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The Reclamation
Project Podcast

Let’s get raw & real.

Sharing life-changing, pu$$y activating
conversations on what
it means to come home
to your body & reclaim your power. A
map to full, authentic self expression.


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“I want to THANK Julianne
for opening my mind to so
many new ways of thinking,

feeling, and growing -
physically, spiritually, and
mentally. The things I’ve
learned about
through listening to this
podcast are uncountable
and priceless.”


“The space Julianne holds is so sacred, so loving and so expansive. Not only is she a beautiful coach, but she lives and breathes the life she teaches us to embody. From $300 a month in my business to 6 figures in 8 months…I would say Julianne changed my life!”


“After somatics... I finally feel connected to my body. I prioritize my pleasure. I now know my sexuality is not something separate; it’s not something that’s only allowed to stay in the bedroom. It’s my birthright, my power. It’s who I am, it’s tied to every part of me. My sexuality is my creativity, my financial wealth. I now TRUST myself. I RESPECT myself. I honor and worship my body. I’m conscious of what I allow in my body. It was the best investment I could’ve made for myself. Julianne is a wizard who guides you back home. She somehow can hold all of the space in the world for you. She is soft, trusting, and nurturing, but she won’t let you hide in your bullshit. My experience with somatics was genuinely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever participated in. I literally cry tears of joy now after self pleasure (like every time) and swim in my own divine bliss. ”


“Before my work with J, I wanted to be so much more free to express my sexuality, to feel pleasure & be okay with it. But it felt like it could never happen. I didn’t know how to get there, & felt like something was wrong & broken. It felt so far away. I remember writing out those goals - like experiencing different orgasms - & I was crying as I wrote it. Now, I have a deeper connection to my pleasure & sexuality! It’s so freeing. I don’t have the pressure for it to look or be a certain way. I’ve even experienced energetic orgasms - I’ve never experienced that before in my life! But it was always possible for me”


“I now talk to my pussy on a daily basis and let her lead me in all decisions. Julianne taught me how to listen & be guided by pussy and the results have been pure fucking magic!!! I’ve recently started my dream job, my connection and sex with my partner are more satisfying than ever, I finally feel like I know my purpose in life and I have learned how to connect with my intuition and body in a way I never knew was possible!!! I no longer feel like I have to constantly fight and push for the life I want. Instead, I relax in the flow and trust in my divine feminine goddess to lead the way. One of my life’s goals since high school was to truly love myself. Thanks to Julianne I now love myself more than anyone and I’m fucking proud of that! I am beyond grateful that I listened to that little voice inside my head (I now know that was pussy talking ;), that guided me to work with Julianne. It was the best decision and investment in myself that I have ever made!”


“Julianne, thank you for guiding and holding space for me over the past 6 months. The space that you have held has been so safe & nurturing. It has allowed me to find so much love and compassion for myself and for others. I have found the courage to lean into the uncomfortable things, trust my intuition, speak more of my truth and love from my heart. Thank you for being such a bright light and leading the way for women to come back home to their true essence and live a life of pleasure, where they get to have it all. Thank you for being the embodiment of your work.”


“Learning somatics was how I changed my life. I'm achieving more than I ever thought I would. Receiving a raise, having my first orgasm with my partner, sharing stories vulnerably with others that I would have held onto and shamed myself for. I then quit my job to start my soul aligned business. Learning how to embrace my humanness. I am learning more and more everyday how to simply just love myself because it leads me into every aspect of healing. How to feed myself for myself, how to take care of my body, how to take care of my mental health. It's like I have experienced my soul inside my physical body, realizing I am not all of these things I identified myself as. Instead, knowing who I am at a core level and knowing how to heal my body and mind so that my body can also be in the full expression of that. I am so free and have come so far.”


“you opened me up to this world and teaching me that there was so much more to my personal development experience than just mindset work. And I've been integrating more body based work with myself + my clients and it's been so beautifully transformative. So I just wanted to say thank you for helping me eliminate the shame, sink so much deeper into pleasure, open myself up to my own rules and teach me how to trust my body more than my brain. So grateful and so much love for you.”


“Now I have a deeper connection to my yoni. Before this, I never understood / knew my anatomy. The practices in Julianne’s programs were BIG! In the past, I felt icky-ness around pleasure. Now I know how it feels physically, energetically to connect to my yoni & listen to those feelings x sensations.”


“Now I have a deeper connection to my yoni. Before this, I never understood / knew my anatomy. The practices in Julianne’s programs were BIG! In the past, I felt icky-ness around pleasure. Now I know how it feels physically, energetically to connect to my yoni & listen to those feelings x sensations.”


“Reclaiming my sexuality has brought me empowerment, fulfillment, & connection. Before I felt so disconnected, disempowered, like something’s wrong. Now I have this power. I’m connected to my yoni, my life source, that powerful energy. It’s also brought more sensuality into my life.”