Your weekend reminder that you get to be all of it...

Mar 22, 2021

The CEO who handles her team & tasks XX the submissive who likes to surrender all control in relationship & s3x

The emotionally in touch wombxn XX the shy, ‘oohh! this is vulnerable’ sharer

The feminine flowy goddess who feels pleasure in every movement & step XX the warrior who knows how to claim her domain & fight off intruders

The money making cash magnet XX the pay it forward give backer

The kind, soft, humble, embodied leader XX the fierce, spicey reflector of ego stories

The adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill x risk XX a tender heart in the night, cuddling in the nook of their lover

The passion filled, loyal, respectful partner
XX the promiscuous wild womxn who likes more than two in the bedroom

The strong focused athlete XX the voluptuous dancer riding the wave of every note

The giver XX the receiver

The selfless XX self serving

The angel XX the slut

The whore XX the holy

The masculine XX the feminine

The yin XX the yang

The God XX the Goddess

The King XX the Queen

The Witch XX the Warlock

The c*ck XX the p*ssy

The spirit XX the sex

The light XX the dark

...All of it, you already are 🐆

Everything in between

& none of it, at the same time


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