A 90 day co-created coaching experience

starting June 24th


This is usually the part of the sales page that grabs your attention

by pointing out all of the things you dislike about yourself & your life right now.



“Do you struggle with perfectionism & a vicious inner critic?”

“Are you showing codependent, unhealthy relationship patterns?

“Having painful, vanilla sex?”

“Do you cringe & have shame about the word masturbation?”

“Experiencing painful, emotional periods?”

“Have difficulty accessing your voice & opening your heart?”

“Have you tried everything but still aren’t where you want to be?”


Know what I’m talking about?

Then, it leads to the…

“Are you ready to ditch the masculine mindset & embrace your feminine knowing?”

“To own your BIGNESS & embrace your sexuality?”

“Want to live a life of freedom & pleasure?

“Live from a place of embodied authenticity & power?

“Ready to be the queen & make the impact you’re after?”


Don’t get me wrong,

I usually use this kind of format when I create a landing page for my offer!


But every part of me wants to throw out the rule book

& simply invite you into Goddess Initiative from a place of expansion.

The women I’m calling into GI know what they want. 

They know they’re worthy of putting themselves first

& they’re ready to embody their goddess, more than ever before.

Like you, I’m constantly shedding old beliefs & programs that no longer serve me.


Letting go of stories that say,


“Things have to go this way, or else”


“You have to do _________, to receive ________.”


Into - Absolute trust & Divine Feminine receptivity.


[Especially in business.]

As I relax more & more into life's endless stream of abundance,

I’ve learned to flow with Spirit, not against.

That feeling is magical, isn’t it?!

And most importantly,

not to force or control things that don’t feel good to me.


Instead of second guessing my intuition,

shaming her for hesitation,

pushing past her will -


I honor her communication & surrender to her knowing.


When there is resistance, there is guidance.

When there is resistance, there is information.

My Highest Self was calling me, loudly,

To integrate the feminine even more into Goddess Initiative.


To let go of the structure --

the plan,

The week by week carefully calculated scheduled content.


(but don’t worry, I still got that for you, too because #youdeserveitall & all parts of you get to be seen here)


And instead, open up space for the Goddesses stepping into GI

to co-create the experience WITH me.


...To have this 90 day coaching experience

be one of real feminine flow, receptivity & divine guidance...

Ugh my body just LIGHTS up when I say that!


Do you feel the tingles, too?!

Truth: I don’t want to stand here as a leader that has to convince their audience of anything.

Instead, I want to stand here as me, Julianne - a human just like you -


who has trekked her way through her shadow & into a place of daily bliss x pleasure,

(and still continues this work)


to create change in the world

with incredible women


who share a similar ‘let’s change the trajectory of the planet’ vision with their own juicy, irreplaceable flavor.


I don’t know about you, but that sounds like way more fun to me :P



As I step more into my leadership,

I’m hoping you, as you always do [grow with me],

step more into yours.


...Leadership for yourself...

...Ownership of your experience...

...Action taker for your desired reality…


It’s the release of the victim mentality & into your Queendom.


But because I know the logical, egoic thinker within us loves some proof & certainty - gotta love it - here’s more about me & my story.


Maybe take a sec to read & then come back.


So how will Goddess Initiative actually work?

Well, without giving too much sexiness away,


(Plus, don’t you want to leave some room for divine guidance x mystery?!

I mean, they were called the Feminine Mystery Schools for a reason.

It’s the femnine by nature!)


Goddess Initiative will be a 90 day, co-creative, group coaching experience.


It will be a space where you get to show up, with me & your sisters,

& be met exactly where you are…


Honored in your process,

& lovingly welcomed into the next iteration of you.


Juicy, right?

We’ll be covering topics & teachings around:

  • Body image
  • Soul food
  • Money
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Sacred sexuality
  • Relationships/boundaries
  • Self love
  • Goddess embodiment practices
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • How to work with the ego
  • Connecting deeper with our Authentic Self x Erotic Sensual Goddess
  • Healing trauma
  • Expanding your business & shifting into the feminine
  • Creating more income
  • Coming home to our body
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Purpose & Power
  • Surrendering into Feminine Flow
  • Gut, adrenal, liver, hormone health
  • Amplifying creativity
  • Self trust & strengthening intuition
  • Orgasms, libido & sex
  • Mindset mastery
  • Spiritual Psychology teachings/ practices
  • Goddess awakening & embodiment
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Womb wisdom
  • Feminine receptivity
  • Opening our hearts
  • Erotic blueprints
  • Accessing our soul’s voice


& so much dang more.

You’ll also get access to:

  • Goddess Initiative’s 5 phase proven system
  • Awaken Your Divine Feminine’s 8 week course
  • The Goddess Approach Sisterhood FB Community
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Pressure to Pleasure Somatic Releases


This creation will be interactive.


Like HI, you BELONG & your voice MATTERS.

Let’s do this together, sister!


If you desire learnings in a specific area - ask & you shall receive!!


This is not the Julianne show - you get to co-create this with me!

The days of following the rules are over.


Can’t control the feminine anyway.

Agree? You sacred rebel, you :)



Are you ready to join me in the rise of feminine trust x knowing?


Because I’d love to see you there.

Please note: I want you to feel into this.


I want this to resonate so deeply in your bones,

that you don’t care what you have to do to make this possible, you’ll do it


That's the level of self commitment I’m looking for.

That's the level of trust in yourself I want you to have.

That’s the level of deservingness you believe in.


That's MF Goddess energy.


Sister, you know there’s going to be doubts & fears & questions

but that’s not the voice you want to be in the driver's seat. Is it?


Sheesh. Spirit knows I’d be living in my brother's spare bedroom with thousands in debt, no clients, no cash, stacks on stacks of trauma, & a really big heartfelt vision but no physical world manifestations if I had listened to that voice of my small self. 


So feel into this. And feel into the EXPANSION, babe.

Lean into what it would feel like to be welcomed into a sisterhood that cheers you on, endlessly supports you, encourages your bigness, asks you to get louder, roudier, erotic-ier.


A circle of women wanting you to have all the pleasure, success, freedom, embodiment & abundance you deserve.


So much, they will selflessly help you along the way. I know - “wHAttTTTTtttT?!”


What would shift for you with a tribe of women behind you?


Women who really see you.

Women who really want to see you succeed.

Women who know that when they help their sister, they help themselves.

That’s what Goddess Initiative is all about.


Connection. Remembering. Coming home. Love


This is me opening myself, with more vulnerability than I ever have, to flow with you.


This is me trusting more & more, into the unknown & the dark abyss of creation, with you.


And I’m calling sisters who want to walk the same.

In this global uncertainty, we must remain open to the tides.

I’ll leave you with this…

You don’t need another thing to make you rise.

You don’t need another program to help you get there.


Sure, they absolutely help.

Hell, I still take them.

Hell, I know I still need to teach them.

But it’s not from a place of need.

Or a belief that says I’m without so I must get ________.

It’s because I whole-bodily KNOW who I am, & have a thirst for more.


But something we all need is community.


And with GI, you get all of it in one.


Because fxck me, I love you

& love to overdeliver.



Choose which Goddess Initiative Option Works Best For You!

Pick your payment option, click join now, and let's do this together!




What you'll get:

Weekly Goddess Zoom calls

Access to Awaken Your Divine Feminine & Goddess Initiative

Connection in our private FB sisterhood

Pay in full BONUS

30 min 1:1 call 


4x Payment Plan



What you'll get:

Weekly Goddess Zoom calls

Access to Awaken Your Divine Feminine & Goddess Initiative

Connection in our private FB sisterhood


Doors Close In









"“My overall confidence shoots through the roof now, I just feel good in my body - my body isn’t this thing that I hate anymore, its a vessel that carries me through the day…and I feel so happy in my body, it feels amazing! I don’t have indigestion anymore and my skin doesn’t break out and I just feel amazing! It just feels good, literally from the inside out!”"


""I have not only learned about my own health but I have been able to help my family’s health. I’ve been able to grow as a person. Julianne helps in EVERY aspect of your life!” "


"“Some of my biggest wins include kicking food fear and food guilt, making more time in my social life; I was able to find a lot more balance in my life. It’s extremely personalized - Julianne will take you through the entire process.”"


"“I really really LOVE MYSELF now! I feel like I’ve really gotten to know myself on all the different levels - physical, mental, emotional - I’m really proud of the growth I’ve achieved and so proud of the person I’ve become!”"


"“I chose to work with Julianne because she is COOL AS SHIT - she is REAL!  She doesn’t sugar-coat anything but at the same time she is super supportive with everything.” "


"“I have bee able to trust my body with what it wants and giving it what it needs!  Overall my confidence has improved DRAMATICALLY - now that I’ve been able to find who I am inside, I’m able to connect more with myself spiritually - I feel so AMAZING!” "


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