yesterday pt 2...

Jan 07, 2022
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(pt 2) it used to feel so unsafe to ask for help & support. i didn’t know how to delegate or outsource. i didn’t trust people to take care of me or meet my needs. & i was scared that if they did, they’d take advantage of me…manipulate or abuse me like i was so used to in relationships.

(…making it nearly impossible for my adult self to receiveee💫)

i was living in survival, operating from fight or flight

& although i was empowered on the outside, i was crying for more on the i n s i d e




i wanted more…but i didn’t know how to hold m o r e


i am so grateful for the last 5 years - you have prepared me for the outrageously abundant orga$mic one that’s to come

i am holding more than ever before

& i feel…weightless (goosepimples & butterflies as i write this🦋✨)

let this be your permission slip to believe in your vision…without any concrete proof that it can work

but if you need the proof, just look around you…

the evidence that you can do it, too…is right here

i am so incredibly committed to your liberation..

i am so incredibly supporting you in creating & holding your ‘more’…in biz, pleasure, love & life

you coming with me?🌹

p.s. welcoming the first audacious goddess of the year into my 12 month long 1:1 mentorship 💃🏼✨💫 i’m dripping for you 💦


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