Out of the t!t matrix

Sep 19, 2023


In this episode Julianne shares her personal breast explant journey and provides her listeners with a deeper understanding of why she decided to do the surgery. Join her as she explores her profound physical and emotional transformations, self-discovery, and healing that arose from this transformative experience. Her story serves as an inspiring reminder that our bodies and choices are deeply intertwined with our pursuit of authenticity and pleasure.

Key Topics:
Embodying Truth
The Healing Alchemy
Freedom Through Authenticity


5:26 Post-explant experiences

6:04 Breast implants and body image

10:41 The type of men attracted

16:39 Intimidation and body image

19:33 Energetic impact of breast implants

23:06 Anger and self-reflection

30:07 Trauma lives in the body

30:46 Body posture and muscle tension

34:25 Implants and body transformation

38:40 Intimacy and self-discovery


“When I finally made the choice, I remember saying to somebody,...

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The three phases I lead my clients through for their biggest baddest results

Sep 18, 2023


Pssst..you can lead yourself through this, too!

These 3 phases

are executed in *every* domain & area of their lives

…whether it’s improving digestion, calling in a partner, or manifesting big wealth.

Assess: Detoxification / Excavation
This is about taking inventory & clearing, cleaning out the old.
What’s been your relationship to x? What have you believed about x?

Define: What’s here now?
(This is about locating them in this now moment & getting really clear on what’s showing up + what’s being asked of them.)
What’s your current relationship to x? What do you believe about x?

Create: Desires / Manifestation
This is when it really starts to get fun! This is the creational phase, full of magic & possibility.
What do you want your relationship to x to be like? Feel like? What you do you need to believe about x for this to be true?

I’ve found this to create the most life changing results, with lasting impact.

Drop me a...

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You're not slow...everyone else is just moving fast

Sep 17, 2023


Permission to move at your own pace.
Permission to hermit if that’s what feels right.
Permission to go so slow you feel every nook & cranny.

I promise, no one will forget you.

You won’t be left behind..

After all, you’re the star of the show

How are you honoring your body’s natural rhythms this weekend? Would love to hear

#slowmedicine #slowmedicinerevolution #slowmotion #slowmo #righttiming #rightlocation #rightpeople #slowness #slowhealing #slowisfast #embodiment #somatichealing #somaticpsychotherapy #movementtherapy #venus

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Men need healing too

Sep 17, 2023


When people ask me if I work with men & how it’s different or the same…

My response is that we all need the reclamation of the healthy masculine & the healthy feminine inside of us.

*We must know it there before we can know it in our relationships*

While there are fundamental differences between man / woman + masculine / feminine energy…

We all need to slow down, get into our bodies, remember our innocence + the truth of who we are, & crack open our hearts.

We all need to be felt, seen, heard.

We all need safety.

This work isn’t about gender.
And, gender plays an important part.

I’d love to hear: how’d you feel in your body when you watched this video? What’d you notice?

P.S. IN THE FLESH Mystery School - my 7 mo Facilitator Training for Somatic Sexology & Quantum Transformational Bodywork starts in December.

Over 3 virtual weekends & 4 in-person retreats (at @venusvalleyboulder!), you’ll be on a powerful...

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5 things I notice most, post explant surgery

Sep 16, 2023


5 Things I Notice Most Post Explant Surgery

1 No muscle tension or tightness - scalenes, pecs & psoas

I was in the car & put my right arm behind the passenger seat like I was gonna do an old school parallel park just to see how the stretch felt (usually v tight) & I felt ZERO stretch.

2 Improved posture / I know where my body should be in space. Clear center of gravity.

This was really affecting me & wasn’t aware until the year before surgery. Constantly trying to fix my posture & adjust myself because something didn’t real right.

3 Psychic abilities / listening + hearing has increased.

I feel like I think something..& then it appears. Be it a text from a person I was dreaming of or a diff synchronicity.

4 Clean circuitry with men. UGH such sweetness now. I’m no longer shooting bullets out my nipples when someone looks at me. I’m all me. The armor is off & so is the illusion.

5 Hugs are everything

Number 4 needs a lot...

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Coffee Enema Party!

Sep 15, 2023


If you want more freedom in your body - moving the stuck, dense energy needs to happen in EVERY domain of health.

So much of my work is about excavation & clearing out the past…

Enemas are JUST as important as getting on my/a table for an emotional release. Or doing a psychedelic journey.

Your gut is your second brain.

Responsible for 70% of your immune health.

It IS the controller for your MOOD - your neurotransmitters & cognitive function.

In the latest @trppodcast ep with my 6 mo client who’s also joining IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training - we talked about the value of working with a practitioner who actually plays with the WHOLE health of you.

I truly believe this is why my work is so transformative & how my clients make such HUGE LEAPS.

I don’t have magic powers.

I just REALLY know the body after 13 years of doing this work.

And more than anything, I want you to have the same map & keys.

We all deserve body freedom.

my *Coffee Enema...

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On the same morning of my explant surgery, I said goodbye to my partner of 2.5 years.

Sep 14, 2023


..after making the choice for our future family & the desire to feel our love without silicone in between us.

In what felt like a split second, I lost a love of my life, 9 years with implants, & took on 3 dogs + solo ownership of @venusvalleyboulder

(all while my biz IG was deactivated for 4 months)

While some young parts got loud with fear & doubt & questions of ‘CAN I FVCKING DO THIS?!’

I knew deep down…

*I was made for this*

The choice became mine…
The path became clear…

And the deeper dharma, activated.

Whatever hurdles or hardships are before you, you were made for.

You are the diamond
This is the crystallization.

Keep believing.
Keep putting one step in front of the other.

And before you know it, you’ll be in Truth.

(Edit: PSA: friends, I am so GOOD. This post is about making the impossible possible. Dreaming beyond the dream. Anchoring into your own truth. Every part of this has been just as beautiful as...

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8 things I did to prioritize to heal my body post explant surgery

Sep 13, 2023


Anyone for an UN-Barbie? No anesthesia. No drains. No lift. No fat transfer. No antibiotics. No pain meds.

NO joke ;)

This is what HEALTH looks like.

I didn’t need to change much…

Because I live this way *everyday*

Your body KNOWS how to heal when you have the right map.
Don’t let anyone scare you into anything else.

P.S. tune into @trppodcast for my full explant story!

P.P.S. enrolling for:
1 1:1 coaching + bodywork immersions at @venusvalleyboulder
2 IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training | 7 months of (4) in person retreats & (3) virtual retreats for a quantum transformation & the skills to facilitate this badass work.
Check my lastest @trppodcast for an inside scoop of what to expect.

PM me to learn more

#explantsurgery #unbarbie #breastimplants #scartissue #holisticnutrition #holisitchealth #somaticsexology

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THE RECLAMATION PROJECT Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis / Chronic illness & Opening up to Loving Partnership with Madelynne

Sep 12, 2023


Madelynne Rose joins Julianne on today’s episode to dive deeper into what it’s really like to work with Julianne in a 1 on 1 container. The two touch on what called Madelynne to join, their standout moments throughout her journey, and how the intimacy in Madelynne’s personal inner work has transformed her business entirely.

Madelynne Rose is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release Therapy and Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism. She found her passion for this work after years of struggling with multiple eating disorders, anxiety, depression and then being diagnosed with the autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis. After being told there was no cure and nothing she could do outside of taking pharmaceuticals with loads of side effects, as too many people are after diagnosis, she decided to say F*CK THAT! and dove deep into the holistic and alternative healing world where she found herself, as well...

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Sep 11, 2023

Watch HERE

Some upper pole focus, a little cranial sacral (from head to pelvis), followed by deep fascial work. This was the end of her 2day monthly immersion at @venusvalleyboulder

As my mentor says, “you can never go too deep, only too fast.”

And as I told this beauty on the table, “anything is possible, when you feel safe.”

This is our 5th immersion together. We’ve got one more 3day to go in this 6mo container.

This, is when we start to fly

We started with the foundation of safety. And naturally, she started popping off

We’re hitting what feels like every initiation. This weekend was about men & relationships.

And next time, we’re playing big with pl€@$ure & the €rot!c blueprints…

body mapping & providing her with a guidebook to her €rot!c!$m

We’ve hit the creation phase

Who do you wanna be today? How do you wanna play? What’s the world you’re creating?

Her body leads.

Her frequency goes...

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