I believe you to be your own best healer.

Your own best guide

Your forever best friend & & confidant.

I believe you are your own best medicine woman. 

You know who you are.

You know what you need.

No one listens to you better than you.

No one knows what it’s like to be in your own body…

your joys & pains, aches & orgasms, numbness & pleasures, disassociation & courage..

better than you!

Nobody does YOU better than YOU!

And if not now, it’s happening sooner than you think…

I believe women who Know this about themselves..their outstanding audacious capacity to live in their power & be their own best *fill in the blank*…

..move the world in ways only the primal feminine can.

I introduce to you my newest vehicle for change…



 8 week somatic, rewilding journey

into your primal feminine

What Women Are Saying…


“There's always been something missing in other containers, like the level of depth and intimacy in this container. The safety and the trust is so profound but it's allowed me to relax and go into spaces within myself that I haven't had access to before. And that trickled out and I didn't understand how it would impact every area of my life until I had the experience and realized it's the way that I show up.”

- A

We’ve all met the woman who before even entering the room,

somehow moves the energy towards herself.


They can’t hear..smell..or see her.

But somehow, they know..she’s coming.

If not their ears..nose..eyes..then what?

What’s the thing that draws their attention..

away from their dinner, their muse, their baby, their customer,

their work, their pain, their coffee?

Could it be something beyond words? Beyond logic?

Beyond the seen? Beyond the heard?

It’s like she awakens something within them..once dormant, now, undeniable. 

A woman who knows & embodies her inner animal, isn’t separate from
the earth she walks on.


She moves with its rhythms.

Breathes with its pulse.

Sways with its spins.

She is nature.

Calm yet wild. 

Still yet chaotic. 

Quiet yet loud. 

Safe yet dangerous. 

Beautiful yet ugly. 

Nurturing yet destructive.

Life giving yet deathening.

Breathtaking yet heartbreaking.




Holds nothing back. 

Quiets for no one or no thing.

She is both extremes,

& every sweet thing in between. 

She is raw & honest.

She opens you up to the truth inside you knew was there all along..but hadn’t fully let out. 


I’m walking away with this palpable feeling of clarity. I'm remembering that I already have all the tools. I already know all the things. That's the whole thing right? This journey of remembering and forgetting and remembering and forgetting. That's the spiral path. Like, ‘oh yeah I forgot that I’m this divine being.’ Now, I remember and I can move from that place.

- Rachel

I want to give you the keys to your jungle, kitty kat ;)

The woman who moves the attention towards herself, has moved the attention towards herself, more times than we can count. 


She has praaacticed with her body.


She has gone to hell & back, so many times, her body doesn’t even know the difference anymore.


Isn’t that freedom? Enlightenment? 


Neutralizing it all.


Holding duality SO well that we can find & feel heaven no matter where we are.


Because we’re aware…WE are the ones creating hell.


And WE are the ones to turn it around to pleasure through desire & eros.


WE..are heaven..on human form.


That’s self prowess..don’t you think?

Awaken Your Divine Feminine is a proven methodology...

 She knows how to command energy & work with what she is given. 


She knows how to get off on every stroke even when it’s not her preference.


She knows how to take contrast & turn it into a rocketship of erotic desire.


She is both compassionate & fierce, self-knowing yet humble.

Every shade, every note, every stroke. 

She’s felt it. Fed it. Fvcked it.

This is who you will be after ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE.

This somatic, rewilding journey is for you if you resonate with these...

  • You feel out of control or disconnected from your emotions/body.
  • You struggle to feel safe in your body, especially in the bedroom.
  • It feels like there’s stuff stuck in your body, but you haven’t been able to move it.
  • You’ve done a lot of work but things repeat or jump to new places with similar intensity in your body.
  • You get stuck in patterns or survival mode, flight, fight, freeze or collapse.
  • It’s difficult to feel your feelings, cry, or feel anger.
  • You tend to be more analytical, a history of trauma.
  • You have mystery pains, body aches, tightness, patterns of muscle tension, they may come & go without much logical reason.
  • You wrestle with good girl programming & not using your voice.
  • You struggle or have a history with intuitive eating & movement (I use both tenses because that stuff lives in the body & needs to be healed from the body.)
  • You struggle to hear your voice, & when you do, it’s challenging to follow through on its wisdom. 
  • You deal with hormone imbalances, period irregularity & pain.
  • You want to grow in your life, biz, bank & bedroom - but you feel at a stand still, things aren’t budging. You want the next level but haven’t found the path. 

What women are saying…

Well yesterday for the first time ever I abruptly asked myself, “Dang! Who is this new woman?!” I feel more than ever my old self shedding to the point of allowing me to get to know who I REALLY AM! Without the conditioned beliefs, titles, triggers due to trauma & emotions…the surrendering is REAL. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- E


The work we have done together has changed my life. It’s allowed me to step into my power. It’s opened my confidence in coaching, in myself. It’s so crazy I no longer have any food qualms or hold ups like I did when we first started. I feel so strong & confident in my body. 

- E

Your connective tissue communicates 200x faster than your nervous system.

It constitutes what we call our..intuition.

It’s called the living matrix for a deeply wise reason ;)

Because it’s life force..source energy..pulsing through your flesh!

Welcome to the indigenous wisdom of your body & the curriculum you’ll be experiencing inside ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE.

Get ready to root down to roar loud & rise high, baby!


Your physical pain is a spiritual emotional awakening..a map to the divine..

It’s the way home to your heart. 

And the deepest truth of you…


TELL ME these are your desires…

  • You want to learn the tools to come back to your center with ease, grace, efficiency & surrender - regardless of what’s happening around you. Imagine being able to regulate & resource on the fly, whether you’re on a client call, in a tiff with your partner or you’re getting attacked on the interwebs.
  • You want more somatic work; to go deeper into your body, healing & embodiment journey. Imagine being the woman who walks with her wild, that turns heads, NOT because of what it gets her in the 3D, but because of how it FEELS to be *with & in* her joy + pleasure.
  • You really want a rich delicious orgasmic relationship with your body & sexuality. Imagine yourself dancing around in your unique flavor of self expression, caring not what others think of you. Because YOU, my love…knows what FEELS good in your body & how to follow that above all else!
  • You’re ready to stand in your truth & strength of heart, unapologetically. Imagine being up against the scariest of the scaries, against the brightest of the brightest - & there YOU are..deeply affected AND deeply in your center. 
  • You want to intensify your manifestations with less effort. Imagine being freed up from the pains of the past for a clear opening to receive the future.
  • You’re ready to let go of the stuff you’ve been avoiding. You knowww, that pile of stuff that just looms over your head & in the background :) You haven’t touched it yet because you’re waiting for someone to be in it with you…WELL, here you go, babygirl - no excuses.
  • You can’t waiiiiiit to feel freedom & pleasure & ecstasy in your body in ways you’ve never felt before! Imagine remembering, you are the medicine. 
  • You want a deeper embodiment of the truth of who you are. Imagine not losing your shit every 5 seconds for no real, current reason.
  • You’re here to learn the somatic practices to increase access to your innate divine wisdom. Imagine your intuition being THE voice you listen to, no more turning outward for the answers.
  • Balance your hormones & cleanse your liver. Imagine having clear skin, ditching the bloat & brain fog, increasing your energy levels & waking up clear x clean for the day.

Your inner animal is not separate from you. She is part of the totality of who you are.

She is the foundational flavor of your feminine.

A way of being that is so imprinted & encoded in who you are, she lives in every single domain of you - physical, emotional, energetic, chemical, sexual
(we’ll be working these inside ABP!).

She is the path to freedom.

There are 4 main domains of wellness that I work on with clients. Your animal is in every one. Because to me, *your body is indigenous & wild by nature*


It’s like I have experienced my soul inside my physical body, realizing I am not all of these things I identified myself as. Instead, knowing who I am at a core level & knowing how to heal my body & mind so that my body can also be in the full expression of that. I am so free & have so far.

- K


8 Week Experience 


Part 1 : FEEL

Weeks 1: 2/15

Week 2: 2/22

Week 3: 3/1



Part 2 : FEED 

Weeks 5: 3/15 

Week 6: 3/22 

Week 7: 3/29



CALL TIMES: Wednesdays at 6pm MST

Includes: WhatsAPP group to stay in community with each other & Julianne for the entirety of the container.

I’m giving you the map.

Your greatest asset & strength on this journey, will be your own self prowess with how you work it.


Here’s why that’s going to be the biggest value of all


I’m the kind of teacher, healer, coach & bodyworker who leads you to your own truth.


Through curiosity, reflection, inquiry & love.


Like I said, I believe you to be your own best medicine woman. 


I’m going to show you what that to be + do it. 


And..I’m going to make it as EASY as possible :)

I don’t want you to be reliant on me.


I want you to have fun with me & find yourself in the process ;)


And then, 


I want you to lead yourself & lead your communities. 


What's in the shadow will either hold you back or launch you forward.

If it's part of your soul's curriculum, it’s in your body.

There’s no going around it. 

The better you become at moving the stuff that's stuck or stagnant, spicy or stingy, the more peace you’ll have, freedom you’ll feel, truth you’ll stand in.

No more getting knocked off track because ‘something happened’ & ‘I’m upset because….’

Doing work on the soul line, moves you forward on the goal line. 

Inner work creates outer change.

5D healing makes for 3D dealings.



All this talk about being your own best *fill in the blank* 

Being the wolf woman, the woman who runs wild with the wolves…

means she needs her wolf pack.

She won’t survive without them.

It’s really that simple.

And because she knows that..

She chooses to walk in community

For a thriving life beyond her WILDest dreams.

What women are saying:


That's definitely one of Julianne’s superpowers…really identifying the blocks, really cutting through it, & helping you move through the challenge to come out the otherside. And once you come out the other side, she's also very, very helpful in having you integrate this new way of being into your life. 

- A


I have so much more awareness of where I was still making decisions from a place of wanting to people please. And what to do about it to stay in alignment moving forward!

- C


Learning somatics was how I changed my life. I’m achieving more than I ever thought I would. Receiving a raise, having my first orgasm with my partner, sharing stories vulnerably with others that I would have held onto & shamed myself for. I then quit my job to start my soul aligned biz. Learning how to embrace my humanness. I am learning more & more everyday how to simply just love myself because it leads me into every aspect of healing. How to feed myself for myself, how to take care of my body, how to take care of my mental health.

- K


I’ve had the biggest month in my biz! You’ve had such an impact in my life & the way you show up means so much. Thank you for being patient & gentle with me. For opening my heart to love, for opening myself to vulnerability. TO be able to call myself out when it comes to my bullshit. This has been the most transformational period of my entire life & I owe a lot of it to you.

- E

frequently asked questions

Somebody reached out to say her & her bestie wanted to join ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE “But we’re on opposite ends of the embodiment spectrum, is there a place for both of us?”

2 big reasons I’m a fuck yes…

(1) The work is the work. Everyone’s body is different. But the map is the map. The education, embodiment practices & somatic tools inside ABP, will bring you into *YOUR* CENTER. The practice will help you land deeper & deeper into your embodiment, clarity, knowing & freedom, regardless of the stage of work you’re in. Because we’re anchoring you into the truth of who you are. Somedays, you may feel really disconnected. And on others, way too plugged into your feels. The key is to know how to come back HOME from either side. You want to feel grounded in who you are, wherever you are. You want to embody ease, flow & abundance. You want to be the fierce yet compassionate, powerful yet gentle, wild yet calm, strong yet soft woman..who turns the eyes of everyone in the room. What I’m offering you is the framework to meet yourself WHEREVER you are.. the self prowess to direct your ship..& the pathway to turn on your power & pleasure.

(2) Healing is a spiral. How many times have you landed on a new spot only to realize ‘fvck me, I was just here & totally thought I learned this.’ It's a circle. There’s a palpable power when women CIRCLE..practicing together, remembering together. An amplification happens inside of this work when we do it in community. A web of wisdom we are intentionally giving & receiving energy. We all have something to learn from this web, this collective consciousness. Being at different places in our journey is even more of an incentive to get inside. We wouldn’t have much to learn or offer if we were all same same. I’m also a firm believer in the power of being witnessed. More often than not, we spin our wheels for days & weeks & years because we’re trying to do it ourselves. We need connection & relationship to survive. Things heal differently when we have the loving attention of another.

“I can’t make all of the LIVE call times. Should I do it anyway or just wait ‘til next round?””

I’m a believer in following the call when it's alive for you. There have been enough programs I’ve watched passed by from both the client chair & the CEO creation seat to say… if you feel the call - then there’s no reason to wait. YES, even if all the circumstances aren’t PERFECT. If you don’t pick up, the call will move to someone else. More waiting.

You are meant for this work. If you’re going to do it eventually, you might as well start now. In a week, month, year - you’ll really wish you would have!

You will receive everything you need from ABP regardless of whether or not you are LIVE for the calls.

We will send an email out after every call with the link to the replay & any other resources you’ll need for homeplay.

We’ve got you covered, Julianne & Team Juice, from start to finish


I have a question that's not listed here, how can I get to you?

Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Someone on my team will get in contact with you & if there needs to be a more in depth conversation, we've got you covered.

**The rewilding begins February**

Get ready to be magnificently magnetic.




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