Women are so good at telling themselves that they can't have it all

Feb 22, 2023

It’s one of my fav things to work on with clients…

expanding their capacity - to be, do, have & receive.

Are you allowed to feel this good? Yes.
Are you allowed to be this turned on? Yes.
Are you allowed to be this fvcking in love with yourself & life? Yes.

Investing into your ple@$ure will really fvck up this paradigm & put you in the front seat of your power & life like only pv$$y does.

YOU decide you get to play big & have it all.

No one’s gonna do it but you ✌🏻

Let me know if you’re playing on the edge of how good life can FEEL! 🌈👇🏻

P.S. inside my high level 1:1 VENUS packages, we sniff out all the places you’re playing small to create incredible safety & foundation..& then..we play big, bold & BEYOND! ☀️💫. #youcanhaveitall #expandyourcapacity #somatics #somaticcoach #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #QuantumTransformation #holisticcoach #somatichealing #somatictherapy #eroticblueprintscoach #eroticblueprints #somaticsexology #embodimentcoach


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