Your Body As The Vessel For The Expression Of Your Emotions

Feb 03, 2021


Your body

- breath sound movement -

is the vessel for the expression

of your emotions

You are the vehicle

for the energy to move through you

From the micro

to a

macro level

(Your individual energy x the collective)

You are the channel

Let it flow through you

Don’t fight it

Don’t identify with it

Allow yourself to consciously step in

& embody it fully

Allow for the energy to exist

to be known

to be loved

to be met

Don’t just passively let it overwhelm your system

Meet it

to feel the fullness of your experience

And to make space

for a new energy to arise

After the ashes settle

from what was before

as Love burned through

Feel for new information that follows

Revealing what you need

and where you need

to go next

Applications for 1:1 somatic coaching are now open

I’ll be accepting 4 new soul clients that want to clean x cleanse what’s stored in their body to take their purpose, biz & love to a whole new level of embodiment x wealth

If you’ve been on a healing path, have done lots of different healing modalities x therapies, biz programs & health things, and while there’s been great success...

You still don’t feel FREE in your body x being & biz

Your feminine is crying out for MORE MORE MORE know where to find me;)



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