your happiness and inner felt sense of freedom is independent of circumstance

Aug 26, 2021

⚠️ PLOT TWIST…not feeling the happiness & freedom is your emotional guidance system being like…

“what the fuck is UP with THIS?

i used to find myself in situations, relationships & environments that did NOT jive with me

my very sweet inner ‘figure it out-er’ part would spend her free time trying to figure out how she could be happy & feel free by changing something INSIDE of herself

while this is important…

i actually learned over time that i did this to a FAULT & it became a huge DETRIMENT

i know, kinda backwards then what the personal development industry tells you, yeah?

here me out…

when you’ve done a lot of inner work, you trust yourself, you know nothing is wrong with you

you start to realize you are GUCCI, and the systems of the outside patriarchal world are actually the things that are F U C K E D

[you’re seeing this play out everywhere right now]

when you understand that happiness, love & freedom are an INSIDE job…

& you give that to yourSelf,

your inner LACK of happiness, freedom & love are more TRUSTABLE sources of information

for you to say to yourself…

is this really the relationship for me?
is this really the kind of biz i want to run?
are these really the friends for me?

catch my drift? how do you feel about this? let me know below…

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