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The incredible women below have been through the Goddess Approach™ Methodology. They share their story (where you may be now) & journey to Freedom (where you’re looking to go) so you too can step into the most embodied, full expressed version of you.



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"Julianne helped me change my life…I am already tearing up writing this. I took a leap of faith to what I was called to do and I listened. "

"The best part was Julianne had relentless faith in me. She was always there. She pushed me to dig deeper and get uncomfortable. She believed in me."

"Some of the things I worked through: anxiety, learning about my true nature, my feminine vs masculine, looking at how old wounds effect my behavior and habits, sexual trauma, re-learning how to love all of myself, confidence, mindset shifts, using my voice….I could say thousands of things, and that would still be underestimating. "

"Whoever works with you in the future, will be extremely blessed."

"This is a sincere thank you to Julianne. You are incredible and inspiring. You were there for me. You helped me grow. You taught me how to be there and show up for myself. You taught me how to heal and grow through movement. You taught me to never play small, and that I am capable. You supported me. You always saw me as perfect, however I showed up. You always came from love."

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