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Get to know me

I’m Julianne Vaccaro. Quantum Transformationist & Pu$$y Priestess.


I’ve been guiding badass women home to their bodies since ‘11                          in the most intimate of ways. You can count on me to remind you of          the power of pleasure & to lift you into your bigness… I’ll help show    you freedom <3


I pinch myself (& like it ;P) for the space I get to hold today.




  1.  I used to cry at the thought or actuality of a sex conversation.

  2.  I spent years at war with my body living out of alignment, out of literal touch, & in my masculine polarity.

  3.  I have a history of abuse. Childhood & intimate relationships. Physical, emotional & sexual.

  4.  I came from a world that didn't talk about sex, consciousness or feelings. 

  5.  I was caged by perfectionism, a real struggle with self trust, & the

    fear that even if anything good or abundant came my way..I’d lose it. 


11 years & countless hours of doing ‘the work’ taught me:

trauma exists everywhere, even in my childhood - it was no wonder I was unconsciously recreating the same deliciously-tortuous-situations over & over again  (thankfully, I learned how the quantum, trauma, the shadow, & soma works).


…there was nothing wrong, broken or needing to be fixed about me - I just had a bunch of spiritual curriculum to undergo (something that would lead me to live my dharma).


…love doesn’t = pain (instead I went for, “I can have it ALL.”)

…the body remembers, pu$$y’s the guide.


I realized how much I really was the creator of my own reality...



but for most of my life, my unprocessed emotions & limiting beliefs ran the show.


Life continued to hand me the experiences that pointed to those truths until I did something about each & every one of them.


It was a series of painful ‘wake up’ moments & experiences - some of which you can see in the timeline below.


Eventually, I decided I had enough pain in my story & was ready to evolve it into something more.


That’s when I found pleasure


…and I haven’t looked back since ;)



I’ve gone deeper & deeper every day, every month, every year..


Expanding my capacity for how much joy, wealth, love, freedom, ecstasy & care I can hold in my body, business & world.


My heart continues to grow & expand.


And because of that, so does what is possible - for me & for the people around me.


I’m here for your unique expression & embodied freedom.

I want you to know, feel, & have..it all. 



Check the stats


2000 +
clients served


400 Podcast
episodes recorded

10+ Years


Over 17 ways
to work with me!

orga$ms created
= countless!


The Journey


  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Fashion Design & Fine Arts



  • Said ‘no’ to becoming a Registered Dietitian at UT & ‘hell YES!’ to Holistic Health Coaching
  • Had my first spiritual awakening
  • Started my coaching biz (then, Greener Side Wellness!)




  • Became a Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor + RYT 200hr
  • Said goodbye to 3 years of raw veganism 
  • Healed my severe Adrenal Fatigue



  • NASM certification
  • Online & in-person Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training
  • Worked at UFC GYM
  • Ranked TOP 9th trainer in the U.S.



  • First bikini competition
  • Eating disorders & dysfunctional training returned after years of recovery
  • Experimented with PED’s
  • Destroyed my hormones, gut, liver health
  • Lost my period (amenorrhea)
  • But…placed top 3 in all my competitions (LOL)



second turning point

  • Last figure competition
  • Said goodbye to the bodybuilding industry after a TOP 2 placing
  • Started to rebuild the relationship with myself, body & food



  • Moved to NYC to work @ Equinox
  • Healed my eating disorders
  • Cleansed/ balanced my gut, liver & hormones
  • Started deeply loving & nourishing my body
  • Birthed GUT ED



  • Started the podcast (then, Excellence Over Perfection)
  • Created my own methodology (then, Balanced Body Method)
  • Became a leading expert in Intuitive Eating, Gut & Hormone Health for ex-competitors & athletes
  • Moved to Denver & in with my brother (cooked for him in exchange for free rent!) with no car & biked to the gym daily
  • Ended an abusive relationship that resulted in severe trauma & dissociation



third turning point

  • 1st sexual awakening & 2nd spiritual awakening
  • Started making 5 fig investments into my healing & biz
  • Spiritual Psychology School in Cali
  • Trained & studied as a Somatic Sexologist
  • Bought a car & motorcycle!
  • Moved into my first solo apartment
  • Had my first 6 figure year
  • BBM evolved into Goddess Approach™️



  • Became an Erotic Blueprint™️ Coach
  • Got Accelerated Evolution Certified
  • Completed Submissive Training
  • Queer Competency Certification
  • Had my 1st multi 6 fig year!
  • Moved into my DREAM apartment with a living room garage door & mountain view



  • Studied under Jaiya
  • Accepted to be in Erotic Blueprint Master™️ Coach Intern Program
  • Birthed LOVE SEX MEN
  • Began a deeper exploration of plant medicine
  • Sublet my place & traveled Costa Rica solo
  • Bought my first luxury Car - siri, activate Jaggy Jules!
  • Hired the most BADASS team around
  • Birthed IN THE FLESH Mystery School



fourth turning point

  • Enrolled my first year long 100k clients
  • Traveled the states for ITF
  • Birthed HUMAN
  • Had ACL surgery
  • My biggest year yet ;)
  • Scar Tissue Remediation Bodywork Training
  • Bought Venus Valley, our retreat house in Boulder CO


My Credentials

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach @ IIN
  • Spiritual Psychology @ USM
  • Certified Somatic Sexologist @ THI
  • Certified Erotic Blueprint Master Coach Intern, Mentorship with Jaiya Ma & Ian Ferguson
  • STREAM™️ Bodywork
  • Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach
  • Queer Competency Certification
    @ Embody Emerge
  • Feminine Submissive Training
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr


Fun Facts


  • I’m your snack queen, veggie whore, protein princess! Love me some kale chips, dark chocolate, jerky, grass-fed burgers, & all the dips.
  • I’ve been called the trinket master by my close friends ;) Filling my home with unique, meaningful pieces activates me!
  • Proud weenie mom of 2 boys - Diesel & Woody. My sweet little loves totally act out different expressions of my personality.
  • Sitcoms hit me in my heart! That 70’s Show, The Nanny, Friends, etc.
  • Mariji-moni’s are a special joy! Smoking a j, indulging in my favorite snacks, & naked dancing in the kitchen…quality tiimme.
  • Favorite self love ritual = mushrooms + hot salt bath