Without reverence for the wild inside…

Jan 17, 2023

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Without reverence for the wild inside…

it comes out sideways

❌in the form of resentment, anger, rage, blaming, lack of self responsibility & ownership, dissatisfaction, burnout, adrenal exhaustion, disconnection from your body, inability to feel emotions, disordered eating patterns, hormone imbalances, confusion, numbness or lack of ple@$ure, digestion issues, dullness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, acting out core wounds, etc🚫

It’s not that those things don’t ever come up or challenges won’t arise when you start living this way..

but you now know how to be *adaptable & pivot to any situation*

That’s power.

Knowing whats true, what’s actually here, vs story & ego.


Being able to look life’s stickiness in the eye & say
‘oh hi, we’ve got this’

in fact..

‘i know how to make this extra yummy..satisfying..& the fuel for my creations’

[devotion to the Goddess]

What is not yet known inside of you (implicit)
wants to be deeply known & felt (explicit)

*it will keep asking until you listen*

My deepest desire for you is to know yourself in this way…freedom

Animal body practice is for everyone with a body…

It’s not a program you do or a course you take one time. It’s a way of life. A way of being with yourself & the world around you.

It’s a daily meeting with your heart & soul.


Life as the ceremony
Body as the altar
Love as the practice

How will you honor the wild one inside of you today?👇🏻

I’ll be rolling around on the floor as I growl & moan & claw my way into presence ✌🏻
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