Your little girl was not ashamed of having needs.

May 21, 2021

She was very clear that she had them!

At some point,
there was a decision of defeat.

And she decided she didn’t need to have them.

...that expressing or asking, would have negative consequence.

...maybe even punishment.

These experiences
create belief structures
that create shapes
in our bodies
out of protection.

They lead us to great independence & fierce self responsibility x ownership.

It served, & at times, still serves us well.

In relationship & intimate union, these shapes can keep us outside of the deep intimacy & contact we crave.

The inner protector (what I like to call the inner critic) makes asking for help & leaning on others wrong.


***There’s a difference between needing someone to FILL you vs needing someone to help FULFILL your desires***

In order to have what we want,
sometimes we need things & people.

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