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A 1:1 Intensive Breakthrough Session To Help Bridge The Gap From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be...


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  • receive support & guidance on what’s important & pressing in your life right now.


  • have an opportunity to get a taste of Julianne's coaching.


  • be lead through processes that can change your state in a matter of minutes.


  • help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


  • get immediate support WHEN you need it!



    • feels out of alignment or unfulfilled in your work/sex life/creativity/ etc.
    • wants to deep dive with Julianne’s somatic based approach.
    • feels held back from your fullest potential.
    • knows that there is more for you but don’t know how to break through to it.
    • has the pieces but are not sure how they fit together.
    • is feeling lost & overwhelmed & seek clarity on decisions.
    • is struggling with a certain area of your life & want to clear patterns.
    • wants to expand in your personal & sexual expression & want direct  support & guidance.
    • is ready to come home to your body & yourSelf.


This call is designed to give you a clear plan, with step by step guidance to achieve the next level of your vision.

You’ll receive guidance on the ‘HOW’ & ‘what path should I take from here?’ You know, the thing we always get tripped on ;)

With Julianne’s guidance, you will be returned to your own truth, confidently ready to take on what’s before you.

This 75 minute session was created so that you & Julianne, together, can dive deep into what’s both real & important for you in finding clarity x freedom in your life.

Get ready for a quantum leap into your next iteration.





1- Decide you want to quantum leap & invest in yourself.

2- Book your 75 minute 1:1 Intensive Breakthrough Session.

3- Before your call, you'll fill out an intake form for clarity on what material you want to work with. This will make the absolute most of your time with Julianne.

4- Show up with an open heart and mind to experience deep coaching, reflective questions & new perspectives.

5- You'll receive session notes and a recording from the call with new learnings & topics covered.

6- You'll walk away with a whole new outlook, cognitive &/or embodiment practices to make the shifts talked about so you can fully integrate the learnings.

7- Schedule your 15 minute Follow Up Call ONE WEEK after the original session to check in, zap anything that has come up for you, & go even further in your becoming.

Breakthrough Session



  • 75 Minute Call
  • 15 minute Follow Up Call 
  • Session Notes
  • Home Play 
  • Integration Practices
  • Email Support



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Before working with Julianne I was feeling uber disconnected from myself, stuck in patterns of people pleasing, shame around my sexuality and expressing the feminine parts of me, and desperately stuck in masculine energies that were keeping me in the hamster wheel of exhaustion, worry, control, anxiety, and lack of clarity around who I was, where I desired my biz to go, and honestly what I want in life. My life has TRANSFORMED the way I am showing up. After working with Julianne (and through it!) -- I am putting myself first, not only listening to my intuition but acting upon it after she gives me the nudge, feeling safe to slow the fuck down, and confident + embodied in who I am, at my core (flirty, grounded, playful, curious, accepting, all the magical things) AND am also able to pivot & process when I meet shadow aspects of me, accordingly ❤️

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Working with Julianne opened so many beautiful doors for me. Hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself <3 I now feel more powerful in ALL AREAS of my life, and for sure it translated most highly in my business.

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The time I spent working with Julianne has been incredibly transformational. When I initially started working with her I was discerning a lot in my life, including: old programming, relationships, fears, and overall wanting to deepen the relationship I have with myself. I felt super scared to invest in myself though as soon as I talked to her, and I felt so engaged by her, her really digging my desire to deepen into self-love, I knew my choice was made. Areas of my life that we have worked on are relational patterns, fear around using my voice, addressing feelings of shame around sex and self-pleasure, and developing a healthier relationship with my feminine. Since working with her, so much change has occurred in my life. I ended a long-term relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore, up-leveled to a new job, more money, new city and apartment (I finally live alone! A dream of mine). I have felt more pleasure, joy, and confidence in my yummy Goddessness more now than ever. If you have any seedling of desire in working with JV, honor and listen to that “yes.”

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For so long I wasn't allowing myself to receive the tools in order to really move forward in my passions. there were many blockages to my abundance that were waiting for me. After working with Julianne I feel so empowered as a woman with the strength that I feel and the genuine relationship to my yoni I now have. sexually I am more powerful than ever. I am able to hear my body & live in harmony.

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Me and the guy I started seeing have worked through A LOT of what I came in struggling with. I went from being timid and afraid of sex to being a 'sexual deviant' as he says. Working with Julianne has helped a lot with getting me to this point <3

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Before working with Julianne I knew I was going to move through discomfort and learn more about myself but little did I know how big those changes were going to be.  It wasn’t until this program I truly understood that if I am not reflecting inward, loving myself, holding myself accountable then I’m not truly showing up in my relationships in my most authentic self. I’ve never given myself permission to seek this inner woman/goddess that I know I am and meant to be and have always say with this stuck feeling which lead to resentment towards others. I know this next chapter is truly going to be transformative, I’m happy and nervous but know deep down this is exactly where I need to be! So happy to be here in this amazing program/group.