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The Womb Room 

A haven for space holders x healers to let go, rejuvenate, & fill up with the flow of the moon.



Why does this experience exist?


The Womb Room was created as a sacred space to reconnect with the Self through creative energy in community.


2020 was a year filled with loss, grief, rebirth, rearrangement & reorganization. Things as we know it are shifting to serve the greater good.


We are looking at the world from a new lens. We are viewing leadership differently. We are relating to ourselves with fresh eyes. We are changing the systems that no longer work for us. We are ushering in the new world with new systems & new ways of being.


We are throwing over the patriarchy.


Yes, we.


As a collective, we are purging.


And with any purge, comes massive space. Space to create a conscious, connected, authentic, heart-centered world.


We are remembering who we are & continuing to rediscover the master within.


With these upgrades, our human selves need a space to let go, release dense energy, & empty out. A place that isn’t focused on consuming or giving.


Instead, a place to fall into the abyss of the unknown - to connect with ourselves, our bodies, & feel what wants to be spoken & birthed.


A place with no rules. Where all hats, & identities come off.


A space to simply be. In our bodies. And express.


To feel into & accept ourselves as the creator of our reality. And use the phases of the moon to magnify our already radiant power.


The Womb Room is a space to play with sexual x creative energy. To pussy dream. To connect with your deepest desires & accept them as ‘now’.


To connect to source, Spirit, God through your own Goddessness.


To remind yourself of your divinity through the realness of your voluptuous human body, & be witnessed by community in your juicy fullness.


To experience more of who you are, and let that flow outward into the world, from a place of wholeness.


The Womb Room is a place where space within you is opened up, and you get to decide where to go with it.


You’re the creator. And this is your playground.

If it feels like you’ve been holding it all, and holding a lot of it, for a-whole-lotta-little time...

β €


β €

Maybe you seem to get the “you’re holding a lot, please take a break” higher self whisper two weeks too late ;)πŸ‘‡πŸ»

β €

(my fierce, passionate, entrepreneur friends — I’m talking with you πŸ™Š)

β €

Come join us in The Womb Room, where you don’t have to hold a damn thing.

β €

You can put it all down.

To Feel. Connect. Listen. Release.

β €

And Revive.

β €

It’s your homecoming.

An opportunity to arrive.

To land in your body.

β €

To regather yourSelf.

β €

To sit, here, in the now.

β €

And claim what is already yours.

β €

No hierarchy. No lessons. No homework.

β €

Instead, a haven for space holders / healers / guides / teachers / coaches...

β €

To come together, in a circle, twice a month, under every new x full moon, to deepen the knowing of who we already are with sacred ritual & practiceπŸŒ™


To tap into our cleanest, truest, most authentic expression, we have to first go all the way through the muck.

β €

…Past the noise, chatter & stories of the mind

β €

…Beyond the identities, labels & projections of the ego.

β €

...Deeper than the social structures we were given & the transference from the world around us.

β €

From there, we can surrender it all.

β €

We can empty out.

β €

We can feel into the space beyond our highest goal; the empty, black, nothingness; filled with peace, serenity & stillness.

β €

And Recognize that energy as the very essence of who we are.

β €


This is the process.

β €

...No matter how many times we’ve practiced or ‘passed’...

β €

This is the process.

β €


It’s the way we balance our human experience with our soul’s journey.


β €

In the Womb Room, you get to relax into that space just beyond reality.

β €

So you can clean & clear.

β €

***And create from there***

Rather than from the head.



Into your dark, empty nothingness.

Fill up on what is, Self, the Divine.

Connect with Source, Spirit, God.

Open the space to listen to the messages needing your gracious, aligned execution.

And do it with your tribe, under the moonπŸŒ™

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Who is this experience for?

  • Coaches, therapists, leaders, healers, guides, mentors
  • Energy, body & sex workers
  • Biz owners, creators
  • All femme identifying beings (you do not need to have a vulva / vaginal canal), non binary & trans folx
  • Friends & lovers
  • Humans (of all colors, shapes & sizes)
  • You
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Who is this experience not for?

  • Anyone not accepting of the above list.
  • Someone looking for coaching or mentorship.
  • If you’re not fond of cussing (we cus here).
  • Not open to the witchy shit.
  • Anyone who does not enjoy or embrace pleasure.
  • Someone who wants to live in the patriarchy (grind & work mentality).
  • Beings that do not identify as feminine.
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The Womb Room Structure


Gatherings twice a month for every New Moon x Full Moon.


90 min Zoom calls to attend live.



The sacred rituals x feminine practices that will take place in these moon circles, will flow with the astrological season & the energetics of the group. Examples include: trance dance, art, movement, pleasure practices, somatic movement, embodiment practices, manifestation rituals, pussy dreaming, money manifestation, yoni steaming, song, voice activation, authentic relating, etc.


Guest experts* will be joining us in their area of speciality (art, signing, dance) to take us through expansive practices.


Private community to connect in between calls.


No content, videos, homework, or FB notifications.


3 month container.

After this experience you will ...

  • feel emptied out from all thats not for your highest good.
  • feel filled up on your Self & Source.
  • have tapped into your creative potential.
  • be recharged, rejuvenated, & revitalized.
  • be ready to get back into the world to spread your light, gifts, passion & fierceness.
  • feel clean & clear in your body, mind, spirit.
  • feel connected with your Highest Goddess Self & the divine.

Join the Waitlist for The Womb Room

A haven for space holders x healers to let go, rejuvenate, & fill up with the flow of the moon.

A place where we press up against the edge of experience, to express our unique fullness & tap into our creative potential. We’ll come together on the new moon & full moon to connect to source and take space from consuming.

Doors Opening in June 2021

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I have loved the womb room. I’ve been a part of other moon circles before & this is by far my favorite. Julianne guides the group to embody the energy of each cycle with a beautiful balance of rituals, exercises & just being. I love how flow-full the time together is. & it’s such a powerful container to experience authentic healing among other like minded women.



The womb room has been such an amazing experience and way for me to connect in an unconditional and open-minded space. I’ve been feeling really in tune with the flow of the moon, more in tune with myself, and it’s been so fun connecting with other women in such a loving environment. Showing up in person for this has really made all the difference for me, I’ve been building my confidence with each session and love meeting like-minded women.



 Working with Julianne has opened up my world! I have grown spiritually, emotionally, physically, in my career, relationships, and myself. I have moved through achieving my goals, which have included quitting my corporate job to run my own full time business. I have leveled up in literally all areas of my life. The space that Julianne holds and the high level of knowledge she has and brings is amazing! I have loved every moment of my work with Julianne.



I just wanted to share that the somatic processing has been paying off tremendously. I worked through a layer of shame in less than an hour and before it would take days or even weeks. Im shocked lmao but very grateful!

- Tamara 


Thank you so much for tonight. Thank you to all the women who joined and contributed energy. I loved every second and looking forward to future women circles.

- Jetaine


Thank you for creating this space and opportunity for women. You have such a pure heart and soul and it's absolutely beautiful. I've done sleep hypnosis, and meditations but to do something live with a community while still being able to be in the comfort of my home... it's exactly what I needed. I am showing up as myself within community - and for me that seems to make a world of a difference in my ability to heal.

- Kayla


Thank you so much Julianne for that processing. It was so lovely to be with you all in community.

- Sarah


I have so much gratitude for you. this has been the Most transformational period of my entire life and I owe a lot of it to you.

- Erica


I just have such a deep gratitude that I came across you and your work when I did, because you opened me up to this world and teaching me that there was so much more to my personal development experience than just mindset work

- Taylor