Calling all Practitioners and Soulful Creators, and  Guides!

Hi friends! BIG things are happening up here at Venus Valley and JV LLC! The retreat/event space is officially open for rental and collaborations. A serene, gorgeous, 4 acre mountain home tucked in the valley of North Boulder with a private creek + trails. Open/looking for facilitators, practitioners, and creators to collab and bless the space with their offerings and & workshops! Details below/reach out with questions or ideas. Scheduling is first come/first serve & based on availability...GAHHH cannot WAIT for you all to come experience the magic of Venus ☀️🦋


Serenity Awaits: Welcome to our little slice of heaven in North Boulder! Imagine the gentle whispers of a nearby creek and having a hiking trail just steps away. Nature's calling, and it's pure bliss!
🏠 A Haven for Soul-Seekers: This land isn't your average space; it's a holistic sanctuary where we can come together in community. Let's explore our spiritual paths, grow together, and inspire each other to create beautiful experiences.
🧘 Embrace Your Spirituality: If you're all about tapping into your higher self and sharing your wisdom, this place is calling your name. Our home is not just a dwelling; it's a hub for workshops, creative sessions, and heart-centered connections.
🌿 Features & Wholesome Vibes: Get ready for some good vibes! Our rooms are bathed in natural light, perfect for channeling creativity. Common areas are designed for cozy gatherings and profound conversations. Plus, we've got a kitchen to whip up nourishing meals!
🎨 Calling All Creators: Join me and let's weave a tapestry of inspiration and growth. I'm Julianne Vaccaro, and together, we'll embark on a journey of creativity and spirit. Hit me up at [email protected] or reach out on IG @iamjuliannevaccaro to get the energy flowing!
🌌 Unleash Your Magic: Become part of a tribe that celebrates authenticity and soulful living. It's time to let your light shine and create a life you love!
🌿 Holistic Creating, Heart-Centered Connections - Welcome to North Boulder! 🌿

Contact [email protected] to inquire

Sexually Fed Retreat


  • Learn about the 5 erotic blueprints, the 4 states & stages to your sexuality, & the 4 pathways or obstacles to sexual health & pleasure
  • Experience a combination of hands on & hands off sacred intimacy practices
  • Touch practices to discover your erotic blueprint & get to know your body (& your lovers) like never before
  • Discover thrilling games to play in the bedroom to expand your erotic map
  • When? November 11th, November 12th, 1pm-6pm *both days*
  • Where? Venus Valley Boulder 
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In the Flesh Mystery School 🌶️


IN THE FLESH is an intimate, closely connected 7-month Mystery School for facilitators, coaches, and guides looking to become practitioners of Somatic Sexology, Quantum Bodywork, and Spiritual Psychology.

The women in this group are powerful, purpose-driven visionaries ready to go deep into sexual healing and erotic expansion for both themselves and the people they attract and hold space for.

This facilitator program brings together a circle of twelve sisters to rise together and create meaningful growth through sexual healing and lifting each other both physically and energetically. 

Over that time, we’ll meet for 3 live, in-person retreats buttressed by 4 virtual retreats.

My vision is to bring this work out into the world and make it accessible to all because it’s what’s been missing this whole time.

When we start to heal and continue to advocate for our sexual wellness, we’re able to maximize our time here—accessing more happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

  • So we can hold ourselves and our sisters with more love and compassion.
  • So we can finally feel safe enough to take the risks we’re told we shouldn’t.
  • So we can actually live in our power and make the shifts we’ve always wanted to.

Along your journey through Mystery School, you’ll collapse generational patterns/traumas we’ve inherited from direct ancestors and the collective consciousness while bringing out the superpowers and wisdom they have to share with us.

To do this, we use somatic practices paired with quantum bodywork and neurological mapping to rewire our thought patterns to create new neural pathways—reconnecting the severed tie between the mind and the body.

When you do this, you can start to live in your fullest expression without any real blockages—freeing up the space for you to create the business, community, or relationships you’ve been trying to call in. 

And when you do…

  • You take risks in your business and stop playing small—attracting the clients who align with you and are excited to pay for your help
  • You create boundaries in all areas of your life that people abide by and respect you for
  • You create such deep love and compassion for yourself (and your clients) that you receive even more of that from your relationships.
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Women's Networking Halloween Potluck


  • We all need to connect with more of the amazing women in our area. So come enjoy food, friends, and good conversation with amazing women. And come in costume ready to play!
  • Friday, October 29th
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Where: Venus Valley

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