Awaken Your
Divine Feminine


Soften into your power,

unravel sexual shame,

& come home to you

body's wisdom.

Do you feel stuck in life?

Does it feel like you’re out of alignment with your body? Like you don’t have anywhere to go?

...Like you’re a stranger in your own skin.

Maybe you’re feeling a tightness developing in your chest. Or a sinking sensation in your gut. Or general disconnection from your body.

Or maybe all of this is leading to hormonal or adrenal issues. The kind that lead to:

  • Painful PMS symptoms 
  • Irregular periods
  • Intermittent fatigue 
  • Overwhelming emotions (or complete disconnection from them)

The list goes on & on.

 Worst of all, these problems are affecting how you feel in your body day-to-day, affecting your moods, seeping into your relationships, & even creating problems in your business. (More on that later.)

most of the time...
women will shrug these problems off

So many of us act like these struggles are a natural part of our lives & we just need to “tough it out.”

 I’m here to tell you while pain is a natural part of life, these pains aren’t—this is your body talking to you.

 What starts as a subtle whisper crescendos into a [pointed] SCREAM. It’s telling us something isn’t right here

 Pain is information. It’s data. A signal that something needs to change.

There is wisdom in pain. Lessons we can learn from it. 

But the longer we ignore the pain... the more we’re standing in the way of our growth & stifling our power. 

As I write this, women all around the world are experiencing sexual suppression. & when sexual energy & femininity are stifled–by trauma, by societal expectations, by shame–it expresses as issues in our bodies & voice. 

Our natural state of being has been pushed down & replaced with masculine tendencies. 




This is how we’re expected to show up over & over & OVER again without so much as a question to why.

The women who don’t get out of that pattern tend to rely heavily on masculine traits that overtake their systems.

& despite doing what we’re “supposed to do,” we’re still met with resistance in our bodies:

The most common place this manifests is how

disconnected we are from fulfillment, satiation,

& our overall feeling of “goodness.”

Most, if not all of our blockages & limiting beliefs...


...happily live in the relationship we have to our sexuality 

When that connection is severed, it’s hard to relax & experience pleasure in life.

Expressing your most erotic self becomes “taboo” & you may have sexual fear, guilt, & shame…

…This even can show up as pain or numbness during sex which only furthers the problem. 

But again, it doesn’t just show up in the bedroom. 

Here’s how this disconnect seeps deeper into our lives:


Difficulty receiving pleasure?

Translation: there’s difficulty receiving ABUNDANCE in life & business.

Getting clients, higher price points, sold out launches, healthy love & relationships, good sex, Divine sisterhood? All of that becomes increasingly difficult to call in.

*Cue the self sabotage when things are going great*


Difficulty giving/initiating pleasure?

Translation: there’s difficulty TAKING ACTION.

This shows up as blockage & stagnation. You haven’t built the course or announced the open coaching spots & you’re holding back from GIFTING the world your creations.

Difficulty using your voice & asking for what you want?

Translation: there’s difficulty taking up space in relationships & in your industry.

This shows up as going with the flow during sex to please your partner or going with the flow during sales conversations to not offend the lead.

Ultimately, this leads to never getting sexually FED or charging the hire price point you want. When the question is never asked & the boundary is never drawn, you never get what you want, how you want it. 

Does any of that sound familiar? 

It’s what so many women struggle with in life because they aren’t taught how to cultivate their sexual energy for growth. 

& right now you’re about to find out something that is key to getting unstuck: the way we show up in the bedroom is the way we show up in every other area of our lives.


Hi, my name is julianne

I’m a Somatic Sexologist & Quantum Transformationist.

My job is to help women embrace their sexuality, hone their femininity, channel those powers to build the businesses they deserve & create the reality they desire. 

I give women the tools to access pleasure from within themselves & to deepen connections with partners…

…but the embodiment of this work goes beyond working on the goal line, our pursuit for external things. It dives deep into the soul line, where we evolve & return to our own love.

See, sexuality is the most potent area for growth. 

Exploring your sexuality deepens the understanding of the self.

Connecting with yourself in this way actually expands your capacity for more. (I’ll get into that later.)

When you do the work to grow through your sexuality, the results are profound. With my clients I’ve seen how this affects how they show up in their everyday lives & how they carry themselves.

For so many people, one of the more tangible results is their experience of money & relationships: 

Their connection, how they interact, stand in their power, & especially how easy it is for them to receive more.

Tell Me If This Sounds Like You:

You’ve tried hard for so long to be the “good girl,” to be action-driven, to be an “independent woman.”

You’re always trying to be “not too much”: skinny but not too skinny, sexy but not too sexy, successful but not too successful…

You’ve been in touch with your masculine side for a long time. Always a DO-er, not a BE-er.

You feel out of alignment with your own body, even trapped inside it. In fact, it feels like your body is working against you.

You know there’s so much more out there…& you’re ready to let the abundance come flooding in.

If it does, welcome,
you’re finally here.

This program is what you’ve been searching for. It can help you on the journey to mending your sexual wounds, rediscovering your intuition, & change the relationship with your femininity.  

Inside is the collection of everything I’ve learned as a coach for the past 11 years & my journey into sexology for the last 6. 

It dives into re-engaging with the “self.” 

It touches on somatic & sexology practices that I bring into my 1:1 containers. 

Most importantly, it transforms lives.

Are you ready to awaken your divine feminine

& finally have it all...

without force, sacrifice, or settling?

Awaken Your Divine Feminine is a proven methodology...


for ending sexual shame, liberating pleasure, & connecting with your divine feminine.

Just Imagine With Me For A Second.

What If…

  • You had intense, delicious pleasure in your sex life.
  • You manifested your deepest desires in business, love, & friendship.
  • You knew, deep in your bones, who you really are — a divine, ever so deserving Goddess — ready to show up in the world as your empowered, free, & fully-fucking-expressed self.

This is what’s on the other side of Awaken Your Divine Feminine.

This & so much more are available to you when you do the deep work.

Take a note from a few of the women

who went through AYDF

& hear what they

had to say about the program:


I am almost 23 and would love to encourage younger women to reach out. AYDF Has been a big help in my healing journey and development.

Sexuality was always a huge barrier for me ever since I was young. There was even a time I believed I was asexual. I actually was super uncomfortable and couldn’t understand the concept or the appeal. I even used to obsess over the scents and tastes and could never seem to push through that to see what was actually enjoyable about it. I would have sex with women eventually, but I could never feel safe with men.

Now I’m a realized bisexual and there’s so much peace that comes from not only knowing what I want, but also in realizing how significant and sacred sexuality is. I loved how you tied it into spiritually, and I never realized before how much healing my sexuality could do for me.



I just finished the homeplay and had lots of revelations! The "a-ha, oh my God" moment was that I struggle with my voice, and being bold and more confident in work, in relationships, speaking my truth & my mind. I would draw on that masculine dominant trait to give me, so I thought strength and confidence. What I realized in looking deep, is that the masculine polarity actually brought me fear and anxiety. It was actually triggering a lack of confidence. Where as when I tapped into my feminine, the intuition, softness and actually brought me more feelings of confidence & allowed me to speak my truth. 

This just blew my mind. 


See? & that’s
just the beginning.

Awaken Your Divine Feminine is an 8-module program designed to help you on the journey to soften into your power, unravel sexual shame, & come home to your body’s wisdom.

Week by week you’ll go through each module covering a specific topic. 

We’ll dive into the theoretical & then get more practical, so you can see how it actually applies to real life.

Once you’ve completed that week's material, you’ll go through the weekly “Homeplay Rituals” to start working on self love practices that will ultimately open you up & set your divine feminine free.

Peek Inside
the Program

Module 1:
Healing Feminine Wounds
+ Highest Goddess Intimacy

This module is about clearing & healing the deep wounds of the feminine. You’ll be doing deep shadow work that will support you in moving through your triggers & put you into a place of radical acceptance & receptivity. You'll learn how to somatically release emotions & triggers from your body to shed self-sabotaging blocks, release the need for comparison or competition, & create more fulfilling authentic relationships.

Module 2: Masculine vs Feminine Energies
+ Leading From the Feminine

As you learn about yin & yang: masculine & feminine polarities, you’ll release the unhealed, wounded expressions of both to create deep body awareness. In working with your inner aspects, you’ll step into the embodiment of your desired feminine essence to lead with your body’s wisdom & integrate these lessons. You’ll experience greater flow & productivity in the day because you’ll have learned how to regulate your nervous system when you dance between yin & yang. 

Module 3:
Tapping Into Pleasure
+ Feeding Your Eroticism

Mmmm. This module is all about pleasure & looking at sexual programming. You’ll let go of the beliefs & patterning that have held you back from your true erotic, sensual expression. You’ll get to know your body like never before to expand into freedom & embodied bliss. This just makes life juicier, more fun to experience, & through that, you’ll be able to actually create & manifest more effectively. 

 Most importantly, you’ll get to figure out the most orgasmic places in your body, how to play with those parts to bring in that energy so you can do more with it.


Module 4:
Getting out of Your Head & Into Your Body
+ Womb/Yoni Healing

A turning point for you & your human experience. 

You’ll learn about the power of your pussy & how to alchemize energy to release shame, trauma, & judgment. The magic is in your homeplay embodiment practices that will bring you into your sacral, sexual power.

 When you’re living life turned on, you have access to that “more” you’re looking for. You’re more present. More powerful. More impactful. & the best part is you aren’t forcing it, you’re just flowing. 

Module 5:
Following Your Inner Seasons & Wisdom
+ Connecting to Your Intuition

This is you coming home to your body’s intuition & re-integrate womb wisdom. Your hormones are your superpower & your body is always talking to you. You’ll learn how to listen, respond & go even higher in your purpose & creations with these codes.

 From this module you’ll strengthen your decision making & become more confident with your choices because you KNOW they’re coming from the truest part of yourself. In addition to that, you’ll learn to work with your body & set up your life in such a way that doesn’t force you into seasons of burnout anymore. We’re creating a deeper mind/body connection that services you on this path forward. 

Module 6:
New Sexual Expressions
+ Erotic Blueprints

In learning about your erotic blueprints, you’ll be able to have better sex & surprise yourself & lovers in speaking their sexual language. You’ll heal the shadow aspects of your sexuality that have kept you shutdown & out of authentic expression, to open yourself for turn on by, well, everything ;)

This understanding of your own & other blueprints allows you to have deeper connections & more authentic intimacy in your life. It’s your little roadmap that will bring you into many different territories allowing you the freedom to explore yourself & any potential desires you may have without shame.

Module 7:
Fostering Healthy Relationships
+ Anchoring Your Sense of Self

Module 7 will take you from unhealthy, maybe even codependent patterns, to epic love with a strong, anchored sense of self. Things don't rock you as much from the outside world because you're strong & clear on who you are. This in turn brings less drama & more flow/abundance into your life. In this process, you will heal your inner masculine to have deeper intimacy & connection with lovers & friends.

Module 8:
Divine Feminine Archetypes
+ Goddess Rituals

Integrating the divine feminine archetypes will create unshakeable self trust & knowing. You’ll be guided into goddess rituals & practices to stay in your body & out of the head. As you open your heart & throat, expect MORE of your manifestations coming to life in real time.

 The more that you inhabit these divine archetypes in your body, the stronger your sexual energy & attraction, the more you can create. That comes with more adventure, more experience, you get to taste everything that this life has to offer. 

 You're living in your fullness.

All of this and more is available to you
when you join AYDF today for just $2997.

Now, it’s important to note that you’re not just getting a program for that price.

Yes, you’ll be receiving 8 modules & a couple of bonuses, but what you’re really getting goes beyond the tangible here. 

 When you go through the program & do the deep work, you’re getting your peace of mind back

 You’re getting practices that’ll help you explore yourself so you can clearly see your aligned path to healing sexual traumas.  

You’re getting your true power back:

your femininity. 

Not everyone's journey in AYDF is the same...

every woman gets something a little different out of it.

Some modules speak louder than others but the overall consensus is that the work done inside is well worth the cost.

For example, there are many women who found the somatic practices in AYDF to be especially helpful in their transformation.

Not only do they feel more comfortable in their bodies, but they feel comfortable in their surrender, allowing for fulfillment, satiation, & pleasure to come back into their lives:

Others who took on the program...
did the deep work needed...

... & ended up transforming their businesses.

At the end of the day...

these were all women who were struggling to really listen to their higher self, to their intuition. 

While some had reservations around investing money like that to do the work, they still took a leap of faith.

They trusted themselves & understood how important healing like this is to their growth as an embodied woman. 

They all found out first hand the juice was worth the squeeze.

That on the other side of all of this, they got what they were looking for & so much more. 

Isn’t that worth the investment? 


If you knew without a shadow of a doubt
that doing the work in AYDF

would bring you closer to your truest self
& uncork your infinite potential...

would you join
at $5,000? $10,000?

Would you give $50,000 to unshackle the divine feminine that would bring

love, fulfillment, & wholeness into your life? 

If you answered yes, I’m happy to hear you’re that committed to it,

but luckily you don’t have to invest 5-figures to get there. 

 Just $2997 is all that’s required to join. 

& like I said, there’s more to the course than just the modules.

Here's what else is
inside Aydf



Best Value

*8- module program designed to help you on the journey to soften into your power, unravel sexual shame, and come home to your body’s wisdom. (Value: $3997)


*Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals: Weekly assignments for you to explore yourself and get more connected with your body. This piece of the program is KEY for integration. This is where theory meets practice and where the real work begins. (Value: $500)


*BONUS: Access to Gut Ed :        6-Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity and confidence on what works for your body.(Value:$997)

Pay In Full


$1600 x 2

Paid Every 4 Weeks

*8- module program designed to help you on the journey to soften into your power, unravel sexual shame, and come home to your body’s wisdom. (Value: $3997)


*Weekly Goddess Homeplay Rituals: Weekly assignments for you to explore yourself and get more connected with your body. This piece of the program is KEY for integration. This is where theory meets practice and where the real work begins. (Value: $500)


*BONUS: Access to Gut Ed :        6-Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, and give you clarity and confidence on what works for your body.(Value:$997)

Pay In Installments

Are you ready to
awaken your divine feminine & finally have it all...

without force, sacrifice, or settling?

frequently asked questions

Is this course available to take at any time?

Yes it is! Just sign up for the course & you’ll be taken to the whole program. It’s important to note that it’s drip fed which means in order to access each module, the last one has to be completed first.

I have a question that's not listed here, how can I get to you?

Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Someone on my team will get in contact with you & if there needs to be a more in depth conversation, we've got you covered.

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