ - PLEASE be the look at me b!tch. Every single time you do, you give massive permission. Mentorship is about holding somebody on their journey from where they are to where they want to be - they find and choose you/me/we because we’re living the life that has a similar flavor to their desired reality.

Keep bragging. Feel your sacrum as you do.

*Be the goddess in human form*

WHAT RESONATES?! You can share...

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I am a spiritual woman with bre@$t implants

Jan 03, 2023

Share this with a *flick your own bic with a joint in your hand & some gold cash money in the other in front of your altar* kind of woman

You get to be & have all of it.

No more ‘you have to choose’ sh!t

It’s 2023 my friends.

I stand as, with & for..the multidimensional woman.

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