You CAN hold it all

Dec 08, 2022

Okay…So you’ve done the work. Know the things. Live in your body. (Mostly) Soften. (Mostly) But, what you really need is *congruency*

Congruency in all areas of your life.

You make the money. Have the love. Do the $€x. Be the ‘essence of you.’

And. There’s still areas that need upgrading.

You’ve proved you’re a bad b.

You can do hard things.
Create big results.
Magnetize & manifest.
You know the balance of yin & yang.
Fem & masc.

You know how to enroll big ticket clients & have high 5 figure & 6 figure launches.

But how are you holding & handling at THIS level??

Are you letting yourself be truly seen?

Truly supported?

Truly held?

*At THIS level*

Are you hiding yourself now because you’re the expert?

Are you telling yourself you can’t be vulnerable?

Your good girl, independent, perfectionist programming has creeped its way back in.


At this level of wealth & Bigness.

In all areas.

*I’ll be teaching a BRAND NEW MASTERCLASS called CONGRUENCE early January that will take you from having it all to holding it all*

We’ll be doing that by locating where your edges are as a high level leader and giving you the space to process & soften.

…In a safe container with other women doing the things. (And you know that’s part of a quantum transformation - witnessing)

Until then…

☀️Enrolling now for 1:1 Mentorship/Coaching & Somatic $€xological Bodywork for 2023…. For the CEO/fempreneur who has it all - but needs to hold it all, align for congruency, & keep on going in her quest for more! 👅 🐆only 6 & 12 month container options (IN PERSON & VIRTUAL AT @Venusvalleyboulder). #becongruent #congruence #upgradedyourlife #expandyouredge #masterclass #virtualworkshop #quantumtransformation #youcanholditall


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