GRM is my thickest, juiciest most transformative offering to date. I started & created this methodology 6 years ago to bring women home to their bodies.


What started as a course to help women ditch their eating disorders & body dysmorphia once & for all, turned into a methodology with mind-blowing outrageous results in EVERY area of their lives. 

I knew it was something unlike anything else out there when my clients started 

getting results their doctors told them “weren’t possible”. 


I knew it was something bigger than image & confidence when my clients

started quitting their jobs & living their purpose.


I knew it was more than $ex & money when my clients started

having the $ex & playing with big money but weren’t FORCING or SACRIFICING.


I knew it was the missing link in most coaching & healing containers when my clients



I knew this needed to be blasted all over the internet when

my clients started blasting it all over the internet FOR me ;P


If there’s anything over 500k in trainings & mentorships has taught me, it’s that

all of the answers you need, are already inside of YOU.  


You just need the map.

What if you didn’t have to struggle in your body for the rest of your life?

But instead learned how she works & remembered her magic…


What if you didn’t have to live in fear, scarcity, & lack for the rest of forever?

But instead owned your true power & authentic gifts to get paid for your creative offerings…


It’s fvcking possible.

From no period to full term pregnancies…

From digestive disorders & laxatives to easeful eating & a nourished body…

From birth control & anxiety to being in sync with your natural rhythms & cycles…

From punishing the body & feeling victim by it to being her best friend & the north start of her life…

From lack & scarcity to stepping into purpose & abundant businesses…

From toxic dysfunctional relationships to inner & divine unions…

From locked out of the body to freedom of movement…


This is more than a methodology.


It’s a map home to your feminine body, $ex & soul.


It’s what I wish my mother taught me.

It’s what I wish my grandmother taught my mother.

It’s what I wish my great grandmother, Babcia, was privilege to.


It’s what I wish ALL women everywhere could Know about their sacred body & feminine selves.


I hold nothing back & give you my all.


Because I believe we DESERVE this information about our bodies & our ple@$ure.  


IT IS our birthright.

So much has upleveled & expanded since 2017..


I’ve grown a 7 fig biz (time/financial/travel freedom - HI!) hired a team to support my mission (I don’t grocery shop or make my own appointments so I can stay in my creative lane- YUM), bought a 1.4 million dollar retreat house in Boulder CO (dream come true, can’t wait to host you) & became the Mistress of my own Facilitator Training.


Everything that has helped me grow & become the woman I am today, is inside of this program.


It’s the most comprehensive, holistic method out there. From movement, pelvic health, hormone balancing, food freedom, erotic potential & $exual confidence, relational health, wealth, magic & so much more.


You are a WHOLE woman. 


And it’s time the approach you take honors that.


My EVERYTHING woman, you belong here <3


to see the transformation with your own eyes (isn’t baby J the freaking cutest?)

& to read the incredible testimonials from my clients.


I CAN’T WAIT to see who you’ll be on other side.


2 Installments

$4k x 2

Paid every 4 weeks


5 Installments

$1800 x 5

Paid every 4 weeks


8 Installments

$1250 x 8

Paid every 4 weeks