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1:1 Intensive Breakthrough Session

Awaken Your Divine Feminine

The 8 module course to reclaim your erotic goddess, come home to your body's wisdom, & soften into your power.


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The Womb Room

A haven for space holders x healers to let go, rejuvenate, & fill up with the flow of the moon.

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Goddess Initiative

90 Days to heal the relationship you have with yourself, body & food. Hello, food freedom, body confidence & mindset mastery!


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Goddess Reclamation

Embody the feminine power within to clear the noise, access your intuition& live up to your absolute potential in a body you LOVE.

A 5 Month Mentorship Program using Holistic Health, Spiritual Psychology & Somatic Sexology.

Start 1:1 ANYTIME or Group Mastermind!

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Gut Ed

6 Week Gut Healing DIY Program to reset your metabolism, ditch the bloat & mental fog& give you clarity + confidence on what works for your body.


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"Whoever works with you in the future, will be extremely blessed."

"The best part was Julianne had relentless faith in me. She was always there. She pushed me to dig deeper and get uncomfortable.She believed in me."

"By the end, I think the biggest take away is that I am my own healer. I have everything I need within me. I feel like I have all the tools I need to step into my authentic self. She showed me those tools, and I practiced many times, and had her support along the way."

"There is so much I am grateful for that it cannot be conveyed in words. It is a full body feeling. A full body knowing that I made the right decision calling you in."

Let me show you the real me.

I works with leaders to heal their trauma, come home to their bodies & reclaim a life of Health, Freedom, Purpose & Pleasure. I am a Somatic Sexologist out of Denver & an International Holistic Health & Life Coach.

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