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Get to know me

I’m Julianne Vaccaro. Quantum

Transformation- ist & Pu$$y Priestess.


I’ve been guiding badass women home to their bodies since ‘11
in the most intimate ways. You can count on me to remind you of
your power of pleasure & to lift you into your bigness…I’ll show
you freedom <3

My own journey has been one through wreckage & ruin. One
of relational abuse & war with my body; letting trauma & limiting
beliefs run the show. It cracked me the fuck open - & led me
down a path of Love, Feminine Flow, Divine Knowing, Truth.
Read the full juicy details about reclaiming my soul every step
of the way - here.

Check the stats


2000 +
clients served

400 Podcast
episodes recorded

10+ Years

Over 17 ways
to work with me!

orga$ms created
= countless!

The Journey


Art Institute of Chicago for Fashion Design & Fine Arts


Holistic Health Coaching


Boxing & Kick- boxing Instructor + RYT 200hr


NASM & Personal Training

Worked @ UFC GYM & ranked US top 9th!


first bikini competition


last figure competition


moved to NYC
to work @ Equinox

Healed eating disorders


my podcast & methodology

Moved to Denver & into my brothers Ended an abusive relationship & had my first abortion (non-consensual pregnancy)


Spiritual Psychology in Cali + Somatic Sexologist

Bought a car & motorcycle
First 6 figure year


Erotic Blueprint Coach +
Accelerated Evolution Certified +
Submissive Training &
Queer Competency

First multiple 6 figure year!
Got my DREAM apartment


studied under Jaiya + Blueprint Master Coach Intern Program

Plant medicine explorations
Bought my first luxury Car
Hired my BADASS team

My Credentials

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach @ IIN
  • Spiritual Psychology @ USM
  • Certified Somatic Sexologist @ THI
  • Certified Erotic Blueprint Master Coach, Mentorship with Jaiya Ma & Ian Ferguson
  • Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach
  • Queer Competency Certification
    @ Embody Emerge
  • Feminine Submissive Training
  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr

Fun Facts

  • I’m your snack queen, veggie whore, protein princess! Love me some kale chips, dark chocolate, jerky, & dips galore.
  • Proud weenie mom of 2 boys - Diesel & Woody. They totally act out different expressions of my personality.
  • Sitcoms hit me in my heart! That 70’s Show, The Nanny, Friends, etc.
  • Smoking a j, indulging in my favorite snacks, & naked kitchen dancing is a special joy!
  • Favorite self-love ritual = mushrooms + hot salt bath.