You Can Have It All

Mar 31, 2021



You Can Have It All 👏🏻

(it even says this at the top of my website)

Let’s stop choosing between *this or that*

We don’t need to sacrifice or settle

We don’t have to choose between a limited life in one area to have a big life in the other

It’s not this OR that

It’s this AND that

I grew up in NY, where success = sacrifice

*The man* taught me happiness wasn’t part of the equation

And now I have a man that won’t let me settle for anything less than all of it

God didn’t put you here to give you an endless flow of desire

just to say
“now suffer ‘cause you can’t have it”


“I’m gonna punish you when you get it because it’s too good to be true”

Organized religion loves to overplay that story

“Jesus, make me worthy.”

You already are

Whether you’re disciplined or undisciplined
F*cking or not f*cking

Like Mary Magdalene said,
“I am the Whore & the Holy one.”

Part of stepping into next level bigness is expanding our capacity to receive [pleasure]

And finding said pleasure, in all of it

Including the muck that sucks

Including the twisted ‘get off’ in the discomfort that comes from getting everything we want,

after lifetimes of female pleasure being condemned & contained

» Decondition the beliefs «

Revel & Relish that YOU

Yes you, oh magical one

Get to be this big, this happy, this wealthy, this loved, this fucked, this holy

And get a kink out of taking up that much space

Because it is kinda naughty compared to the rest ;)

The people you see having it all - there’s nothing different between you & them - they just...

Realized their worth
Asked for their desires
And opened their legs to receive it

Delicious 💋

Blissness x Pleasure, your roadmap & community for next level bigness in biz x bed x bank closes on Friday

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