Heal the deepest layers of your soul to come home to your body & reclaim a life of Health, Freedom, Purpose & Pleasure.

Goddess Reclamation Mastermind

Embody the feminine power with to clear the noise, access your intuition,

& live up to your absolute potential

in a body you LOVE.


Gut Ed

6 week Gut Healing Group Program to

reset your metabolism

& give you clarity + confidence on what works for your body.


Goddess Initiative

90 Days to heal the relationship you have w/ yourself for

Food Freedom,

Body Confidence,

& Mindset Mastery.


Let's Get to Know Each Other

Julianne works with powerful, purpose driven women self heal, overcome their limiting beliefs x traumas to come home to their bodies & live a life of freedom & embodiment. She is a Somatic Sexologist & an International Women's Holistic Health & Life Coach out of Denver.

About Me

"Not only did I really start to see my life, my choices, my autonomy, and my agency in an entirely new way, I found a sense of peace and clarity of who I am. "

"The best part was Julianne had relentless faith in me. She was always there. She pushed me to dig deeper and get uncomfortable. She believed in me."

"Julianne helped me change my life…I am already tearing up writing this. I took a leap of faith to what I was called to do and I listened. "

"Some of the things I worked through: anxiety, learning about my true nature, my feminine vs masculine, looking at how old wounds effect my behavior and habits, sexual trauma, re-learning how to love all of myself, confidence, mindset shifts, using my voice….I could say thousands of things, and that would still be underestimating. "

"I hope the energy I am putting across is coming forth to you. There is so much I am grateful for that it cannot be conveyed in words. It is a full body feeling. A full body knowing that I made the right decision calling you. "

You deserve it all.

And it's all available to you.

Ready to embody your Authentic Self & your feminine essence?

Work With Me

The Reclamation Project

...your favorite place to uncover the blocks holding you back from living the life of your dreams. It’s your roadmap to stepping into your most authentic, FREE, fully expressed ‘you’ in a body you LOVE!


Let's grow together...

I've got you covered with guidance, journaling prompts, insights & current life learnings straight to your inbox. We do this together <3


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