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Your highest

Awaken Your
Divine Feminine

What if you could have
it all….without
sacrifice or settling?

Have you been operating in your ‘do-er’
masculine energy
& saying ‘not now’ to your
flowy, feminine essence?

Are you tired of being the “good girl,” the
woman”, the “overachiever
people-pleaser”? Do you feel
from your body & intuition?

I know what it’s like to feel “not enough” &
“too much” all
at the same time…like your
fem side is weaker, lesser, & not
as effective
in the world.

AYDF is an 8-module journey to help bring
you home to
your body’s wisdom, reclaim
your erotic goddess, &
soften into your power.

“I feel so empowered as a woman
with the strength that I feel and the

genuine relationship to my yoni I now
have. Sexually I am more powerful
than ever. I am able to hear my body &
live in harmony.”


“Me and the guy I started seeing have worked through a lot of what I came into AYDF struggling with. I went from being timid and afraid of sex to being a 'sexual deviant,' as he says. AYDF has helped a lot with getting me to this point <3 “


“AYDF opened so many beautiful doors for me. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself <3 I now feel more powerful in ALL AREAS of my life, and for sure it translated most highly in my business.”


Love Sex Men

Get ready to love & be
loved at the
depths your
fem heart desires…

Are you yearning for deeper sacred union
in love? Do you
crave deep connection,
palpable polarity, & heart-centered


Experience Love, Sex & Men in a whole new
way with my
8-week course to help you heal
the wounds of the
masculine + evoke your
submissive for intimacy x eros.
Time to o p e n
& sink into the rapture of erotic devotion.

“Working with Julianne has opened
my world! I have grown spiritually,

emotionally, physically, in my career,

relationships, and myself. I have

moved through achieving my goals,

which have included quitting my

corporate job to run my own full
business. I have leveled up in
all areas of my life.”


“I just wanted to share that the somatic processing has been paying off tremendously. I worked through a layer of shame in less than an hour and before it would take days or even weeks.”


“After working with Julianne — I am putting myself first…feeling safe to slow the fuck down, and confident + embodied in who I am”


“So much credit and love to

@juliannevaccaro. I am so proud of

the mindset I now have towards
It’s taken work and a whole lot
of self
development but I’m happy
thriving. I stopped tracking
a couple of months ago and
this is
the best my body has ever
(on my opinion)”


Julianne has 100 percent healed my  relationship with food. It's literally not a thing anymore. It's mind blowing to me. I never think about it. I almost have to remind myself! It has no control or hold over me. I used to overeat so much, now when I’m full I stop eating. Food was this thing I was so obsessed with, and now it's such a healthy relationship. I eat so intuitively. I’m not tracking anymore and released all the restriction stuff. I feel the freedom with food that I didn't have before. Emotional eating isn't a thing anymore. 


@juliannevaccaro is my current coach who has helped me transition into intuitive eating and is helping me heal my gut. She is queen of intuitive eating, gut health, and hormones. Highly recommend her program. 


After just a few weeks into my program, I learned just how many things I was truly, truly neglecting from my gut health, sleep schedule, to my workouts,  to starving just to binge. I did not feel like those things could be reversed but that was just my mindset. Most importantly, having Julianne as a coach was a comfort and at the same time a motivator .I felt like there was finally someone on my team. I cannot thank Julianne enough for helping me, realizing that there are healthy ways to gain muscle, lose fat, get sleep and the importance of mental health through all of it. I now love the life I live.


From quick fixes, fat burners, fad diets, comparison, self hatred, horrible relationship with food, binging,  yo- yo’ing, waist trainers, detoxes, juicing, starving, overeating, punishing my body and a state of absolute loss of control… to the most peaceful place I have ever been with my body and my self. I now have an actual relationship with my body, I praise the strength of my body for what it IS, no diets, no fad pills, no shortcuts, no restrictions, self love, self acceptance, willingness to learn, willingness to struggle, power and grace. 


Gut Ed

Cleanse + Reset + Discover

Healing starts from within…& our body can
only be as
healthy as the food we put in it.

If you’ve been feeling stuck & frustrated
that nothing
seems to be working - it’s
time to let food be thy medicine.

Reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat, &
bring mental
clarity with GUT ED, 6-Week
Program to GLOW from
the inside out!

Goddess Initiative

Looking ‘healthy’ on the
doesn’t mean
your body’s crash & burn

isn’t right around the

If you’re anything like me a few years
ago, you know the
unhealthy relationship
you have with your body + food is
you back from the confident, freedom-
filled life you
daydream about.

Goddess Initiative, my 90-Day program, is
here to help you
heal the relationship you
have with yourSelf - for food
body confidence & mindset mastery.

“Julianne is an amazing holistic
coach individual. She is very
empathetic and gets back to all of
her followers
very quickly. My
correspondences with her helped
me truly move forward with my life.
Away from being so
obsessed with
being a ripped fitness competitor,
embracing WHO I AM INSIDE. This
is where the magic
happens. She has
a versatile tool box that can
help anyone gain clarity, make great
change, and create next
steps while
having a supportive ear by their side.
I will always be thankful for her.”


I now love the life I live. A balanced life where some days are better than others, but i don't find myself guilty after taking a day off from the gym because my body needed rest, and i don't feel guilty if i want to indulge in moderation, and i don't become compulsive over tracking macros and unmaintainable meal preps, and i do not feel like i need to tolerate anyone else’s  insecurities and negativity that they project on me.


You hold a safe space for people… you transform the shame that people that come to you with, with your empathy and compassion. You make people feel like they aren't alone or broken or unworthy like they thought they were. And better than just that? You also give them hope and spark that belief within themselves that they CAN be the things that they were scared they can never be. PLUS you provide them with more solid information to guide them to a better place.


On a side note, I can already feel my body starting to change.  Not from anything practical but almost on a cellular level. Sort of like, addressing some issues that haven't been seen in a long time is like this inner relaxation of the cellular memory or something.  It may be a minute, but I can feel some sort of bodily “letting go”.



Release. Reclaim.

From the outside…everything looks great.
Close to perfect.
But underneath, you’re
uncomfortable in your skin, afraid
to speak
your truth, unfulfilled (like something’s
& self-sabotaging the life you
truly desire.

You’re ready to clear the noise, access
your intuition, &
live up to your absolute
potential in a body you LOVE.

GR is a 5 month journey to heal from the
inside out
& embody your fem power.

“I now see my body as a tuning

fork for things that bring me

happiness & fulfillment. I’ve noticed

a substantial amount of integration

in the months since I’ve completed

GRM, & I’m continuing to get

integration & be blown away

by things that I almost wait to

come up for me.”


‘Before coming to Julianne, I spent a lot of time working with nutrition coaches & therapies. This was my first foray into a 1:1/ group mentorship program. I decided to go ahead & work with her & I’m SO glad I did! Before GRM, I had never made this type of financial commitment to anything for myself in my entire life.


Some of the things I worked through: anxiety, learning about my true nature, my feminine vs masculine, looking at how old wounds affect my behavior & habits, sexual trauma, re-learning how to love all of myself, confidence, mindset shifts, using my voice…. I could say thousands of things, and that would still be underestimating.


I hold the most gratitude and sincere appreciation for Julianne. GRM has helped me so much, I don’t think words do it justice. I don’t know how to express all that I went through & changed within the 5 months. 


Got a question,

How do I know
where to start?

I love using this question as practice to
follow your intuition & listen to pu$$y.
Where did
$he lead you, first? What lights
her up the most & makes her feel alive
with possibility &
turn on? That’s where
you start!

Is there a correct
order to go in?

I’m a firm believer that YOUR way is the BEST way. I don’t abide by right or wrong, correct or incorrect. I stand for your innate emotional intelligence & choice. This means, while I built these offerings in an order that makes deep sense to me, your journey may require something different! How cool is that ;) So, allow the order you go in, to make sense to you, your body & your desires. That’s your correct way.

What if I want to
do more than one

We love that! Some programs offer a bundle deal right on the checkout page, while others are a la carte. If you want to create your own bundle & don’t see it listed anywhere, email [email protected] so we can support you in making your dreams a reality!

I trust my internal
compass AND I’d
love to have a quick

chat to learn more
before signing up.
How can I do that?

You can contact Julianne & Team Juice at [email protected]. We’d love to support you!