Jan 07, 2022


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i danced around naked wearing gold jewels he got me for xmas & reorganized our place to make it more functional + livable💎

i transformed our ‘art corner’ (which would typically be someone’s dining area) to my little zen den office…so Paul can have the downstairs floor to himself🕺🏼

i transformed the Womb Room (which is a ceremony/session room + upcoming membership offer😉) into my bedroom because it was time we actually declared separate spaces

…instead of just switching every week (i’m not a shared bedroom type of gal - my Energetic Blueprint needs S P A C E) 👏🏻

all of this…

while my Handler, Dalen, took care of groceries, meal prep, drop off, & fridge organization 🍽

i gave her items to run errands (like a return + a necklace to bring to the jewelers for repair)

a couple of additional random strangling open loops that she can take care of for me (like registering my new Jag & getting ExpressToll set up)

& i also gave her a Holiday x New Year present 💝

in the midst of this, i got a Slack notification from my new @trppodcast editing team for Canva permissions

i screenshotted it, sent it to Carin (my OBM) & asked her to handle it

in which she replied,
💭 ‘i’d be happy to. is there anything else i can get done for you today?’

in the afternoon…

i had a call with the Master Coach’s for the Erotic Blueprint Community, my 14 year old niece

& then my biz coach 💃🏼 (in which we mapped out an easy 7 figure + 2022, rooted in deep devotional service & co-creation - requiring me to do more of…THIS)


i went to the gym for a lush 2 hours, came home to eat our prepared foods

& chose the colors for my new branding x website with @wearebrandup 🎨

before bed…

Jose, the head of the PR team we brought on, let me know the first article is complete & ready for review

…this was a typical thursday…

& even though it’s become my normal…5 years ago, this was a dream i couldn’t even LET myself dream 🪄

because the reality of it felt so far from mine…it was scary to even let myself go my mind

(pt 2 coming💃🏼)


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